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Attracting Financial Abundance Into Your Life

Updated on May 25, 2018

The Law of Attraction is what Attracts the Butterfly to the Flower

The Law of Attraction is what Attracts the Butterfly to the Flower
The Law of Attraction is what Attracts the Butterfly to the Flower

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS Working Whether You Know it or Not

Did you know that just by the mere fact that you clicked on to this webpage, you attracted it into your life?  Well, you did!

Everything you see, everything you touch, everything you feel is brought to you by your own thoughts. They are the thoughts you chose, so you therefore, brought them into your life.

Now, I do realize that if you have never heard anything like this before, it may sound a little crazy, but it, nevertheless is true.

After all, you might be thinking, "I'm not the one who wrote this webpage, so I didn't create this experience."  

But, YOU are the one that clicked the mouse and YOU are the one that is interested in what this webpage has to offer.

So YOU, yourself, actually did choose the thoughts it has to offer and, in doing so, brought this information into your life experience by the power of your own thought.

This is The Law of Attraction in its basic form, when it's used without actually thinking about it.

Using Your Mind Power to Attract Abundance

What You Think About, You Bring About...

Your mind is extremely powerful. Your thoughts are powerful. You are the powerful creator of your own life.

The fact is that you create your own life just by the thoughts you think.

Your mind is an individualization of the one and only divine mind, or God. God is in you. And, you are in God. There is no separation.

We are all part of the same whole, created by one divine mind, aka God.

God is the one power. No matter what form you think God takes - there is only one. He (God) is the divine creator, the divine mind, the love in your heart that makes you feel, think, be, exist. There is no end or beginning to God. God just IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN, and ALWAYS WILL BE.

God IS Life. Life IS God. God IS Love. Love IS God.

If you stop to think about these simple sentences, you will see that they are true.

We are part of the same whole that has no beginning and end, and therefore extensions of each other.

Although there is no denying that evil, hatred and anger do exist, they are emotions that are in the absence of love, and, therefore, they are formed from incorrect thinking. Thinking that can be changed.

By simply using the power of love in your daily life and changing your thoughts to positive ones you can change your life experiences to reflect the wonderful thoughts that you are thinking and bring into existence a beautiful life filled with an abundance of health, wealth, and harmony.

Learn about the "Dynamic Laws of Prosperity"

Dr. Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy (May 20, 1898 - December 16, 1981) was born in Ireland and became a New Thought minister after moving to the United States in his twenties. He was an ordained minister in Divine Science and Religious Science.

He is one of the most explicit teachers of New Thought, and gives his readers and listeners specific instructions on how to attract an abundance of health, wealth and harmony into every area of their lives.

He tells his readers that it is God's wish that you lead an abundant life, you were meant to "be rich" in health, wealth and happiness.

I don't know how some people have so much innate knowledge, but Joseph Murphy is one of those people who could explain things in such a way that you just get a deep understanding of his words the first time you hear them. He is the author of over 30 books.

His teachings are filled with quotes from the Bible and prayers based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Books by Joseph Murphy

... and a synopsis of each one

The following is a list of books he has authored:

The Miracles of Your Mind (1953) – In this work Dr. Joseph Murphy expands on his theory that the latent powers inherent in our subconscious can improve our lives. He discusses the two minds that each of us possess; the objective mind and the subjective mind, and how to integrate them.

Peace within Yourself (1956) - In this book famous Dr. Joseph Murphy explains you the metaphysical interpretation of Gospel of John in very clear and interesting terms. He opens your eyes to understand the biblical symbols and true meaning of this wonderful Gospel.

Prayer Is the Answer (1956) - Customer Review:  "I have read the book and truly it is God's gift to me. The book has enlightened me in so many ways.  It touches one's spirituality said in such a beautiful and revealing way.  Such a complex subject matter was made so simple that even a teenager could relate and understand."

How to Use Your Healing Power (1957) - This book by Dr. Murphy emphasizes the personal application of the healing methods of Jesus to the important as well as the common problems of life. Man many times is faced with the effects of error both within himself and without. The author draws on his wide experience to illustrate how the healing miracles performed by Jesus exemplify the application in specific cases of basic principles of spiritual laws that have existed.

Quiet Moments with God (1958) - This book is a series of affirmations taken from the Bible and selected and interpreted by Murphy. Also includes Chapters on Money, Health, Faith, Doubt, Fear Friendship, Truth, Wealth, Anxiety, Prosperity and Treatment.

Pray Your Way through It (1958) - Dr. Murphy shows us that book of Revelations is all about creating a life of your dreams.  The Book of Revelations is something so great that this book will guide you to understand it better than I've heard anyone to explain it.  If you are willing to learn how to be more efficient with your prayer life, understand the greatest truths and to be successful in your life -- this book will help you.

Living without Strain (1959) - Using the Book of Job as his basis, Dr. Joseph Murphy shows that within you is the power to solve all of your problems, however hopeless they may seem. The biblical tale of a righteous man beset with extraordinary suffering is here revealed as a drama of consciousness in which a change of mind unleashes even more extraordinary power, transforming every sort of calamity, and misfortune into happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1963) - "I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world." -- Dr. Joseph Murphy. At last, a great new scientific discovery brings the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your control. Here are the simple, scientifically proven techniques and the astonishing facts about how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing.

The Miracle of Mind Dynamics (1964) - This simple yet powerful method can place the subconscious mind in direct contact with the Universal Mind--the all-seeing, all-knowing collective subconscious of the human race. Dr. Murphy offers positive proof this power exists.

The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power (1965) - Happiness and success are goals we all strive for. But how do we achieve these goals, and how do we protect ourselves if we fail? The answer lies within the power of the mind.  Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of the world's best-known authorities on the power of the subconscious mind, shows readers not only how to unleash this power, but how to harness it and effectively use it to change their lives.

Your Infinite Power to be Rich (1966) - Customer Review:  "Useful affirmations and information on visualisation are provided in Murphy's inimitable style. I admire the simplicity of his writing and his talent for clearly explaining the laws of mind."

The Cosmic Power Within You (1968) - Customer Review:  "This book was clearly designed to reveal in a simple, down-to-earth manner and in everyday language how to lead a happier, richer and more fulfilling life. The techniques and programs discussed enable one to use the mental and spiritual laws based on right thinking."

Infinite Power for Richer Living (1969) - Customer Review:  "This book stresses that whatever you think about will grow... so don't discuss your aches and pains, worries, etc. It also discusses "the guiding principle" and how listening to it (your inner guidance) and following it's message will allow you to recieve all the help you need to live successfully."

Secrets of the I Ching (1970) - Based on the revered Chinese philosophy with a 5,000-year-old tradition, the I Ching, or Book of Changes, is rich in revelations. An eminent expert on the powers of the subconscious, Dr. Joseph Murphy opens the guiding force of this ancient text to anyone with an appreciation of the possibilities. With the help of three coins--ordinary pennies will do-- readers will learn to apply their intuitive abilities to receive the I Ching's answers.

Psychic Perception: The Magic of Extrasensory Perception (1971) - Everyone possesses psychic powers and can be presently aware of events and experiences transcending the five senses. This book teaches you to use your latent psychic powers. It explains how to contact the Infinite Healing Presence within you, and supplies specific techniques for putting extrasensory powers into operation for your practical benefit, with amazing results.


Memorizing and saying a simple quote like this is a simple technique for bringing financial abundance to you

But How Does The Law of Attraction Actually Work?

Whether or not you know how it operates and whether or not you understand it, the Law of Atrraction is a scientific law just and works just like the laws of gravity and electricity. 

 In other words, you don't have to understand how gravity works to get up from your chair and walk into the next room without floating up to the ceiling.  It just works.

And you don't have to understand how electricity works to turn on a lamp and get light from it.  It just works when you turn on the lamp.

The fun part about the Law of Attraction is that you can use it to bring great things into your life by harnessing its power.

 So using the lamp analogy again -

Let's say that as a child you were never taught that there was a little switch on the lamp to turn it on, you might never flip the switch because you didn't know it was there and that you could benefit from it.

Therefore even though the lamp was there and ready for you to use, you might live in the dark from day to day, just benefitting from daylight as it happened to come along every 12 hours or so.

But if you knew the switch was there and all you had to do was flip it on, then, of course you would do it, and live in the light it provided!

Watch "Dollars Want Me"

Watch this and see if it changes how you think about attracting financial abundance to your world.

More Joseph Murphy Books...


Miracle Power for Infinite Riches (1972) - The age-old cry which you yourself have often heard is, "Why is it I prayed and prayed and yet I receive no answer?" In this book you will find the simple answer to this common complaint. The many simple programs, formulas and techniques for impregnating your subconscious mind and getting the right answers make this an extraordinarily valuable book.

Telepsychics: The Magic Power of Perfect Living (1973) - This book is ready to make the Great Secret of the Ages available to you, says Dr. Murphy.   It GIVES YOU THE POWER TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! The power is called "Telepsychics", the ability to use all the forces of your subconscious mind. Never before have such profound Truths been written!

The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe (1974) - Here we have an another wonderful book by Dr. Joseph Murphy which also serves as a magnificent "sequel" to his best-seller, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". Dr. Murphy explains to a reader how he or she can employ the cosmic energizer and accomplish all those goals which one desires to achieve. His style, as always, is down-to-earth, very inspiring and uplifting to read.

Great Bible Truths for Human Problems (1976) - If you are an experienced "Murphyist" then this book will benefit you, and I give it 5 stars... However, this particular book discusses the inner meaning of some most known Bible passages; revealing their inner meaning and purpose to the reader. Thus, some knowledge on Mr. Murphy's ideology is needed.

Within You Is the Power (1977) – Customer Review:  “Dr. Joseph Murphy outdoes himself in this book!"

Songs of God (1979) – In this book we are going to learn the meaning of the most important Psalms, which will reveal to you the way to reach your goals in life, how to get promoted, how to receive spiritual healing, how to be Divinely guided and protected, and how you may prosper beyond your fondest dreams. We will take some key verses of outstanding significance from some of the Psalms, and reveal to you the Truth which sets you free from fear, anger, superstition and false dogma.

How to Use the Laws of Mind (1980) – In this book, Joseph Murphy explores the miraculous healings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, and explains in simple terms how the same methods and principles can be applied by anyone to heal oneself or others. 

These Truths Can Change Your Life (1982) - Topics discussed include: Do You Have Free Will?; Why You Can Be Healed; The Power of Ideas; The Road to Serenity; Taking Control; The Royal Road to Victory; Developing the Principles of Infinite Intelligence; The Wonderful Meaning of the Morning Star; Therapy for Loneliness; Samson and Delilah; Why the Passover and the Crucifixion Are Identical; Change Eternal is at the Root of All Things; How to Experience Good Fortune in Your Life

Collected Essays of Joseph Murphy (1987) – Customer Review:  Dr. Joseph Murphy published so many books in his day, and along with them, several practical booklets. This text releases the past for enjoyment today. It's presently nearly impossible to acquire each of these booklets singly. But you can now enjoy them together. Release care and fret, worry and woe, as you dip into the brilliant and metaphysically inclined mind of Dr. Murphy, only a mouse-click away!


Thomas Troward

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity.

From The Edinburgh Lectures - Part 1 - Spirit and Matter
"Form implies extension in space and also limitation within certain boundaries. Thought implies neither. When, therefore, we think of Life as existing in any particular form we associate it with the idea of extension in space, so that an elephant may be said to consist of a vastly larger amount of living substance than a mouse. But if we think of Life as the fact of livingness we do not associate it with any idea of extension, and we at once realize that the mouse is quite as much alive as the elephant, notwithstanding the difference in size. The important point of this distinction is that if we can conceive of anything as entirely devoid of the element of extension in space, it must be present in its entire totality anywhere and everywhere—that is to say, at every point of space simultaneously. The scientific definition of time is that it is the period occupied by a body in passing from one given point in space to another, and, therefore, according to this definition, when there is no space there can be no time; and hence that conception of spirit which realizes it as devoid of the element of space must realize it as being devoid of the element of time also; and we therefore find that the conception of spirit as pure Thought, and not as concrete Form, is the conception of it as subsisting perfectly independently of the elements of time and space. From this it follows that if the idea of anything is conceived as existing on this level it can only represent that thing as being actually present here and now. In this view of things nothing can be remote from us either in time or space: either the idea is entirely dissipated or it exists as an actual present entity, and not as something that shall be in the future, for where there is no sequence in time there can be no future. Similarly where there is no space there can be no conception of anything as being at a distance from us. When the elements of time and space are eliminated all our ideas of things must necessarily be as subsisting in a universal here and an everlasting now. This is, no doubt, a highly abstract conception, but I would ask the student to endeavour to grasp it thoroughly, since it is of vital importance in the practical application of Mental Science, as will appear further on."

It Works! The Famous Little Red Book

It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!
It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!
This book will tell you exactly how to bring what you want into your life. The three steps outlined in detail in this book are writing down your top five desires on a piece of paper, thinking of what you want often throughout the day and reading your list at least three times daily, and finally above all, keep your list to yourself and have unwavering faith that you will receive your desires.

Saying affirmations out loud and repeating this mantra as often as you can throughout the day is a great way to bring prosperity into your life!

Write this down and repeat it every day...

Words have power and magnetic energy so speak your life into existence by reciting positive affirmations like this one every day and you will be amazed at how they change your life!
Words have power and magnetic energy so speak your life into existence by reciting positive affirmations like this one every day and you will be amazed at how they change your life!

The Law of Inverse Transformation

The Law of Inverse Transformation basically is the simplest form of the Law of Attraction.

Watch the video below and listen to Dr. Joseph Murphy explain this very simplified concept of The Law of Attraction.


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