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When is Mother God Azna's Feast Day

Updated on March 16, 2016
Azna Artwork
Azna Artwork | Source

The Feast Day for Azna is a day to honor our Mother God

December 8th is the day to honor our Mother God, Azna. This day so happens to coincide with the day that Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. In ancient times people would bring flowers and burn candles on Her feast day, but I suggest that you do whatever it is that makes you feel closer to her and honor her in your own way. Whether that be lighting candles and meditating or sending special petitions to her. I believe that she loves to be acknowledged and loved and so honored by our attention to her that she will grant special miracles in our lives from our petitions to her on this day.

When you address God, you do not have to go through lengthy prayers, penance or supplications; you do not have to beat your chest. Just simply say, "I am here, God. I know that your are present with me. I love you as I know You love me". God's love will pour through you and give you all the help you need.

Festival of lights
Festival of lights

Novus Celebrations

Dates of yearly celebrations

Novus Celebrations

Equinox, Solstice and Special Festivals

These festivals are celebrated on the Sunday closest to the date.

* March 21 - Spring Equinox - A time for new beginnings.

* May 30 - Blessing of the Children - Bring pictures of your special little loved ones, or the actual person, for a special ritual of power and protection for our young people.

* June 21 - Summer Solstice - A special tribute to celebrate our Mother Earth.

* August 21 - Festival of Lights - A time of celebration for the early Gnostics who wanted to pay homage to the Mother Goddess.

* September 21 - Autumn Equinox - A time not only of harvest, but also of giving honor and homage to the earth.

* December 8 - Mother Azna's Feast Day - Today is our testimonial to our Blessed Mother.

* December 21 - Winter Solstice - This is the time of remembrance.

Divine Mother Artwork
Divine Mother Artwork

What is a Feast Day?

December 8th is Azna's Feast Day. It is strange because the churches borrowed that for Mary's Feast Day. Feast Day means a day in which you honor the God. In ancient times Her feast day was a day in which, whether it was Isis or Theadora or Hara or by whatever name She went, whatever culture, would bring flowers, would burn candles... because it does something for you and She both. You petitioning Her changes many things in your life, many many things.

Coming together really brings about a power that protects you. Religions have always said you must come to church because God will be angry if you do not. That is ridiculous! The power that exudes from coming to a church or professing your Gnosticism, brings power unto you and protection. The only reason why there is any homage paid on a certain feast day is because it brings power to you!

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“hi God, it's me again.”

It doesn't matter how you pray. It can be just simply talking to God. Remember, God knows your heart and soul.

Why is the name Azna important?

Prayer to Our beloved Mother God Azna

My Beloved Azna......

Let Your mantle surround us and protect us.

Our Mother, we address You as the miracle worker, the glorious vehicle of intercession and healing support.

We petition You as the Queen and Guardian of the world, bringing Your grace and beneficence into our lives.

We adore and honour You as the companion to our blessed Creator, God the Father. We accept You as the counterpart to our creation and give our hearts and souls to You in service.

We know You can help us fulfill our preordained chart for your own perfection. We also know that we may petition You for our needs and desires. (......state your petition....)

Dear Glorious Mother, Queen of the Universe, our love is endless and our devotion is unwavering. Protect us from the failings of our own egos. Protect us from the negativities of life and the darkness that can surround us.

Let Your light of emotional understanding be a reflective shield against any evil.

If we fail to remember You each day, Dearest Mother, remember us and be waiting for us at the end of our lives so we can behold Your Glorious Counteneance.

In the name of the Mother, Father and Christ Consciousness.


Petition Granted

Have you ever petitioned Azna and had it granted? Tell us your story.

Yes, my petition was granted!

Yes, my petition was granted!

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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes, in an even more perfect way!

    No, but I have another story I'd like to tell.

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      • louise-bernier3 4 years ago

        i am reading this book

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I had heard before that Azna can prove she exists to you by sending flowers through a person of your choice. I asked Azna to send me a red rose from my then boyfriend. That night he gave me the movie Rose Red out of the blue! And that was close enough.

      Image of God
      Image of God

      God the Female

      Does it startle you even to think of a Female God? It should, because our society has been misled (for about 2000 years) and taught that God is only male. How ridiculous! Why would a single, male god make everything in creation as a paired male/female? It is much more sensible that God's creation mirrors Their own image, both male and female.

      Does the Bible offer any support for a female counterpart to God? Yes indeed! In fact, a very interesting statement was left in the Bible (Genesis 1:26, The New Jerusalem Bible, 1985) which supports a dualistic nature for God, namely:

      "Let us make man in our own image,

      in the likeness of ourselves ...."

      Pay heed that the above quote uses a plural reference to God. Naturally one wants to know about these other gods. Could it have been a mistake in the Bible? (Even this has not been proposed by the established church.) Or is this a reference to the doctrine of a "triune" God, i.e., the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? No, it cannot be the Trinity either, for that was developed in the New Testament many thousands of years later!

      The most simplistic explanation is the obvious one, that there are multiple gods. The exact number of gods is uncertain, but Novus accepts at least two: Om - the Father God, and Azna - the Mother God. We believe that the Gods are paired male/female just like all of creation, and just like the Bible tells us in Genesis.

      How did the name Azna come about? Easily, through Francine, Sylvia's Spirit Guide. Francine reports that the Mother God is a vital and active force in the daily affairs of our world. In fact, Azna is the one to petition when you need Divine intervention to resolve problems. Where the Father God maintains a constant loving force, the Mother God will actively take an interest in helping you and can change things around to make life better.

      Anytime we use the word "God," please understand that we imply both the Male and Female Gods. For together They made our world and are the loving Parents of humanity.

      Mother God or Father God?

      How do feel about the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine?

      See results

      © 2014 Guided Abundance

      What are your views on the divine Feminine?

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        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          i have just started praying to both mother and father God i just found out about mother Azna boy did i feel foolish not knowing about both but i am so glad that i know now

          did i feel foolish

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          A lot of time I have prayed for mother Azna and she has answered them...I love her so much for always being there for me...

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          i seek azna's blessing and too closed to help.muthulingam

        • profile image

          louise-bernier3 4 years ago

          I would like to know more of the mother GOD AZNA

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Mother God - Azna is very important to me... I am reading her book by Sylvia for the 4th time now and always get something more from it each time. I talk to her nightly, and she has helped me several times... I never neglect Father God either, and speak to them both together often.

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