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Palm Reading 101: Basics

Updated on June 13, 2020
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Palm Reading Made Easy

Why Palm Reading?

Well, why not?

Not only is palm reading mysterious, it's also intriguing. Who wouldn't "give a go" at someone reading your palm to reveal what's ahead? What's the harm...?

First of all, it's considered fake (mostly). It's simply someone interpreting what they see before them. Judging by the shoes, the attire, how well-spoken (or not). All these and other contributing factors play a major role before a con artist performs a flawless act at being a professional palm reader.

With that being said, however, not all palm readers are fraudulent. That's right. Some palm readers are professionals and are totally legit and they take the trade of palm reading very seriously.


Second, I believe most palm readers are considered con artists. That is, until a skeptic experiences one of these sessions for themselves, only then do they see and admit the truth about professional palm reading. However, after time, I also believe that most skeptics, after experiencing such an event, will remain skeptical but will acknowledge what they had experience cannot be explained and/or were probably fooled by a mastery of trickery.

Top Three (3) Palm Lines

The three (3) most recognizable palm lines, the heart line, the head line and the life line.
The three (3) most recognizable palm lines, the heart line, the head line and the life line. | Source

The Heart Line, Head Line & Life Line

These three (3) lines are very noticeable which symbolizes their importance. These lines are looked at first and if any concerns come up they should be questioned & discussed right away. This, of course, is optional for some people may feel uncomfortable talking about certain subjects.

The Heart Line

The heart line is also known as the "love line". If the line seems straight and smooth this usually means the person is sensitive, emotional. However, if the line gets jagged in spots this person may be a bit too complicated. If the line runs smooth but runs deep also, this person may have something solid to offer.

If the heart line runs short or is absent altogether, this usually means the person is totally self-centered, rude, ruthless and disrespectful. An extended heart line usually means the person "chooses the hard road because they're more likely to succeed".

The Head Line

The head line is also known as the "intelligent line" or "wisdom line". This line interprets if a persons head is screwed on too loose, or too tight in some matters. Seriously though, this line interprets a persons thinking ability.

If this line runs deep this marks that the person takes serious thought in serious (and not-so-serious) matters. If this line is rather long it symbolizes smart decision making usually during crucial times.

If it runs short it usually means laziness, carelessness, impulsive and indecisiveness. On a good note though, these people could finish any task in an orderly and well-organized fashion.

The Life Line

When it comes to the life line, you want to look for deep, long runs meaning a long and healthy life. Long but faint life lines could mean a sick life or terribly accidental. A short life line means, well... the obvious; a short life. How unfortunate.

Not all short life lines mean a short life span. It could also mean extremely boring.

A life line that's semi-circular with a distinct curve symbolizes energy and enthusiasm. This person is vigor and feels as though they could take on the world.

The straighter this line becomes, the less enthusiasm and energy... or so it seems.

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Opening of Minds

Experience it before you comment on it.
Experience it before you comment on it. | Source

Basic Palm Reading

In a quiet room with a small table and two chairs.The palm reader sits across from the subject/client. The subject/client then lays their arm on the table with palm facing up.

Then as followed:

  • The palm reader inspects the palm focusing on the heart line, head line and life line.
  • Noticing the curves and indentations, the palm reader may touch the hand (with permission) to open the palm further to see how deep some indentations may go.
  • Jagged and absent lines tell a different story.

Advanced Palm Reading

There's Much to Cover

This short read on basic palm reading was meant to spark an interest in those curious about the subject. Palm reading is more than just lines on hands, it's a guidance system to many who take palm reading very seriously. So, for those who wish to interpret these lines for others, respect and dedication is needed when studying the Art of Palm Reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 James Timothy Peters


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