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Beauties of Your Worth

Updated on November 15, 2011

Beauties of Your Worth

Beauties of Your Worth

If you find there are days here on earth that you don’t mean much to anyone, reach out to the Lord and He will surround you with all the beauties of your worth.

The birds flying about, the trees bearing new leaves, the sprout of a flower, are some of the magical ways the Lord can hold you with his tender, guiding ease.

When you drop to your knees and pray, the Lord will sustain you and never turn you away.

When you tire and wonder why and forge ahead to get through, look to the Lord and he will guide you with his keen, watchful eye making your soul fresh and new.

A smile to share, a kind deed to be done, a listening ear to show you care, are some of the glories that honor the heavenly one.

A heart that breaks can be filled with the love that is held together by the pure gentleness instilled. The fiber of your being will sustain when you reach to the Lord. He alone carries your pain and mysteriously turns it into abounding gain.

To understand and to be understood are such important components to all mankind, pray that God abounds you with the grace to seek and He will undoubtedly help you find.

Never feel alone or trapped in your being, the Lord is by your side to lay his gentle touch and help you rise so you can rejoice in everything worth seeing. He loves you that much and sees your value through his eyes, reflect in the stillness of the Lord and in his word you will abide.

When the day is done and your joyful spirit is again uplifted, praise the Lord for He alone has shown you that you truly are gifted with all the beauties of your worth.


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    • heidimariahelena profile image

      heidimariahelena 5 months ago from South Jersey

      This is for you, Quinton!