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Christian, Messianic, and Jewish Inspirational Gifts, & biblical scripture art!

Updated on August 5, 2013

Christian, Messianic, and Jewish Scriptural Inspirational Gifts and Biblical Treasures!

We are a Christian, Messianic, and Jewish gift store with a very unique selection of bible scripture, and biblical art engraved on a whole host of items. Everything we make is designed and handcrafted from scratch right here by us. Among other things this particular item was made from a picture taken at an opportune time and engraved into a one foot square mirror. This is a beautiful way to preserve a moment in time. We have also done wedding pictures on ambassador black marble as well as a sonogram of an unborn baby on black marble. The results are breath taking.Beauty for Ashes Gifts was a gift from above that literally came from the burnt ashes of our wood shop when it burnt to the ground! God sent us in a new and exciting direction from the one we were pursuing, and here is where we're at right now. Each and every item you will see on our web site is designed and handcrafted by us right here at home in our shop. Ergo you will not see these items anywhere else in the world. Enjoy your visit.

Our unique inspirational gift line includes laser engraved:

Passover Gifts for the High Holy Days






Votive candle holders 




and much more. 


Christian, Messianic, and Jewish gifts - Free Personalization of all gifts


e are a Christian and Messianic unique gifts boutique with very unusual handcrafted laser engraved biblical scripture and inspirational gifts. We laser engrave Biblical art, and scripture on a wide variety of exotic materials such as various woods, marble, etched glass, and a whole host of other items. We offer free personalization of all our items. Our specialty is inspirational gifts, such as an engraved ten commandments on marble. We will add a line to any gift you purchase to personalize it for you at no extra cost. We also design, and create very unique customized inspirational gifts from scratch. For instance, a wedding picture engraved upon black marble, a sonogram of an unborn child laser engraved upon black marble, address plaques, wood plaques engraved with your favorite Bible Scripture, and much much more.

Inspiration of the Scriptures engraved and preserved for ever, written with a finger of fire!

On this large wooden laser engraved plaque handmade out of native Curly Maple or Silver Maple, we have written upon this plaque the beautiful bible scripture that embodies the virtues every godly woman strives to attain. She is Solomon's "Virtuous Woman", of Proverbs 31. King Solomon, under the anointing of the Spirit of God, penned in the bible scripture, of Proverbs chapter 31, this heavenly description of a woman whose genuine beauty and charm are reflected in her love for her God, her family, and her commitment to those He has placed in her care. This engraved plaques' lyrical beauty reflects God's perfect creation of womanhood embodied in every woman as the LORD presents her to her husband. Wood type: Curly Maple, Silver Maple, or Other wood Size: Approximately 7.7" X 10"

Original map of the Twelve Tribes of Israel engraved on Ambassador Black Marble

The Twelve Tribes of Israel engraved on Black Marble, one of our newest Messianic Jewish laser engraved plaques! The LORD inspired me to make this map of the original twelve tribes, and their approximate land boundaries. In part, due to the intense times we live in. The conflicts occurring in the land of Israel today are nothing short of prophetic bible scripture in action, bridging a time span from Genesis to Revelation. The nature of the conflict, and the unraveling of events on a global stage, demonstrate the amazing accuracy of Biblical prophesy. We're sure you will find this engraved plaque of our premier inspirational plaques, and certainly one of our most creative of all our engraved plaques. For this biblically historical map I chose Ambassador Black Marble because the Rock of our salvation is a sure foundation, and ever faithful to the descendants of Abraham. After entering the land from the wilderne

This Messianic Jewish religious clock portrays the bible scripture theme of the 122nd Psalm "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" If there ever was a time to understand the full depth of this Messianic Jewish scripture, it is now in these days we live in. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is not a casual suggestion, but rather a command from God to you that you may be blessed. Read Psalm 122 in its entirety. Not only that, but until Judah confesses "Baruk Habah Bashem Adonai" or "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD", things will get worse and worse for everyone. So praying for the Peace of Jerusalem is very important for all of us. Weather you want to admit it or not, we are biblically linked to Judah at the hip. This one of a kind Jewish Messianic clock ranks high in the list of handcrafted unique gifts. This handcrafted clock measures approximately 11" wide by 12.5" high, Battery not included.

The REAL Christian history of our great country!

If you have any desire what so ever to want to know the truth concerning our very rich Christian Heritage as a nation? Then these books are a must have for you. They dispel the lies and altered history of our nation and once and for all settle this fact!

"This is a Christian Nation from its beginning"

The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States
The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, February 20, 2008By Nerd (New Braunfels, Texas United States)"Be afraid ACLU. Be very afraid."Morris packs The Christian Life and Character with page after page of original source material making the case that America was founded as a Christian nation. The evidence is unanswerable and irrefutable. This 1000-page book will astound you and send enemies of Christianity into shock. Keep in mind that it was published in 1864 and has been out of print for more than a century. It has been newly typeset using a very readable font and added subheads. A new Foreword written by my long-time friend Dr. Archie Jones describes the background of the book and provides a brief biography of the author." --Gary DeMar

America's Christian Heritage
America's Christian Heritage

Book DescriptionFrom Plymouth Rock to Independence Hall and beyond, the pages of American history overflow with evidence of the profound role Christianity has played in the founding of our nation. A study of the primary sources leave no doubt that Christianity served as the foundation for our nation's construction, both in its laws and political structures. DeMar answers today's secular denials of America's Christian heritage as he presents evidence from a broad range of historical sources by letting the record speak for itself. This is a wonderful book to keep out on a table in your living room. Oversized with color images throughout. Makes a great gift!About the AuthorGary DeMar grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He has lived in the Atlanta area since 1979 with his wife Carol. They have two grown sons. Gary and Carol are members of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA).A prolific writer, Gary has authored over twenty books covering a full range of topics: The three-volume God and Government series (1982-86), Ruler of the Nations (1987, 2002), The Reduction of Christianity (1988), Surviving College Successfully (1988), Something Greater Is Here (1988), You've Heard It Said (1991), America's Christian History: The Untold Story (1993), War of the Worldviews (1994), Last Days Madness (4th ed., 1999), Is Jesus Coming Soon? (1999), Thinking Straight in a Crooked World (2001), End Times Fiction: A Biblical Consideration of the Left Behind Theology (2001), The Changing Face of Islam in History and Prophecy (2002), and America's Heritage (2002). He is also the general editor and co-author of A New World in View (1996) and Reformation to Colonization (1997), the first two volumes in the To Pledge Allegiance history textbook series.Gary has been interviewed by Time magazine, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the BBC, and Sean Hannity. He has done numerous radio and television interviews, including the "Bible Answer Man," hosted by Hank Hanegraaff. Newspaper interviews with Gary have also appeared in the Washington Times, Toledo (Ohio) Blade, the Sacramento Bee, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, and the Chicago Tribune.American Vision also publishes The Biblical World view, a monthly magazine edited by Gary.

America's Christian History: The Untold Story
America's Christian History: The Untold Story

ReviewHistory-bashing has become a favorite hobby of psuedo-intellectuals in our time, especially where Christianity has played a prominent role in the shaping of past events. Gary DeMar, by scholarly documentation and clear writing, sets the historical facts straight regarding America's Christian roots. His chapters on 'Whitewashing History' alone justify the publishing of this important book exposing the methods and the motives of those who would rewrite the past to suit their own anti-religion bias. --D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Sr. Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian ChurchProduct DescriptionChristianity is written on every page of America's amazing history. Gary DeMar presents well-documented facts which will change your perspective about what it means to be a Christian in America; the truth about America's Christian past as it relates to supreme court justices, and presidents; the Christian character of colonial charters, state constitutions, and the US Constitution; the Christian foundation of colleges, the Christian character of Washington, D.C.; the origin of Thanksgiving and so much more. Three appendixes have been added that further emphasize Christianity s positive influence on America. Additional information includes Deism and the Founding of America and Jesus Christ and the Founding of America. This is an indispensable book which is needed in a time when even "under God" is coming under fire. (Paperback) Earn College Credit for this resource!


Try a great book that will be very rewarding to read - These books are not only recommended reading, but inspirational as well

If you have not read these books, then you will be in for a real treat as many Christians are unaware that they even exist. For example you may read a priceless personal account of Pilot regarding his involvement in the trial of Jesus, or the riveting testimony of a retired temple priest about the one we know as Yeshua, Jesus! The resignation letter of Chiaphis the high priest after the resurrection and Much more! in the Archko Volume of historical documents.

This book will change you, this book will bring tears to your eyes.

The Archko Volume: Or, the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews
The Archko Volume: Or, the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews

Book DescriptionThe testimony of Jesus' contemporaries, including Herod, Pontius Pilate, and Joseph and Mary, holds a timeless fascination for anyone interested in New Testament literature. Ongoing debate over his classic work's authenticity makes it an engrossing read for those interested in judging for themselves. This elegantly bound edition will find a place in both scholars' and skeptics' collections.

The New Damascus Document (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah) (English and Hebrew Edition)
The New Damascus Document (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah) (English and Hebrew Edition)

Product DescriptionThis composite edition of the Damascus Document and scrolls from Khirbet Qumran (with translation and commentary) presents a new understanding of the relationship of these texts, time and purpose; shedding additional light on the Dead Sea Scrolls.About the AuthorBen Zion Wacholder, Rabbi (1951) Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan Theological Seminary; Ph.D. (1960) in Greek Classics and History, UCLA, is Professor Emeritus of Talmud and Rabbinics at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. He has published extensively on the Second Temple Period.


This selection of reference material is just hard to find sometimes. - But it will astound you with some truth that is very hard to find anywhere else!

The Lost Books of The Bible contains some priceless historical documents that were written during the times of Jesus. Some I believe to be authentic and very close to Scripture them selves, and others I don't. Many of these manuscripts were considered to be possibly added to what we now call the bible, but those who made the decisions of that day chose not to. Read them and decide for your self, you will be happy you did.

The remainder of these books provides for fascinating reading! Are they all true? No, not everything, but there is enough good material to provide some great incites that wading through the off color parts isn't so bad

The Lost Books of the Bible
The Lost Books of the Bible

Book DescriptionSuppressed by the early church fathers who compiled the Bible, these apocryphal books have been shrouded in silence for centuries. Here are the Apostles' Creed, the girlhood and betrothal of Mary, the childhood of Jesus-told in all their warmth, intimacy and humanity. Translated from the Original Tongues, with 32 illustrations from Ancient Paintings and Missals.


For the serious individual who loves to study their scriptures

Complete Jewish Bible : An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'Rit Hadashah (New Testament)
Complete Jewish Bible : An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'Rit Hadashah (New Testament)

Book DescriptionWhy is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern's new version of the "Tanakh" ("Old Testament") and his highly acclaimed "Jewish New Testament."The Complete Jewish Bible:- follows the Hebrew Bible order of the Tanakh's books, the order with which Yeshua (Jesus) was familiar- makes no separation between "Old" and "New" Testaments- corrects misinterpretations in the New Testament resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias- offers the original Hebrew names for people, places, and concepts, using easy-to-read English transliterations- focuses on Messianic prophecy- gives the traditional weekly and holiday synagogue readings, plus relevant readings from the "B'rit Hadashah" (New Testament)The Complete Jewish Bible:- reconnects Christians with their Jewish roots and the Jewish people- connects Jews with the Jewishness of Messiah Yeshua and Messianic faithOther features of this Bible: a comprehensive introduction, a pronouncing explanatory glossary, a reverse glossary, and special maps to aid Bible understanding.From the PublisherThe Complete Jewish Bible shows that the Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation, is a unified Jewish book, meant for everyone--Jew and non-Jew alike.

Jewish New Testament Commentary: A Companion Volume to the Jewish New Testament
Jewish New Testament Commentary: A Companion Volume to the Jewish New Testament

Book Description- The Torah (Law of Moses)--is it in full force today? Yeshua (Jesus) said, "Don't think that I have come to abolish the Torah... I have come not to abolish, but to complete." What did he mean?- Sha'ul (Paul) wrote, "All Israel will be saved." Was he speaking of all Jews? Messianic Jews (Jews who believe Yeshua is the Messiah)? The Church? Who is Israel?- Why did Yeshua juxtapose the saying, "Do not store up for yourselves wealth here on earth" and "The eye is the light of the body"?Dr. David Stern, a Messianic Jew living in Jerusalem, speaks to these and other issues in the Jewish New Testament Commentary. In this companion volume to his widely read and highly acclaimed "Jewish New Testament," he offers an exciting and original way of understanding the New Testament from a Jewish point of view. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.From the PublisherDrawing on years of research, Dr. Stern relates the New Testament text to the "Tanakh" ("Old Testament"), to the historical setting, to rabbinic materials and to Christian theology. He answers questions Jewish people have about Yeshua, the New Testament and Christianity; questions Christians have about Judaism and the Jewish roots of their faith; and questions Messianic Jews have about being both Jewish and Messianic.He demonstrates that the New Testament upholds Jewish values and verities, such as the oneness of God, the chosennesss of Israel, the sanctity of the Torah, and the importance of works along with faith. He also shows how the New Testament speaks to modern issues like assimilation, intermarriage, missionizing and antisemitism. Fiunally, int terms of the Greek and Hebrew languages, Judaism and fir-century culture, he explains controversial "Jewish New Testament" renderings.The "Jewish New Testament" and "Jewish New Testament Commentary" challenge Christians to rediscover their Jewish connection, and Jews to discover their Jewish Messiah. These two books belong on the shelf of everyone who wants to understand the Bible better. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers
The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers

Book DescriptionThis new edition of the standard work The Englishman's Hebrew Concordance of the Old Testament is an improved and corrected edition that features a new, larger format. Now coded to Strong's, it is invaluable in Bible study for those who do not know Hebrew. A new index of out-of-sequence Strong's numbers allows the reader to quickly and easily locate any word by its Strong's number. The Hebrew and English indexes have been retained.

The Englishman's Greek Concordance of New Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers
The Englishman's Greek Concordance of New Testament: Coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers

Book DescriptionThis improved and revised edition of the standard reference work The Englishman's Greek Concordance features a new, larger format that makes referencing even easier. Coded to Strong’s, it gives the reader with no knowledge of Greek unprecedented insight into the New Testament Greek. An invaluable tool for unearthing the rich meaning of the biblical language.

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (Penguin Classics)
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (Penguin Classics)

Amazon.comIt's been 50 years since a Bedouin youth named Muhammed edh-Dhub went looking for a stray sheep and instead found the Dead Sea Scrolls. In the intervening decades, the scrolls have been enveloped in a storm of controversy and bitter conflict: the scholars entrusted with translating and editing the texts sat on many of them instead, creating suspicions that escalated to conspiracy theories about supposed cover-ups of sensitive, even damaging material. Geza Vermes, a former professor of Jewish studies at Oxford and a noted authority on the scrolls, marks the 50th anniversary of Muhammed edh-Dhub's find with his book The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English; the title, however, is misleading, for the collection of documents is by no means complete.Vermes has left out the copies of Hebrew scriptures that are available elsewhere, instead focusing on the sectarian writings of the Essene community at Qumran and the intertestemental texts, and these are indeed complete translations. Vermes has also included an overview of five decades of research on the scrolls and a thumbnail sketch of the Qumran community's history and religion. For anyone interested in biblical history, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English is a worthwhile read. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.From Library JournalThis one-volume translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls joins those of Florentino Garcia Martinez (The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated, Eerdman's, 1996) and Michael Wise and others (The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation, LJ 12/96) and is the latest edition of The Dead Sea Scrolls in English, first published in 1962. In a 90-page introduction, Vermes (emeritus, Jewish studies, Wolfson Coll., Oxford) briefly summarizes the 50-year history of scrolls research. He presents an overview of the sectarian community associated with the scrolls (whom he identifies as the Essenes), its history, and its beliefs. Though dubbed "complete" (the preface explains that "meaningless scraps or badly damaged manuscript sections are not inflicted on the reader"), Vermes's translation is generally the most selective of the three. This sometimes saves the reader from the possible frustration of line upon line of brackets and ellipses, but it gives a limited idea of the extent of the textual material available. However, the translation is good and has stood as the standard for many years. As with Bibles, libraries should have more than one version of the Dead Sea Scrolls.?Craig W. Beard, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham Lib.Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


The Book of Jasher is cited in the scripture but not included, Why?

If you have never read The Book Of Jasher then I strongly urge you to take some time and read it. It is cited twice in the OT of the scripture as an authoritative piece, but is not included in the texts we call the Bible. How courious?

If you want to really get down and study these are great books to use

New Complete Works of Josephus are a must for your library

The Works of Josephus: Complete and Unabridged, New Updated Edition
The Works of Josephus: Complete and Unabridged, New Updated Edition

Book DescriptionThis renowned reference book has served scholars, pastors, students, and those interested in the background of the New Testament for years. The insight given into the Essene community, the destruction of Jerusalem and the interpretations and traditions of the Old Testament in first century Judaism is invaluable. The outlook of Josephus, a late first century Pharisee and historian, on Jesus and the New Testament documents is enlightening and provocative. As an original reference, The Works of Josephus is essential to a full understanding of the first century, the time of Christ and the New Testament.Complete and unabridged, this is the best one-volume edition of the classic translation of Josephus’ works. The entire text has been reset in modern, easy-to-read type; numbering corresponding to that used in the Loeb edition has been added to the text; and citations and cross-references have been updated from Roman numerals to Arabic numbers.

Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures: Numerically Coded to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, with an English Index of More Than 12,000 Entries
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures: Numerically Coded to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, with an English Index of More Than 12,000 Entries

5.0 out of 5 stars For Spinoza Fans., March 25, 1999By Joseph B. Yesselman "jyselman" (Fairfax, VA USA)Many Spinozistic insights are embedded in Biblical Hebrew words.Strong's coding numbers allows the Bible student wihout a knowledge of Hebrew to use this classic work to find the precise meaning and connotations of the Hebrew or Aramaic word behind the English word being studied. Being a lexicon, its entries are more exhaustive than those in Strong's Concordance.


These are a must have for any Messianic Believer

If you love the flavor of the Hebrew language as it is used in the scripture then these books need to be on your table.

The Chumash: The Stone Edition, Full Size (ArtScroll)   (English and Hebrew Edition) The Torah: Haftaros and Five Megillos with a Commentary Anthologized from the Rabbinic Writings
The Chumash: The Stone Edition, Full Size (ArtScroll) (English and Hebrew Edition) The Torah: Haftaros and Five Megillos with a Commentary Anthologized from the Rabbinic Writings

Book DescriptionA Classic in its own time… The entire Chumash, newly reset, in one beautiful volume with a new, contemporary English translation of the Torah, faithful to Rashi and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and an anthologized commentary by a team of scholars, under the editorship of Rabbi Nosson Scherman. This commentary draws on the spectrum of biblical commentaries, from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats. Also includes: Hebrew/Aramaic texts of Rashi and Onkelos, newly set according to the most accurate texts.Haftaros with new translation, and introductory comments introducing the haftarah and relating it to the Torah reading. The Five Megillos with translation and commentary. Comprehensive index. Lightweight, opaque, acid-free paper for decades of quality use. Special section for your own genealogy and family milestones. Ultra-reinforced binding, using the most durable materials. Elegantly gilded page heads. Ribbon place-marker. The Chumash of choice for synagogue and home!


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Hello, I would like everyone visiting this lens to know that every item listed here from Beauty for Ashes is designed by us and handcrafted right here in our own shop from scratch. So you will probably not find these items anywhere else in the world. So feel free to browse and, I pray that you enjoy the trip. God Bless, Donna

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