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Updated on December 5, 2013


Existence of God is not proven.That does not mean God is not real.People expect proof for everything.Human beings are exploring since stone age,learning getting faster and faster,inventions getting better and better,yet unable to beat the nature.

On one side creating and at the same time create a destructive mechanism,invent nuclear power to provide electricity on one hand and more than enough arms to destroy the world we aim to protect.When we discover new medicines to cure the illnesses,new illnesses come into existence.We produce cars for better comfort ,produce co2 to damage the ozone layer .We get more tsunamis,hurricanes and cyclones than ever before.

This is where we have to believe in God.The force which keep everything in balance,the force that protect everything.The force responsible for birth and death. Human beings are scared of death because of the unknown after death.When death comes we grieve,we try to postpone death by better health,better facilities and better comforts.

We start to believe in God when there are no answers.Creation of religion is again man made.There are a number of religions,some believe in deities,some not.


Hinduism is the oldest religion known to mankind.Hinduism believe in worshipping deities. Christianity ,Islam,Hinduism and Buddhism are four major religions in the world. Different religions preach different philosophies about God.The table below shows the top 10 religions in the world.There are around 1billion nonreligious people in the world.But apart from atheist others believe in God or some super power.

Top 10 religion

Number in million
Time in existence


Believers in God do not research about the existence of God.Believing in God makes life easier.In life we face number of situations such as success,failures,occasions to celebrate,occasions to grieve,sickness,accidents and many others.If we don't believe in God ,we will be at a loss to explain.For example there is an accident while you are driving ,a child is killed,the guilt will destroy unless you believe it is the act of God,it was the destiny, unavoidable.

If you are an atheist ,how will you explain,your fault,you could have prevented it or will you pray for forgiveness silently.

Science prove some theories based on assumptions.One example is theory of probability.Why cannot we extend the same basis of assumption.Let us assume there is God .Let us not try to prove or disprove the God exist as a single entity or not.


Christianity is practiced by by more than 2billion people in the world.Among christians there are a number of branches such as Catholics,Church of England,Pentecost,Born again Christians and many others.All these branches believe in God.All these branches believe in Bible.

I could offend any of these groups if I go into details about different religious groups.


Islam is the second largest religion in the world.There are two major sects among muslims.They are Sunni and Shia.About 87 % of Muslims are Sunni Muslims.They all believe in the preaching of Quran and believe in God.


Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world.They have a number of deities in the temples. deities.This religion is pre historic and therefore the exact start of the religion is not known.Original script is known as vedas.Vedas is written in sanskrit which is a dead language now.Hinduism has produced 63 Saints called Nayanmars who performed miracles to prove the existence of God.

Bhagavadgitha is the religious preachings equivalent to bible in Christianity or Quran in Islam.Bhagavadgitha is preaching of lord Krishna in a situation of war.


Buddhism is followed by 360million people in the world. Buddhism originated in India by a prince who got disillusioned by the suffering of people ,left his worldly possessions and learnt about birth, sickness and death.Buddha travelled around India with his disciples preaching the pains in life and ways to achieve happiness in life.During his travel he didn't possess anything and lived on the alms given by the people.To this day Buddhist monks are not meant to possess anything in life.


Believing in God give peace of mind to the believer,deal with unanswered questions and give a sense of feeling that God is with you at times of difficulty ,pain and distress.What is the alternative.To this day adults make children believe that Santa bring Presents through the Chimney.When they grow up they make their children believe in the same thing.We continue to do this with all the advancement of science.Christmas is celebrated throughout the world irrespective of religion.There is at least one occasion when we forget our religious differences .

Are we deliberately lying or do we secretly believe Santa exist in one form or other.Believing in God is our way of dealing with pains of life.Let us not argue about the existence of God.LEAVE IT TO GOD.


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