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Kid Cudi & Song Used in Ben Breedlove Videos

Updated on March 13, 2012

Critically Ill Teen With Heart Condition Produces Touching YouTube Videos

Wondering about the Song In Ben Breedlove's Videos? The Erik Satiesque piano instrumental cover of Tears for Fears Mad World is a rendition made famous by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews. Only trouble is that the only instrumental version I could find that sounds similar to the one Ben used in his video is a version by Marius Furche.

Ben's video is that much more haunting and prophetic in how he chose to shoot his video without talking as if foreshadowing his impending demise and how he would be unable to speak from heaven yet his message lives on as if he were a kind of digital angel.

Another inspirational viral video pioneer who suffered a terminal illness who comes to mind is Randy Pausch and his Last Lecture. In some ways, Pausch transcended and his death eclipsed his accomplishments in life much the way Ben's greatest Christmas gift to us was his foresight in communicating the importance of living, loving, sharing what you know with others and that life after death does not need to be feared but one filled with peace and contentment.

Please feel free to leave you condolences and messages to Ben and his family in the guestbook below.

Ben Breedlove's YouTube Video Channel

Source: TotalRandomness512

Gary Jules Mad World Piano Instrumental - Played by Marius Furche

Just press play to preview Mad World. I haven't yet confirmed if this is the exact music used in Ben Breedlove's video but it's a lovely instrumental version of the song. It's the closest one I could find to the one Ben used as opposed to the many karaoke instrumentals available.

Ben Breedlove's Video - Part 1 of 2

Piano Song in Ben Breedlove Video - Mad World Instrumental By Gary Jules

This YouTube video contains the piano instrumental version. The only version of Tears for Fears Mad World cover by Gary Jules I could find on includes vocals.

Who is Ben Breedlove?

Aug 18, 1993 to Dec 25, 2011

Memorial Tribute


BreedLove TV | 17 Videos - On Dating, Relationships & Life

Kid Cudi Song "Ranger" - Referred to in Ben Breedlove Video

Just press play to listen to all 17 songs on the Kid Cudi cd Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager as referred to by Ben Breedlove.

Condolence Book For Ben Breedlove - Leave Your Best Wishes Here

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hi, I found the same piano music on iTunes under "tribute to Susan Boyle", you can buy the piano instrumental of mad world from there. Beautiful video, beautiful song, beautiful boy. Miss you.