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A Spiritual Snare to Avoid at All Costs: Ruining Your Future Good Karma With Bias

Updated on March 21, 2011

Good mediums with a talent for accessing the other side will tell you that there are no disagreements about politics, religion, sex, race, or any other issue on other dimensions. Instead, unconditional love reigns supreme.

Based on our empirical research, souls on the other side aren’t biased because they lack a personality, the earthly mental consciousness that commonly conjures up prejudice and judgment.

Souls Differ From Personalities

Souls don’t have an ego, therefore, there is no compulsion to rationalize behavior that isn’t based in compassion and understanding, and we believe there is no such behavior on the other side anyway. Disembodied entities, after leaving the earth plane and returning to the spirit world, naturally view circumstances as they truly are, rather than through an earth-bound, fear-based filter, formed through earthly pain and hardship.

Viewing heated arguments between humans on Earth, those in the spirit world innately avoid taking sides, and instead hope for the truth to triumph and for understanding to prevail. There’s nothing in it for those on the other side besides the desire for unmitigated unconditional love.

Note: our findings tell us that the “right thing” isn’t always the most “morally correct” or most pleasant thing, but what is fated to happen for the spiritual growth of all involved. Personal fate and karma dominate, not ego-self desires, which are frequently skewed.

Let’s consider the age-old dispute about income taxes. One side believes the wealthy should pay a much greater percentage of their income (even more than 50%), while the other side considers ever increasing income taxes to be an unfair burden--a penalty for success—which only serves to enable an already reckless and irresponsible government.

Those in the spirit world, just like most everyone on Earth, would hope that the disadvantaged are taken care of, yet they also understand that it’s not the responsibility of the wealthy to take care of everyone. Truth reigns on the other side: it’s plainly accepted that nobody escapes their own personal karma, fate, and accountability—you reap what you sow, as harsh as that sounds. Everyone on this planet has earned their life conditions, skills, talents, abilities, and opportunities, based on their previous life conduct.

Those on the other side are smiling and shaking their heads at the concept of “social justice,” the practice of government forcibly taking from those who have more, and giving to those who have less. The world is perfectly fair as it is, and disembodied souls know that it must be personal choice whether or not to give to those who aren’t as fortunate. Give more, you gain more spiritually. Yet steal from another, no matter how you justify it or what politically correct name you call it, and it incurs karma.

Biased viewpoints on Earth thrive because most humans can’t help but assess the world around them through emotionally and mentally tainted perspectives.
Which issues are you prejudiced about? Race? Finances? Religion? Marriage? Gay rights? Abortion?

Go ahead and enthusiastically support issues you want to, and exercise caution with a group with which you’ve had negative experiences, as both are your right, but just keep in mind that if you unjustly take action against another due to your partiality, you’ll need to come back to school-house Earth to deal with it again.

You don’t really want to come back again as the cruelly undesirable impression you’ve been projecting onto another, do you? Or how about as a deprived individual of the group you despise? It’s in your best spiritual interest to be fair and objective in all your dealings.


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    • profile image

      Student2+9 6 years ago

      Thank you for these articles, Scott. They are informative, well-written, and seem to lack an agenda of any kind. I just finished reading several, and they've answered some questions and left me with many more.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for an interesting read.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Great hub, Scottpetullo. I agree that if we don't do a good job this time, we will have to come back and try again, but, come on, man, we should at least have a good memory of that prior life. Don't you think? I used to experience deja vu quite regularly (like once or twice/year). It was always the same "blink" of a scene. Finally I wrote a short story of what I thought it meant to me, and have never experienced it again.