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bible thumper hypocrite

Updated on August 18, 2011


It is the shame that most of the church goer that I know are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrite. Sure, they may have been know the bible; question is, are they willing to practice what they pitch and if they did, they have ignore the quote in John chapter eight verse seven when Jesus told the Pharisee after they comdemn this woman caught in the act commit adultly when Jesus tell them "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Another thing about the bible thumper is that the only thing that different between them and the pharisee is their name.

For example, I know one woman in Riverside, California who think that she is the Christian but I know that she is not. She condemn men as if she is better than the men who think that they are so immature compared with the women. She forged her own sister name as the birth mother after she gave birth to the child outside of marriage and when her sister found out about it which was 30 years later, this woman have told her that she did not remember signing the paper, it was their mother who put your name on the paper. Her sister did not buy that lie because she know that the hospital did not send the paper to the parent of the woman who give birth regardless of how old they are. Another thing, my cousin, Tina Disney, have condemn her own niece for being pregnant outside of marriage and she (Tina Disney) is the one who is born outside of marriage.

Another thing, they have never practice what they preach. For example, they told you not to steal, lie and covet anything that they don't belong to you and yet, they are the one who done that behind everybody back. As you notice, they always attack you for disagreeing with you and that because they don't like to be judge for what they did in their own life and they are the one who think that they have the right to condemn you for what you did.

 This woman that you see in the picture is nothing more than liar and the thief. She not only lied to her own son after she forged her sister name as his birth mother, but she stole money from her sister in 1995.

Warren Preaching Courthouse


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    • brianjohnson951 profile image

      brianjohnson951 7 years ago

      I don't hate them, it just that most of the Christain that I know are nothinhg more than a bible thumper hypocrite. I am not anti-church, it just that most of them who rather judge you for everything that you do than show pity on you.

    • pork22 profile image

      pork22 7 years ago

      I'm sorry you feel this way.