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bigfoot and gorilla (guerilla) warfare, in Sumerian creation myth

Updated on January 8, 2011

What is Bigfoot and those legendary human-ape creatures related to it? Its a combo of half human and bear as many conspiracy theorist insist. Other say it is the lost gigantopithecus who was about 10 feet tall. In the Bible big-foot is part of the Nephilim, to me since it is human-bear hybrid it is a false creation. I won't focus on the Bible but if go towards the Sumerian creation myth and what i learn from metaphysical experts of the issue. This myth actually mentions big-foot indirectly by saying simian. This creature was to be workers/slaves for Gods and brothers Enki and Enlil. They were to just know basic commands but be smart enough to remember them. There were to mine the fields for gold for the brothers, Enlil didn't care much for them but was okay as long as they obeyed. The creatures, male to female, were also assigned tags mating parters to breed the right offspring. A bell would ring and big-foot would stop work to find assigned partner and mate. But Enki had other ideas, he wanted to make them better than before. So he made them smarter and changed the rules that they didn't have to wait for the bell to mate and can choose any partner to bare offspring. Enlil found out about this indirectly. He was looking around and wondered where are the workers at they are suppose to be mining and no work was being done. While walking he heard a noise behind the bush. He looked and saw the creatures in action and reading the tags they were not the assigned partners. To Enlil this would mess up the bloodlines of the offspring and this also made him very angry at Enki. So he went out to another planet to build a force to fight his brother. His brother some how found out and returned to take all the workers to another planet away from the future onslaught. On that planet he prepared them for battle if necessary. As a side note, this story had influence on the film "Planet of the Apes."

This where guerilla (gorilla) warfare comes in. Enlil with his forces search planet to planet and actually finds where they are hiding. As his forces get out to face their opponents, Enki's workers (big-foot) attack them for a short time then fled away. As they went searching elsewhere the workers attacked again then fled. This kept happening throughout the campaign every time they battled. This is where we get the ideal of guerilla warfare today. We have seen the same style for weaker armies, like during colonialism, 3rd World conflicts and the drug/gang wars.

Just some other info on bigfoot. It was created as with the blue whale to be a human library. most look like human-apes but in Russia to Mongolia reports claim they look more like neanderthals of tall stature called "almas", about 6'6"-7' tall. In wooded mostly western half of the US and Canada, people seen this creature usually while camping in the woods or in isolated forest areas. Some have noted many have 6 digits (fingers & toes). It was reported that in Afghanistan there are bigfoot like creatures in the caves there. Some of the forces have even been attempted to be attacked by them before being wiped out by fire power. They run about 40 miles and hour as one troop said. And they have many looks some are hair covered some are human like with less hair, about 12 feet tall with 6 digits. The most famous in Asia is the Yeti, Westerners know it as the abominable snowman. Similar creature with white fur 8 feet tall. It is claimed they guard the entrance to Shangri-La in Tibet which is a entrance to the internal earth. BTW these creatures live inside the earth, like small unrecognizable caves in the woods and so on, which is why its hard to find them. Some also claim some were found, possible dead, and being placed in suspended animation in secret facilities in Arizona.


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    • profile image

      Sam1am 6 years ago

      Also..where has bigfoot etc ever been described as having 6 fingers etc? There's nothing like taking sections from different websites, mish-mashing and pasting the parts you want, putting your own twist in and adding "some say" to the line as if that gives truth to the words. As "One troop said.." Mmhmm..

    • profile image

      Sam1am 6 years ago

      Where does it say any of this in Sumerian creation myth?? Lol. Oh boy. Where do they come up with this stuff? It astounds me that some people really believe it...