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Black Eyed Children: Are They Real Or Not

Updated on September 15, 2016

Black Eyed Child

Black Eyes by Moto85 (Megamoto 85 Martin Andre Saether)
Black Eyes by Moto85 (Megamoto 85 Martin Andre Saether)

Earliest 1950 Sighting Of A Black-Eyed-Child

What shocks most people who encounter them is the fact that their eyes are black with no color in them, demanding to be let inside your home or car. The blacked eyed children come in one or more and will bang on your door in the middle of the night and demand that you open the door so do you open the door or not. They are even known to approach people while in their cars.The blacked eyed children range in age from five to unknown older age. What seems strange is that everyone who encounters them becomes very afraid for some unknown reason. The person is completely afraid for their safety and felt the need to get away from the black-eyed children. I was able to find one report from 1950. The boy was sixteen-year-old when walking home one evening when he saw a young boy on the side of the road. The teenager stopped to see if everything was okay but the boy's eyes scared him, nothing but black no color what so ever. A smaller child wanted to go home with him but he was too afraid and the smaller child told him not to run from me that he ran home anyway and told his parents. His father went to see but the child was already gone.

New Black Eyed Children Evidence

Brian Bethe Jan. 16, 1998

A journalist named Brian Bethe back on Jan. 16, 1998 seems that is where the black-eyed children folklore began as two blacked eyed children while parked at night in a parking lot to use the night deposit box approached him. As he grew more afraid of the children with the black eyes and panic set in, he had the urge to get away as fast as he could. The children became more demanding to get inside the car claiming they needed a ride. At one point they were close to yelling and banging on the windows, a terrified Brian became, then the one child that had done the talking said you have to invite us inside your car we cannot get in unless you invite us inside. Brian quickly rolled the window up making excuses and speeding away then glanced into his rear view mirror and saw nothing, the children could not have hidden in such a short amount of time nor did they just vanish.

Car Parked At Night
Car Parked At Night

Halloween Night Encounter

Many people claimed to have met with these black-eyed children whether at home or in a car but either way is very upsetting to the person who becomes sacred since it always happens late at night. These black-eyed children wear different types of clothes, different hairstyles and usually, one does the talking but will become more demanding if not let inside your home or car and you have to invite them inside they just can't come inside on their own. As we look at the different cases, there is a similarity between them the late night, usually you are alone, become very afraid, and they become demanding when you refuse to let them inside. They will stare at you from a distance without looking away.

Now this one happened on Halloween night after trick or treating was over for the evening around 10 pm. The woman and her husband were watching TV when her husband decided to go upstairs, take a shower, and head to bed. She was on the couch watching TV with her dog when a there was a knock at the door which was unusual since there was a doorbell. Finally, after a couple knocks, she went to answer the door the dog made a beeline for the back door and was not moving away either. She opened the door a little and saw a girl (between 11 or 12 years old) and boy (between 8 or 9 years old) standing on her porch but no costume on but she began to feel afraid, the little girl wanted to come inside and use the phone. The woman asked her if she had a cell phone but the girl looked at the boy and then told, her cell phone battery was dead and they needed to call their mom. By now, the woman hair was standing up on the back of her neck and her dog was nowhere in sight. Then the woman closed the door and offered to call their mom through the door, but the girl then told her brother needed to use the bathroom and that her brother is afraid. Then the woman told them they were not coming inside her home that the kids insisted on coming in but the woman told them no once again so the children left.

When Black Eyed Children Come Knocking

The Book Store Encounter

On April 23, 2011, a married couple with their two-year-old son went to a used bookstore a few hours away from Tucson, Arizona where they lived at the time. When they arrived at the used bookstore they went inside and the dad and son went to off to another area and when the mom was walking down an isle that is when she saw the little girl with pure black eyes no iris showing just nothing but blackness for eyes staring at her behind her husband and son. The two of them walked over to a table and the little girl followed behind them and went up to the mother. Suddenly she became afraid and felt like evil was present so she quickly went to the area her husband and son were at. This girl was wearing clothes from 1960, with a few extra coats on which was out-of-place since it was not cold. This girl walked up and began circling like a predatory animal stalking its prey with those coal-black eyes no color what so ever and she had the feeling this girl was not human as it circled it made no sound, which seemed very odd. Pulling on her husband arm he finally went to the other side of the bookstore to electronics so the mom and son went over to the board games and that is when a man leaned down and spoke into her son's ear saying she can see you but she cannot hear you but I can. The mother grabbed her son and ran out to the car to wait for her husband but she felt as if evil had stuck to her and felt that way until she went to bed that night, the wife also believed he was one of the black-eyed people.

Black-Eyed Kids - Documentary

Five Black Eyed Children Together

After turning around close to the very last house, what Patrick saw startled him so he hit the brakes hard and stop to see five small children yet it was their appearance that shocked him. One was running its hand over the side of the house; three were in a group while one was staring at them and began waving at them in the car wanting them to come closer. One look at them huge golf ball size pure black eyes terrorized them and they sped away to the next town. Now Patrick and Alain reported to other people what they saw even how they the clothes looked that almost touched the ground with multicolored spots, the yellowish color of their skin, however; when they returned a couple hours later, the children were gone. An investigating team did show up after a few months but no black-eyed children were ever located.
What could these black-eyed children be? It might be possible that they could be some type of demon or maybe a vampire. Vampires cannot come inside unless you invite them to come inside and they do have black eyes, pale skin, and their teeth are close to that of black-eyed children. No one seems to know what happens when the black-eyed children come inside but one married woman did say that both had a nosebleed, radiation burns among other unexplained illness after she allowed them in her home. Some think they are after your soul and are very dangerous. These children mostly keep their head down but become more aggressive when you see their solid black eyes demanding loudly for you to let them inside. It appears that these children can show up whether it is a day, evening or nighttime. One theory is that these children are wearing contact lenses to make their eyes look all black.

4 True Scary Black-eyed Children Horror Stories to Keep You up at Night (be Busta)

What are your thoughts about black eyed children?

Do you believe the black eyed children are real?

Please leave your comments as I would very much enjoy discussing this topic with everyone. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed reading and watching the video's.

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    • Annie Wright profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Haun 

      2 years ago from USA

      I've also noticed this Men In Black Encounters also. The vampire folk lore with Black Eyed Children does seem to be a connection. I've only heard of one woman in black who was walking across the USA so I'm not sure how they relate. What ways have you noticed that there are serval crossovers? Thank you

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Really interesting article I've noticed several cross overs with the black eyed children vampire folk lore and some of the more weirder men in black encounters and women and black. I'm curious if you have noticed this as well?

    • Annie Wright profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Haun 

      3 years ago from USA

      Some people believe they are real and there have been reports made. A demon may take the form of a child to gain the adult trust. I use to work with this lady whose daughter had black solid eyes, no white showing at all and the way this 3 year old stared at me gave me the creeps, and she told me to not pay any attention to her daughter. She kept her in a room with a gate blocking the doorway, creepy. I never went back to her house again.

    • Paxash profile image

      Darcie Nadel 

      3 years ago from Louisiana

      Black eyed children have always been a particularly unsettling urban legend for me. Something about them taking the form of a child makes it extra creepy.


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