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Positive and Negative Forces at War (Paranormal – Part 6)

Updated on January 25, 2013

Positive vs. Negatives forces

Having read hundreds of articles endorsing the ‘power of good over evil’ and the supremacy of God almighty, I often wondered if ‘positive forces’ were actually more powerful than ‘negative’ ones. This, in fact, gives birth to the most controversial subject of the ancient and the present times---Is God more powerful than Evil? If He is, then why does Evil exist at all? Does it mean that God does not have the power to eradicate Evil as if He had such absolute powers then Evil would not have the nerve to mess around with His creation. At least that is what seems to be a logical inference. It becomes sometimes difficult to go against the current, especially, in view of the concepts of spirituality and philosophy of God’s existence ingrained in us since the time of our birth. At times, in order to reduce the complications in our lives, we try to keep things simple by blindly towing the line of our ancestors / forefathers. The less we question the pre-set ideologies, greater are our chances of staying in ‘good books’ of our family and friends; try taking one step out of the vicious circle and get ready for all those wagging tongues and contemptuous eyes scoffing at you. Besides, the belief that God is more powerful, brings peace to our inner chaos and ignorance, and kindles a ray of hope in the dark. Are we humans designed to make things comfortable rather than complicated for our own selves? Perhaps we are made that way which is why we try to accept facts which are congenial to our mental framework. Is that why we are not ready to see the other side (weak) of God?

Does turning to God really help?

For decades I’ve heard people ranting that it’s the ‘Evil’ and not God, who inflicts misery and pain to mankind; God only heals. Some scholars have also propounded the theory that God is so kind that He does not believe in punishing the sinners—He only forgives. Now this is something totally in contradiction to the stories and beliefs I grew up with. I remember that even as a child, the philosophy of ‘sinners-being-punished-by-God’ was instilled so profoundly in me that I never even dared to raise my voice (not to talk of doing bad deeds) just for the fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. If only someone had whispered in my ear that it’s good to be bad sometimes, I wouldn’t have felt like an impotent, helpless and miserable devotee turning to God at every small pretext. I wouldn’t have lived with a stupid belief that I’m God’s responsibility and that he watches over me. I should’ve known that God’s work (in relation to me) was over the day he created me and from then on--- it was supposed to be my journey and my ordeals. I now feel that it was completely insane (of me) to expect Him to come to my rescue every time I had some one or the other stabbing a dagger in my heart; I was probably supposed to defend myself (without His help) even if that meant killing the attacker before he tried to kill me. (The concept of ‘self defense’ should work in God’s kingdom as well and if it does not, His laws badly need an amendment). The question arising here is that if God does not punish the wrong doer, then who does? Better still, does he (sinner) even get punished?

Black Magic
Black Magic

Dark Art (Black Magic)

The Eastern philosophy strongly advocates the importance of ‘Karma’ in the journey through life and life after life. It is believed that a sinner is sure to face retribution when he comes under the influence of certain malefic / harmful combination of planets which affect him adversely at a given point of time and this can happen in his next life also. Clarifying further, it is not necessary that a wrong doer is punished in the same life in which he commits sins; he might enjoy all the abundance (love, prosperity & happiness) in life despite causing pain and misery to innocent people only for the reason that the planets (affecting him at the time of his birth) favor him all through his life. Probably the 'accumulated karma' theory works here.

“If this is the case then how would the victim know that the person, who ruined his life, was actually punished by God? It makes no sense committing sins in one life and getting the punishment in the next one.” I asked this question to a learned person some years ago in relation to a person who had suffered untold misery due to black magic allegedly performed on him for bringing bad luck and misfortune to him. The victim had suffered a major chunk of his life facing the onslaughts which he did not deserve. (I’m not going into the details of black magic here). It was astonishing to see the extent to which the negative forces had the power to destroy an innocent life. Even more surprising was the fact that the victim had been an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva since his early childhood. The question which instantly came to my mind was---“Where was his deity at the time when the Evil forces struck him? What stopped God to save him from the Evil? The man had been suffering for decades and no one was able to completely negate the effect of spells cast on him. Why did the poor man have to suffer endlessly for the wrong doings of some wicked family member who had cast spells on the victim, out of jealousy and envy? I couldn’t understand why could God not free the victim of his pain and mitigate the evil influence in his life, especially, when he had spent his whole life worshipping his deity with all his heart, mind and soul? Ironic as it sounds, the wrong doer, as against the God-fearing victim, had been enjoying all the luxuries which one can conceive of.

God has His own Rules

The reply which I got from the learned man was that “God does not see things the way we do. For him it is more like a continuous journey of a soul irrespective of the number of times the soul takes birth in the human form. It does not matter to God if a soul faces the brunt of the sins in the present life or in the next one. As regards the sufferer—who knows –this could be God’s way to make him learn his lessons! ” As convincing as it sounded, the explanation seemed to have some loose ends. Perhaps it’s easier to absolve the Almighty of all responsibilities and obligations rather than finding answers and holding Him liable for so many things (which we don’t approve of) happening around us. We all have a tendency to fear the ‘unknown’ and ‘unseen’ which is probably why we leave it at that. We prefer to suffer till eternity and keep praying to God for mitigating our pain but He does what he has to do, irrespective of our tears, anguish and agony and more interestingly, when, once in a while he answers our prayers, we bow before Him and ask for forgiveness for not having complete faith in Him. Delving deep into the mystery of human existence, I sometimes feel that we are nothing but puppets and our strings are pulled intermittently by two equally powerful forces of the cosmos. We struggle our way from the ‘womb to the tomb’ under the constant influence of positive and negative forces which work actively on us and influence each and every action (and thought) of ours, without our being aware of it. Is it possible that because we deny the existence of the Evil, he pulls us more towards him and away from the kingdom of God? Who knows --it might be a ‘game of power’ going on at the ‘Higher level’ also! Seems that the rules of Cosmos are same everywhere, whether on earth or elsewhere.

Do you find negative forces equally powerful?

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Magic or Tricks ?

Positive and Negative Forces

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    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      Hi Jim: Perhaps you're right. I read somewhere long time back that if we think of 'negative forces', our mere thinking strengthens the negativity; it feeds on our fears and creates doubts about existence of God which in turn leads to the final debacle of the soul. It acts as a slow poison to our spiritual growth. I guess the best way, as you said, is to take everything in its stride and treat it as Nature's way to help us learn. God bless. :)

    • profile image

      Jim 7 years ago

      Hi Anajali,

      The answer to the question which is more powerful positive or negative forces is that it depends on our interpretation of events and what we choose to focus on the most. Nothing in the universe really has any meaning except what we give it. What may seem like negative to us is just the events of the universe unfolding as they do.



    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      SweetiePie: Nice to see you here. Thx for your generous words. I appreciate.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I enjoyed reading your take on higher powers anglicuch. Your writing is engaging and very true in many ways.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Appletreedeals: Thx a lot for your kind words. I appreciate your stopping by.

    • Appletreedeals profile image

      Appletreedeals 8 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

      Great job. you have taken on a very personal and sometimes volatile issue and handled it with style. As the lengthy comments it has elicited prove.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Jewels: I suppose we were not talking about 'samsara' here. The term under consideration was 'samskara'. Anyways let's not get into this further. I get your point. Thx for being a part of a healthy discussion.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      Just for clarity Anjali, there is a term samsara which is a Buddhist term which means 'Cycle of reincarnations.' The wheel by which human beings live in the Buddhist tradition are eternally taken from one life to another. That is what they call the 'wheel of the samsara.'

      A samskara is different and it is humorously stated that it is the samskaras (wounds of the mind) that keep one in the samsara - cycle of reincarnation.

      My spiritual teacher, whilst not Buddhist or Hindu, is fluent in sanskrit and embodies Hindu, Buddhist, TCM and Western esoteric traditions in his work. I am very thankful for the passing of his knowledge. Through him I see I have much to learn!

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Pacal Votan: I respect your views. In fact your post had me thinking. I hadn't realized (until I read your comment) that I too have stopped resisting Evil for a long time. Probably that what prompted me to write this hub in the first place. Running away (consciously) from 'negative' wasn't doing me any good so, like you, I changed my perception a bit. However, I still talk about it. :) Talking, at times, unravels hidden mysteries. Thx for coming back.

      Jewels: I understand. Since I grew up with such 'heavy duty' words (for being raised in a staunch Hindu family)I got a little confused with your earlier interpretation but now I understand what exactly you meant. The term 'Samskara' has a broad spectrum which includes one's deeds as well and we use it more in that connection. For us, it not only includes the imprints on the psyche but our past life actions as well. There is always a difference in the literal and customary usage of words / language, as you would know. But now its ok...I got it. I could gather from your hubs that you have a lot of interest in Hindu philosophy and seem to know quite a bit about it. I admire your knowledge and your urge to seek 'truth'. Thx for coming back.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      Samskaras are imprints left in the psyche by emotionally charged experiences. They are scars of the mind. The terms emanates from Hindu philosophy, particularly teachings of Vedanta masters.

      It is the charge of a samskara that creates reactions as opposed to a response. A response is a conscious act, a reaction often is not. When the source of a reaction is sourced to the core, often it is sourced to a past life where it first began. This is not always the case of course because any traumas can begin at anyone time, usually in childhood.

      A trauma or samskara becomes part of the psyche or soul and if not unravelled or decharged it becomes an anchor that prevents the transformation of the soul.

    • profile image

      Pacal Votan 8 years ago

      Anjali - I'd like to be honest. This is not the topic that usually gets my attention any more, because I feel I have already explored it in my life and have come to a point where I care less about the topic in general and more about personal conduct. There is a lot of both forces within me. I don't fight the negative once. I choose to embrace them, because I want to live in harmony with myself, but I won't express them in any way.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Pacal Votan: I normally like to keep the titles simple, yet intriguing. You didn't mention if you finally read the hub...not that you are obligated to do so. Just wanted to know your view point. :) God bless.

      Jewels: As far as I understand you are trying to say that there is a continuity of soul / consciousness which never ends (till the freedom from the cycle of birth & death is achieved) but the physical body does end, each time the soul leaves it to enter another one. To substantiate this theory you have mentioned 'past life regression' which proves that a soul continues its journey regardless the number of physical forms it may attain. If this is what you meant....we are on the same page. You're endorsing my view. So far so good. I agree with you on the 'attraction to parents' concept. It is said that the people we interact in life are those 'whom we have either loved or hated the most.' Sounds intriguing? Perhaps this too has its roots in 'law of attraction'. However, I don't think 'Samskaras' (in the context you mentioned) means 'traumas' unless you wanted to communicate something else which I failed to interpret. In that case I apologize in anticipation. Thx very much for taking so much interest in this article. It's really encouraging. God bless.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      In the work I do I don't even contemplate "God's laws." I find them irrelevant. Was it Socrates or Plato who said "what is virtue?" There has been so much misinterpretation of the bible that how can we consider what the laws of God are?

      Regardless - when it comes to the soul there is a body of work you may be interested in as I note you have a wonderful breadth of knowledge that you clearly apply to your own life. Understand the continuum of consciousness and it's application to the soul. Past lives hold events that apply to this life. If that event is still creating malaise it will play out, perhaps as suffering in this life.

      There is a technique called Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, within that technique is a method of regression which not only helps to see past lives but also their influence on this one. Interesting how a past life seems to be an entertainment factor in regression. It is the events of them that are of importance.

      The soul is really a non physical element of consciousness that is incarnated into the physical body. Through the body the soul is animated. Through the senses we experience emotions and feelings. Understanding like attracts like, it's said that the energetic attraction to parents is because of the samskaras (traumas) and positive and negative karma of the soul.

      Our human form is currently the vehicle we use to transform. The soul can be separated from the body (at death, sleep via astral traveling), but it is through the body that we interact and attempt to transform. What is not transformed in this life is the subject of further reincarnations. At this level you see that the sum total of who you be, who you are commenced at your own Alpha state and will dissolve when Union has been achieved.

      Through this regression work I've been able to unravel core issues that I've been carrying since birth. I've also been able to see a sense of a continuum of my own consciousness which creates a massive opening in who I am.

    • profile image

      Pacal Votan 8 years ago

      You've just given me an 'a-ha' moment. I'll be honest, I didn't read the hub, I read only the title. And I misunderstood it, lol silly me... :) But that's what helped me realize something. Thank you.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Tatjana: ".. In humans childhood has the roots of suffering." Very well said. There is a big difference between 'being obedient' and 'doing the right thing'. I guess, things become more complicated as we grow up to defy the rules and those age old notions which hold no merit to our conscious mind. That is what is called 'learning' and we all die learning, and only a few lucky ones get to know the truth before they depart. Thx very much for sharing your valuable insight.

      Jayb23: 'Keeping things simple' is definitely the best course. At least it lessens complications. Thx for your kind words.

      Free4india: I will surely go to your hub after I post this reply. Thx very much for stopping by.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Hi Shalini: Thanks for understanding. There is so much pain in the world which God can mitigate if He wants to but possibly He believes in teaching lessons rather than wiping off evil effect from our lives. (Only my perception which does not have to be right). Thx for your kind words.

      Jewels: I am myself a staunch believer of 'life after death' / 'reincarnation' philosophy but what stands out in an interesting and amusing way is the manner in which we keep telling ourselves that 'we are suffering because of the some sins we committed in our previous lives'. To me it makes more sense to punish the soul (human form) in the life in which the sins are committed. That way it would serve as a lesson for the other individuals as well. (just like in some middle east countries, a criminal is beheaded publicly so that other people think 100 times before even thinking of committing a crime). That's why I think (in a lighter sense) God's laws need to be amended. Thx for contributing to the discussion here.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      rodericktaylor: "Love will save us all..." You're absolutely right. This is the only thing which can be said for sure...the rest is only a myth. Who knows what is the real truth! All of us pave our own paths for reaching the destination...the goal (as you said) remains the same for everyone. Thx for sharing your valuable insight here.

      Hi Pam! "...each person in the chain is handed energy. It's a gift. It doesn't look like a gift but if a person chooses to see it that way, the transformation has already begun." So true! I can't help it....I've to agree with each and every word of yours. Even I (sometimes) used to thank people who caused harm to me as it made me what I'm today. I learnt lessons which they would never get a chance to. May be that was God's purpose and I had to accept it, no matter how much pain it caused. No one can question God's power. He is the ultimate but the fact remains that there is someone who is equally powerful. :) Thx a lot for your refreshingly unique thoughts. You already know how much I value your opinion. Take care.

    • free4india profile image

      free4india 8 years ago

      God is a concept which I have never understood... You always feel there is God and know there is God, but then just like you asked.... then why does evil happen ??? Why cant God stop things before things get worse.... I have weird concept and explanation... I had to create an explanation so that I dont go insane... read my hub and do comment what you think on my explanation... it has some basis on Hinduism and about births and re-births...

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      HI Marie: Yes God exists in everything and everyone. Just like you, my mind set (too)changed as I grew older. Those unsubstantiated theories instilled in me in my early childhood seem devoid of merit now. Thats what is, perhaps, called a learning process. Thru this hub I only wanted to raise a question: "Does God too have limitations?" I used to think that He has unfettered powers and could do anything for those He loved but my experiences have compelled me to think otherwise. I feel I should tell myself that whatever happened were / are His ways to teach me my lessons. Lol. We humans have no other course to pacify our restless minds. Speaking for Sai Baba, I know he has millions of followers all around the world which is why I'm not getting into his 'magic world'. I've already handled a lot of criticism for my hub on Osho and I didn't want the same to get repeated here. That is why I uploaded the video and tried to pass on the subtle message. God bless and take care.

      Nancy's Niche & Philipo: I too believe in 'what goes around comes around'. As I mentioned in my reply to VioletSun's post, the only thing which inspired me to write this hub was to share my thoughts (relating to power of negative forces) with my fellow hubbers. It's better for us if we know the reality. Knowing that Evil can be as strong as our beloved God sometimes, we can keep ourselves ready for all contingencies. Thx both of you for your time and your kind words.

      Sharing Insight: Thank you so much for your generous comments. It's a pleasure having you in my hubs.

    • jayb23 profile image

      jayb23 8 years ago from India

      Awesome hub Anjali. Its a very difficult but you have candidly written what you have felt. I do believe in the theory of Karma, whatever you do, the same comes back to you and after death the soul finds another body, something which Lord Krishna shows Arjun during Gita. I feel just do your best and dont think or do bad for anybody, the rest shall follow. Simple as it may sound, but thats what I think.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Hi Anjali, interesting and mind provoking Hub.

      Good and evil are very relative. What is good for me, it does not need to be good for someone else. What was good for me yesterday, it does not need to be good for me today. Depends of point of view. Duality? Even more then that: multilevel reality.

      God is everything and everyone in this universe and in other ones, if we have such concept of Almighty, good or bad cannot exist any more.

      When I was child, I had to be "good" and was not supposed to do "evil" deeds. But the older ones were teaching me, actualy to be obedient to them, not to be good, what is big, big difference... In human childhood are first roots of suffering.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      I'm aligning to Pam and I know she is not a nutball. Not sure so much that the soul chooses a life of suffering, but in the process of transformation it may seem that way. If we had not performed evil acts ourselves, perhaps we would not be attracted to such suffering in our lives. The cycle of karma, death and rebirth continues until such transformation is achieved. Evil is only the absence of light, our propensity to align with negativity is very strong as can be attested by the state of the world.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Anjali - I quite see your point - I've been through the same angst when I've seen innocent and very religious people suffering for what seems like no fault of their own. It's so difficult to hold on to one's faith in the face of what happens around us - and yes, at times, the negative forces seem so much stronger and more powerful.

    • profile image

      pgrundy 8 years ago

      Hi Anjali--This is so refreshingly honest. I always appreciate your take on these things.

      The way I see it, God and darkness are not separate. How can evil work for God? It's like turning coal into diamonds. Someone has a great evil done to them. The person committing the evil act kicks off a cycle of bad karma that can last generations. The people on the receiving end of the evil have a chance to learn about transforming bad energy into good. In any case, each person in the chain is handed energy. It's a gift. It doesn't look like a gift but if a person chooses to see it that way, the transformation has already begun. All energy is energy, good or bad.

      The person committing the evil act is harmed the most, but even this person will have an opportunity to learn but it will come down to choice. It may take lifetimes. Maybe that person will choose to never learn. Hell is living without love, without light. The person may believe he has gained through the evil act but it is as though he is hoarding crap. He has all the crap in the world and thinks he's won. He can't see it's crap.

      I believe some souls choose a life of suffering. Suffering is work for God, to come to earth willingly to suffer is a soul project. In taking in darkness and trying to make sense of it one is actually learning love, transmuting pain, putting more love in the world.

      I'm not saying, well then let's thank people who commit evil acts for giving us all these great opportunities! lol! No, I wouldn't go that far. I'm just saying, things are more complex than they appear on the surface, and when we are presented with one extreme of a polarity, it can be an opportunity to understand and develop the other extreme and neutralize the bad karma. That is good work to get in this life.

      I probably sound like a total nutball. Thanks for listening anyway and thanks for his excellent hub. :)

    • rodericktaylor profile image

      rodericktaylor 8 years ago from Australia

      So many of these concepts were discussed by Plato and his Students in Platos' Republic, I think about 400 bc. It is worth a read. Platos republic apparently is the first time Heaven (from the Greek Haven) and Hell were discussed. The idea that God represents the true ideal of Good and that Evil is the responsibility of Man and other forces, but not of God are discussed. Even the equal rights of Women in an 'ideal' world are discussed in Plato. He ponders these questions with an open mind as we should. Every act that hurts the Universe is a push against everything that exists everywhere. I agree with you and 'life' has its own way of dealing with those who ultimately become a dangerous force. God is Everything Everywhere. To me Life on Earth is a Voyage of Learning with the goal being Enlightenment . God is the teacher, the Judge and eventually, once we have served our time and learned his lessons he will lead us to the next stage in our Journey. How Old are we really? How near are we to the end of our Journey. I look forward with Love and a deep longing. Love will ultimately save us all.

    • Sharing Insight profile image

      Sharing Insight 8 years ago

      I found your Hub interestingly gripping from the very beginning...

      Thank you for sharing your perspectives on this universally surpreme topic. I appreciated your delievery of this Hub because it was nicely presented in a personal, intelligent manner...

      I wish you continued success..

    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 8 years ago from Nigeria

      God is a supreme being. He is the beginning and the end. He is Alpha and Omega. He is Jehovah Elshadai, Jehovah Adonai, The I am that I am, He is the maker of Heaven and Earth, He is Greater than the greatest, Bigger than the biggest, Every knee bows before Him, Before Him there is no other god and after Him there is no other god, Heaven and earth bow before Him, The Angels and the 24 elders worship Him. I worship always for without Him I will be no where. Thanks for this hub.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 8 years ago

      Interesting article---One sees dark forces at work every day. Do I think they will be punished---defiantly! I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around!

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Anjali: Nowadays my concept of God has changed so much, I have unlearned everything I grew up believing, that there is a personal God up somewhere watching over us, and punishing misdeeds. I believe that God is everywhere, an Intelligence expressing as each one of us, hence the reason why we experience duality in this planet; karma takes care of everything, a natural law. Just sharing what your article had me thinking tonight. Some hubs gets me to think. :)

      As for Sai Baba, yikes, my s/o and I saw this a while back, and we couldn't believe how amateurish he is as a magician, and yet his followers are so enamored of his "divinity," that they actually fail to perceive the trick in front of them. Funny how the mind works.

      Good to have you back!