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Dare to dream!

Updated on January 12, 2011

the power of dream

As a little boy i used to equate places with colors. I used to think of a better world than I had and in my little mind, a world rich in vibrant colors. I was blessed with artistic mind and hands. my parents were too poor that there times when we literally starve for days, it was a rough start for a little dreamer boy. The good thing about it was i didn't knew we were that poor. I used to walk miles from our house to school barefooted at that. I didn't complained, I enjoyed my little world or wonders, I thought it was fun and I still think it was.

Where dit it all started? Some people spend most of their lives dreaming. Dreams are elusive or mysterious. yet, that's where the challenge come in. From infancy to adulthood, dreams are made, interpreted and realized in some cases. So whether a person is asleep or awake his dream will most likely be characterized as either passive or active. In each category, there has to be a defining line where dreams are pursued otherwise it will be just as it is. fast-forward it to a time we call today - I have travelled most parts of the world. I have seen a lot more than most people can imagine, I've had a taste of just about anything good  and bad under the sun, I am living my dream! how did this happened? It all started in a simple dream.

There once was a man they call 'the dreamer'. He was abused, misused, mistreated by his own brothers. his only sin was - he had lofty dreams.Hhe was beaten, sold to slavery, and even imprisoned for a misdeed he did not do. But he did not lost his dream. He trusted on the Almighty who can judge and vindicate his cause. Life seem so unfair and his world was falling apart, yet he persevered. In the end, he was vindicated, rewarded and even elevated to be a ruler of the land, next to the king, and he was instrumental in the alleviation of his own family from death of famine. From the direst situation to the loftiest position - he lived to see his dream!

Dream is one single commodity everybody can afford. Good life is for those who are willing to look beyond their circumstances. Those who persevere to ride-out the storm. Those who took the first painful step to a long journey. The road may be rough, the waves may be tough, but we can always adjust the sail and move on. The odds could be great but i say - dare to dream! try it, it's worth it.

where could his dreams lead to?


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    • sunkentreasure profile image



      Follow your heart

      to the path of greatness

      that lies within you.

      The secret of life

      is to have something

      to look forward to


      Find a dream that excites you

      and make plans

      of how you are going

      to achieve it.

      Feed your mind daily

      with positive energy

      and words of inspiration.

      Take your life to a higher level.

      Stay focused and go forward

      with your eyes on the prize.

      When you run towards your destination

      with passion in your heart

      you will see your dreams come true.

      © Bernard Levine

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      makoy 6 years ago

      i know that China is beautiful; what makes a country more beautiful are its people. its also them that ruin their country.

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      fisher.2011 6 years ago