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Change Your Life In One Easy Step

Updated on August 29, 2017

Ho'oponopono Learn The Mantra That Will Change Your Life For The Better

I am unsure as to how long ago this story took place but it has been retold by many. It is a true story about Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist for the criminally insane at Hawaii State Hospital. He cured a whole ward, without even meeting his patients. He just went through their files found out what was wrong with them and then look inside himself to heal the illness, as the teachings of ho'oponopono are you are responsible for EVERYTHING in your life, even other people that you interact with. In other words the whole world and everyting in it is your creation. So, to heal anyone he would just repeat "I love you, I am sorry" over and over again. Within a short time, the shackled patients were unshackles, the prisoners that were thought of as life timers were being freed and the whole ward took on a completely different feel of happiness and love.

So just by repeating five words, we have the power within us to change the world.

I found this little mantra a good one too.

I love you

I am Sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you



Looking At Something - From A Different Angle

I will openly admit I do not know a great hairy deal about ho'oponopono but it intrigues me, so on my little journey I intend to find out a lot more. If you are like me and just want to know, 'cos you can, here are a few heads up.

It Won't Move Down The Garden Doing This, It Will Just Fall Over
It Won't Move Down The Garden Doing This, It Will Just Fall Over

Have You Ever Tried To Read A Book

By Pushing The Book Through Your Head?

Have you ever been in an argument where your point is so valid and true you have to stop the other person speaking so they will understand? Or walked into a child's bedroom and "hit the roof" at the mess and told them to "tidy this pigsty/mess/Armageddon etc up"? Then gone off to carry on with your jobs? Has, by any chance any of the following ever happened afterwards?

1. Your argument lays on the floor in tatters unheeded, and you are left alone and angry

2. Found the child's bedroom still in the same mess but it has also acquired a tearful offspring looking more like you have beaten them with the crazy stick * than told them to tidy up?

3. Asked yourself "why is everyone making this SO difficult?" and "Am I the only one that listens round here?"

I am just guessing that mayhap this could have happened or if not something of a similar ilk.

Now, have you ever tried to move house by pushing your existing one to a new desired location? Ever had a huge tree in the garden that you wanted moving to the other end and just braced yourself and put your back against it and dug your heels in so as to move it with brute force? If the answer is yes, then you really need to read this if no, it is because you know fine well neither will move, as you would be pushing against something that is immoveable and offers back a great deal of resistance.

Oh, and the answer to the questions "why is everyone making this SO difficult?" and "Am I the only one that listens round here?" is a) you are included in everyone and b) No.

How To Win - By Defeat

I once overheard a conversation between my daughter and my partner she asked him "Rob, do you know everything?" and he replied "I don't know anything sweetheart, as by not knowing anything I can always learn new stuff, if I told someone I knew everything, they wouldn't teach me it would they?" I loved this train of thought as it means we can be open to learning so much more than our otherwise over inflated egos would let us.

Another great thing I learnt was when I was a child my big brother told me that if someone starts raging at you and arguing and you want it to stop, the best way to win is to tell them they are right. I have done this on many occasions and it is a great way to calm an otherwise potential fire hazard! Once again, your ego may take a hit, but that will be the path of least resistance and less bruising!

When you have an argument are you . . .

I Loved It So Much I Bought The T-Shirt
I Loved It So Much I Bought The T-Shirt

I'm Sorry, I Love You

Stop The Resistance

So it is with people. If you are so focused on only your anger and your point being the only valid point all you do is push against people and their natural instinct is to push back, put up resistance.

If you are a little bit more willing to take a little bit more time to understand someone and how they tick rather than impose yourself onto them, you are more likely to find people starting to flow with you rather than push back, you will find that you are in an amicable discussion rather than a heated argument. This can reach all aspects of life i.e. driving along someone drives up right behind your car, they then overtake, way too close to an oncoming vehicle your reaction may be to madly gesticulate to their vehicle, or even crawl way too close to them. Rather we should think "eek, I remember doing that once, making a wrong call when driving, it scared the hell out of me, poor sod is probably shaking from head to foot". Then just in your head for you to hear repeat the little mantra.

Wiggle Your Toes and Have A Brew - A Little Song I Chose For You

I just love this song, it ALWAYS makes me smile. I hope you do too.

Love and hugs.

Me x

I Think I Said Socks In There NOT Sis In There!
I Think I Said Socks In There NOT Sis In There!

A Little Bit Of Love

Goes A Long Way (to helping . . YOU)

Now, let us revisit the child in the bedroom that has done a wonderful impressionist sculpture of "Childs Room In Washing Machine". Rather than demanding them to clear up (pushing against), why not start up a conversation along the lines of " hey ho you, looks like someone has been having a great time" (starts off nice and happy, therefore putting child in relaxed and happy mood), "come on, let's see if we can find your bedroom together". This way you are bending with them, enjoining with them, interacting and chances are done calmly the child will respond positively and it all becomes bonding time rather than war zone. All the child will see when you are positive is a happy, helping and caring person and will want this all the time so the child will end up trying to please you as everyone loves being with helpful happy people. Also, the great thing about young children is they truly understand the words "I'm sorry", they accept them, they love hearing an adult admitting they too are human and fallible but, unlike adults they forgive immediately. Children are wonderful mirrors of our behaviour and will INSTANTLY react to being pushed against and on the same note they will INSTANTLY react to someone bending with them.

*other imaginary sticks/hard metal objects/mitres are available from cathisdementedimagination.complicatedworld@notadotcom

Story Time

A great Taoist story that illustrates this article goes something like this:

A group of intellectuals who came across a waterfall whilst strolling through the woods. As they looked into the water they noticed a body of an old man bobbing up and down in the roaring churning water. Horrified they rushed to the edge trying to figure out how they were going to get the body out to give it a decent burial. Their discussion came to a sudden and abrupt halt when the supposedly dead man stands up, walks out of the water, dries himself off and walks away. Astounded the scholars ran after the old man and asked "How did you survive in that water, no-one can survive in there, no-one ever comes out alive!" The old man replies "It's easy, you just go up when the water goes up, and down when the water goes down".

In other words you don't put up resistance and force against something to survive but understand and flow with it.

Thank you so much for dropping by, I do hope you enjoyed your read . . visit. If you want to have a look into my other website please do, go on, you know you want to! HEY IT'S FREE. We are a new website and will be making things better and more interesting as we go (girl guides honour). Sign up to our newsletter and you will receive a FREE course on how to earn $5,000+ a month and no, we will not, half way through, ask you for a single penny/cent.

With thanks and appreciation

Cathi x x

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      If only it was always this easy!

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