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Buddhism Plain And Simple

Updated on March 20, 2013

Buddhism - A Simple Explanation - Steve Hagen

It's A Simple Path that many find complicated. In the 21st century to navigating a spiritual path seems like an impossible endeavor. But Buddhism opens one up to seeing reality without complicated doctrine and additions. Buddhism at its core is like the statue pictured here, its edges are easy to understand with minimal adornments. If I took the orange scarf away from the statue of Buddha it would be much closer to the artist's intention, much closer to emptiness.

Steve Hagen presents us with writing that attempts to open our eyes and invites us to share a brief journey through history to now.Time and time again Hagen comes back to one of the main reasons to study Buddhism, the Here and Now all the while weaving the history of Buddhism with the ease of a story teller of old and like a story teller his words travel from town to town easily coming alive on each page. Hagen refrains from making the Understanding of Buddhism heavy or steeped in mystery, no he focuses the entire book so that everything is accessible for all levels of understanding.

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The best line ever:

During the early years acquainting myself with Zen Buddhism, I thought I was fortunate to live in the United States where I had easy access to a vast array of the reading material and resources that was having an important impact on my life. As time passed, I came to realize that my seemingly lucky circumstance in many ways impeded my quest for awareness.

Meditation Now or Never - cuts through the hype ,,, recommended

Meditation Now or Never
Meditation Now or Never

author of Buddhism Plain and Simple and Buddhism Is Not What You Think, offers a brief and wonderfully accessible primer on meditation, which can be a surprisingly difficult practice for many beginners. He helpfully defines meditation via negativa: meditation is not a self-help program, a quick fix, a mind-training technique or a way to relax before jumping right back into the fray of our busy lives. It's a lifelong practice that can, and should, seep into every arena of the quotidian, so that when we're attentively folding laundry or taking out the trash, we're doing meditation.


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