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Money is Spiritual - The Cake or Candles Principle

Updated on September 21, 2014
Image Credit "People Talking Perception Reality" John Hain  Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image Credit "People Talking Perception Reality" John Hain Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Money is Spiritual - The Cake or Candles Principle

The discussion continues regarding the concept that, as Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author and scholar, says "Money is Spiritual, not physical." He continues "...making money, is like lighting a candle from other candles, which are already lit around us..." We do not take away from anyone else.

He says "You do not get friends as a result of getting money, you get money as a result of having friends." He continues to add "We serve, wealth returns as an exchange, we are rewarded with prosperity for serving others."

This page will introduce you to Rabbi Daniel Lapin, share insights about The Cake or Candles Principle, readers discuss what they believe, and when we feel we would like to change our thinking about the subject.... we may discover how to change our thinking about wealth and prosperity.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book "Thou Shall Prosper: 10 Commandments for Making Money" is filled with the secrets of ancient Hebrew principles that will prove there is dignity and morality in living a purposeful prosperous life.

The discussion continues as each of us, you and I, share in the spirit of learning what our personal beliefs were, are, or might become as they evolve. Let's talk concept, perception, and our reality. Discussions are moderated and will not be approved unless they are respecting all others.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain -- | Source

"We are Blessed to be a Blessing" ~ Paula White

If we just do what we are passionate about, we may be missing the mark. Rabbi Lapin says, "Look around you, what do people need.? Do that...and become passionate about that!"

Rabbi Daniel Lapin shows us through example. He discovered that the people in our world needed to be free of the misconception that money is 'the root of all evil'. He, having been raised with the ancient principles of the Torra, and having understood that money is a spiritual exchange for the service that we provide to our fellow man, is an authority who we can trust to recommend practical ways to access the greatest knowledge of our time.

Why are we continuing to believe that God desires us to be in poverty?

Authors, teachers, and well known spiritual leaders have been telling us that God wants us to be prosperous. We are taught to tithe 10% of our harvest, and those who are disciplined in this service will be blessed. Have we ever looked at the service that this creates in our world or more fascinating, the trust that we would be nourishing between creator and ourselves?

Simply put, the more prosperous we are the more blessing we can create through our tithing. And, subsequently, our smallest gift creates a flow of energy that translates into the resources to sustain ourselves.

Paula White says "We are blessed to be a blessing." We are given abundance so that we have the resources to do the work that we are called to do. We are blessed to serve others and to live our lives empowering others.

Do we give to receive? Personally I don't think there is a formula. It isn't about giving to receive, yet, there have been proofs which indicate this.

It is another paradox. "When I give, without expecting a reward, the reward will come."

The interesting thing about this paradox (and perhaps many others) is we can not manipulate the process. And, the reward we haven't sought is generally the best reward of all.

It becomes clear to us there is a higher intelligence with the wisdom, to fill a need in us, which we were not clearly aware of until the need became met. Furthermore, there will often be more information provided so we are well aware of the blessing. We may have received the reward as the result of a series events or an immediate shift in our conscious awareness of spiritual reality.

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money
Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money

This is the book which has sparked the page you are on. The discussion about the concepts compelled me to write this page and to ask readers about their beliefs. As you scroll you will find a poll, and archive discussion, and at the bottom of this page a comment section. Please join in the conversation.


Universal Principles

I wonder how many of us have asked "But... I'm Not Jewish - How Can I Believe These Principles are for Me?"

Not surprisingly, the principles that are outlined in Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book, we discover the very same principles that Christianity has taught for over 2000 years. The following publication, a collaboration of the most respected Christian teachers of our time, confirms and shares scripture that teaches the very same concepts.

Buy both the book and the CD Seminar recording, then compare them, discuss them, have a book study, investigate and initiate your new enlightened perspective and be free of poverty thinking once and for all.

A Spiritual Cycle Effect

Service brings us prosperity, prosperity brings us resources to serve more. How can a cycle of blessings such as this be anything other than spiritual?

This seminar recording will confirm that God has always wanted us to be prosperous. Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book (above) will show us how to implement that covenant trust and how to live a life of service and abundance.

"What is My Calling?"

I asked...

The quiet whisper within my heart said

"Your Passion IS Your Calling"

Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Money as Spiritual Essence

Money Is Spiritual

I remember growing up feeling that it was 'wrong' to have money. I deeply regarded poverty as a spiritual experience that was a gift. I realize that some of the reasoning behind this kind of belief is valid in the sense that we learn to treasure the most simple things in life through adversity. I don't know that I would trade the experience if I also had to trade the lessons. However, at some point in time, that kind of thinking becomes a burden rather than a blessing.

I was told '...don't get your hopes up..', which was a well meaning desire for me to not be disappointed if things didn't turn out the way I might hope for them to. The problem with this kind of thinking (my interpretation of it - my processing of it), in contrast to the laws of attraction, this kind of thinking is out of sync.

Combine Hope, Purpose (Intention), and Action

Balance comes when a hope is partnered with purposeful action. I didn't hope, so, for many years I was stuck believing that things were 'the way they were suppose to be.'

I recall the first time (relatively recently), after a major change in my life, I realized that at the rate of earning I was going, I would become about $400 a month behind month after month for the rest of my life. By the time 10 years passed, I would be over $40,000 in debt and would have slowly lost everything to debtors. What was even more disturbing, was the thought that my children would need to pay my debts, take care of me in my old age, and seriously put a strain on them financially.

I began to re-evaluate my belief system. I discovered that a deep seated belief had held me back from reaching for my true desires. This is another paradox really. I became willing to surrender all, and in return, I received a proverbial key to the hidden treasure.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain -- | Source

Disagreement or Paradox

I will admit, I disagree with Rabbi Lapin on the subject of living your passion(s). He said we need to "find what people in our world need and become passionate about that." That is great advice, yet, when he added '...if we simply live our passion(s) we might be like the person who is passionate about being a tug boat operator in a world where there are no boats and no water. He stated that this would be selfish.' (this statement has been very paraphrased - but I believe that the meaning of his words are in context).

I believe that part of what he says could be true, however, I also believe that what our heart desires is a calling to our purpose and our service to others.

Material Metaphors

Perhaps the tug boat operator's desire is simply about a person whose desires are preparing someone to be ready for the boats and the rising waters.

  • How many people believed that Noah was actually following a calling?
  • At the time before there were flood waters?

I was watching a movie "Evan Almighty" which sparked even more discussion ... with a lot of giggles along the way. (PG - 2007)

I am a very firm believer that we generally do not live out our passion(s). We tuck them away very early on (when we are children-and we forget). We generally serve those around us and do not 'listen to the still small voice within that is whispering our calling, waiting for us to listen and waiting for us to trust.' I believe that our passion(s), our heart's desires, and our talents are directly linked to our calling.

  • When have you ever felt that you were a slave to the next knock at the door, the next ringing of the phone, the next crisis that you are called upon to solve?

When we live to serve in this kind of 'on demand' manner, something eventually will break. We will become ill or have our own personal crisis that takes us away from helping everyone.

Our body is telling us that we need to nurture ourselves - This, I believe is not a selfishness - It is our answer to the still soft and quiet calling of our heart's desire.

The whispers quietly speaking softly within us [within our hearts] are trying to tell us something. The passion and desire within our hearts was a gift of guidance put there long before time began, by the very essence that we long to be in alignment with.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain -- | Source

"Serenity Speaks Softly"

While Rabbi Lapin's perspective would be absolutely valid, if we were simply going around seeking selfish desires... on the other hand, have we not seen with our own eyes that the most successful examples of our highest good have been a direct result of our implementing a project or venture that at the time didn't seem very interesting to anyone else?

We just followed something deep within ourselves and our success followed. We didn't plan to succeed, we simply served by using the talents that we have been nurturing.

If we had looked for a need, rather than following what our inner guidance was telling us, we may have not been prepared when the time was right.

Simply put, perhaps our calling to service, pre-dates the need(s) of the world around us. How many times have we said or heard someone say "She/He was way ahead of her/his time?" I believe that the answer to a need was prepared before the need was evident. I also believe that every question has already been answered. That would be another lens presentation.

Think about the people who invented the most innovative concepts and seemingly were 'out of sync' with the rest of the world. I remember when talk of the world wide web was not only difficult to imagine, it seemed impossible and even a worthless waste of time and energy. Who in the world would use such a thing?

Is this a disagreement or a paradox?

Cake or Candles

Is money physical or spiritual?

Your belief, helps or hinders, and may have been holding back the flow of abundance that is your birthright.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain -- | Source

If Money is Like Cake

If we think of money as cake, we are thinking of it as a limited resource that if we take of it will take away from someone else.

  • We do not want to take the best or the biggest piece.
  • We feel obligated to let those who have a greater hunger to take the largest part.
  • We perceive a limit to the supply so we reserve a portion for the future.

Most curious,

  • We believe that when the cake is gone, that is that. No more resources for anyone to take part in.

The beliefs above represent the physical side of money. Read on to the next section to explore the candles principle.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain -- | Source

If Money is Like Candles

If we think of money as candles, we discover that one candle can light another without taking away from the first.

  • We discover, the more candles lit, the more the resource glows. This glowing light reaches more and more candles.

Imagine you are holding a candle. Every soul on the planet in human form is standing side by side encircling the planet. One candle is burning. The one that is burning bends ever so gently to light the next candle. In turn, each in the line follows this example. Within a few hours, every candle on the planet is glowing brightly as a result of the service bestowed upon 'one candle at a time' in the process.

But, wait... what if any of the candles begin to go out? Any candle in the world can relight it...

This is the basis of the concept that money is spiritual rather than physical.

  • Service is a way to light other candles. Service shows that "...we value each other and empower each other to fullfill our hightest good." ~ Paula White

The concept sounds true to me. When I think of money as an ''energy exchange'' some of the misconceptions begin to fall away.

Conceptual Question

Is money more like cake or candles?

See results

Are You a Cake or Candle Belief Person?

This is where you have the opportunity to speak out. Share about your beliefs, what you have believed in the past, what happened, what you believe now.

If you find that both answers to this poll hold an opportunity for you to express your feelings and beliefs, feel free to share both perspectives as they apply to you.

Vote here and then share in the 'guestbook' section. (Located toward the bottom of this page).

Image Created by Deb Bryan using GIMP, Squidoo Logo (fair use - archive), and Public Domain Image with  CC0 Public Domain License --
Image Created by Deb Bryan using GIMP, Squidoo Logo (fair use - archive), and Public Domain Image with CC0 Public Domain License -- | Source

Cake or Candles Discussion Archive

The current Cake or Candle? discussion has been moved to the last comment area on this page.

The following are comments are from the original discussion 2008-2014 while this page was featured on Squidoo. Please scroll to and continue the conversation in the main discussion area.

Here Comes the Wind...

We have all experienced turbulence in our lives, and sometimes even felt that we did not have a friend to turn to. But, there is always at least one candle glowing bright, that we can seek to raise ourselves out of difficult times.

Image License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use --
Image License: CC0 Public Domain Commercial Use -- | Source

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Cake or Candles Belief

Your turn to share about your beliefs.

  • What do you believe now?
  • What have you believed in the past (if your beliefs have changed).
  • Have your beliefs changed? If so, what happened to create a change of belief?

Thank you for visiting and engaging in this discussion. Please respect all others opinions. Comments are moderated and will not be published unless they are your personal beliefs, respecting all others, on topic, and non-promotional.

Cake or Candles Guestbook

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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    This is a great lens! I'll have to come back and read some more of your lenses! Enjoyed this read. 5*****

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Great lens....God blessed us with bounty, the only limits which exist are those of our own making.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    More candles..means more years....

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    More candles..means more years....

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Do what you love and the money will follow. Great lens very thought provoking=)

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Nice lens. Enlightening lens. I can see it helping many people. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • ZenandChic profile image


    10 years ago

    Excellent lens. I think many of us have issues that block us from prosperity, many false beliefs that cause us to limit ourselves.

  • Linda BookLady profile image

    Linda Jo Martin 

    10 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

    5***** and lensrolled to "...when you visit a Squidoo lens". Definitely candles!!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    I know people who need to read this so am emailing your lens out. Way to go *****

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    10 years ago from Chico California

    Amanda_Blue, Thank you for visiting my lens! I enjoyed your lens on Public Speaking, yesterday, VERY MUCH! :D

  • Amanda Blue profile image

    Amanda Blue 

    10 years ago

    To respond to the Rabbi, I believe that if one is truly passionate about being a tug boat operator, water will be found, even in a desert, and therefore the boat will be needed. This lens offers the reader food for thought. Thank you.

  • BFunivcom profile image

    Allan R. Wallace 

    10 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

    The scripture says:For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. - Timothy 6:10

    Poor or rich can be deceived by the love of money. The key seems to be in controlling money, not letting money control you. Don't hoard your candle; don't let it burn alone.


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