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can a man know when he is insane?

Updated on November 1, 2013

Can a man know when he is insane?

I often wonder if we really know when we are insane but if we do, really, know then we should had not done some things that we do that made others to know that something is wrong with us. There are sometimes we say things like; “You must be crazy” or “am sorry I acted crazy” or “please pardon me, I was not myself” or we ask, “Are you out of your mind?”

This shows that there are some things we do which we know we should not had done under normal circumstances. It also suggests that some people do realize that they temporarily went insane that they had to ask for pardon. The main point is that I do not think we really realize that we are insane at the time the insanity is still there. We can realize it after it left us. It is for this reason that some relationships and lovers went apart, just because of a period of short insanity. We can go crazy and break our partner’s heart and before we know it, we can no longer put the relationship back the way it used to be.

There seems to be some level of insanity among religions views. For instance, some preach teach, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” It means that people are ignorant of some religious truth of which if they had known they would turn back to the true path to God. It is for this reason that some religious fanatics think it is their duty to use any means including force to put people in the right path to God. They believe that they are right while others are wrong and we know that only an insane man will do the wrong thing and not know it is wrong until the insanity is gone. That is when people claim to repent or change their religion or religious sect. funny enough, they same religious men that believe that “others are ignorant and lack knowledge” are seen, by others, as ignorant and lack knowledge so it becomes a circle in which people see one another as ignorant victims.

The point is that, except for a clear medical situation in which insanity has been diagnosed, people may not really know when they are insane and as such we do things as we think is right until we realize that something is wrong with what we do or with us.

A man was diagnosed to be insane yet whenever he is corrected for doing something in the wrong way. The man will ask, “Are you insane?” This is the kind of case that confirms we may not really know when we go insane because if we do know then we shall not act like insanely.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Thanks lone77star, the message in this hub can be directed to various aspects yet you have added more points to it. This is because many do not know that we have to know ourselves. That is by awaking the sleeping giant within. Ego can be dangerous if not controlled or utimately eliminated. Thanks brother.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      David, you've touched on an important subject, here. Thank you!

      One aspect you mention seems clearly to involve "self-awareness," or the lack thereof. The insane person has diminished awareness. In this regard, they are less capable of discerning differences and similarities. The "doctor trying to help them" equals the "uncle who beat them when they were a child;" the differences between the two individuals are lost to their insanity.

      Besides the clinical insanity, you also allude to another kind. This involves the seemingly unshakeable madness of ego -- perhaps the source of all Earthly evil.

      Ego needs to be right and frequently thrives on making others wrong. Ego hungers for approval from others and, when it can't get it, demands fear from others. When all else fails, ego commands the ultimate separation -- suicide.

      Could it be that ego is the "self" which has to die before we can gain everlasting life? Could ego be that quality of the Pharisees which Yehoshua most despised? And could it be that Christ's ultimate sacrifice was a symbol for the severance we need to make between our true selves (the sleeping immortal within) and the false self of ego? For only then, it seems to me, can the sleeping, true self awaken. Only then can everlasting life become a reality. For only then, when bodily death comes, can continuity of consciousness exist beyond that physical ending.

      There are many truths yet undiscovered. Only with humility (the antidote to ego) can we ever hope to find them. Only by listening to that quiet, still voice within (the sleeping immortal wrestling from its slumber) can we honor the quest laid before us.