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Cancer Horoscopes

Updated on January 14, 2016

Cancer Horoscopes

Cancer Horoscopes - The Zodiac sign Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Cancers are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal. They are appreciative of art and
literature, and especially of drama, where the spectacle and ebb and flow of
action and feeling particularly excite them. They may themselves possess
considerable literary, artistic or oratorial talent. 

Cancer Horoscopes for the year 2016

Cancer - Your Main Characteristics

  • House: Fourth
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • New age stone: Moonstone
  • Color: Silver, pearl white
  • Opposite sign: Capricorn
  • Least Compatible with: Sag., Aquarius
  • Ruling Planet : The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Anatomy ruled: Stomach, breasts
  • Flower: Larkspur
  • Most compatible with: Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer
  • Your tarot card: VII The Chariot
  • Usually: Sensitive, caring, nurturing and shrewd.
  • Can be: Controlling, manipulative, selfish and easily hurt.

Cancer AstroAnalysis Horoscopes - Get your Cancer horoscope all the way to 2015!

The very popular guide to knowing yourself through astrology specifically for the Cancer sign.

Filled with updated cusp charts and color-coded planet tables, AstroAnalysis enables readers to create their own self-portraits based on the positions of nine planets-not just the Sun. With an individual book for each of the twelve signs, the series offers comprehensive and astonishingly revealing tools for self-analysis and includes planet and cusp tables through 2015.

You can astroanalyze everything for the zodiac sign Cancer :

- Your lovers to determine character and motivation

- Your business partners to find out if they're compatible

- Your rivals for strengths and weaknesses

- Your children to learn their innate abilities and direct them along promising lines

- Your boss to see if he or she can help them succeed

- Yourselves to avoid the roles in life for which you aren't suited

The American AstroAnalysts Institute has been the nation's leading creator of horoscope guides for more than two decades.

Cancer Horoscopes

I thought that these books were simply the best, because they give an accurate description of each astrological sign and break away from the typical "Cancer does this, Leo does that" mold.. They make great gifts, and I give them as birthday presents every chance that I get! -- Maurice (San Francisco, CA)

Pearls - The Cancer Gemstones

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Famous People born into the Cancer Zodiac Sign

June 22, 1907 - Anne M. Lindbergh - Writer

June 22, 1922 - Bill Blass - Designer

June 22, 1936 - Kris Kristofferson - Singer

June 22, 1949 - Meryl Streep - Actress

June 22, 1927 - Jack Delinger - Criminal

June 23, 1894 - Duke of Windsor - Royalty

June 23, 1927 - Bob Fosse - Dancer

June 23, 1948 - Clarence Thomas - Politician

June 24, 1942 - Michelle Lee - Actress

June 24, 1895 - Jack Dempsey - Fighter

June 24, 1949 - Phyllis George - Celebrity

June 26, 1912 - Norman Cousins - Writer

June 25, 1903 - George Orwell - Writer

June 27, 1927 - Bob Keeshan - Entertainer

June 27, 1930 - H. Ross Perot - Politician

June 28, 1946 - Gilda Radner - Comedienne

June 28, 1966 - John Cusak - Actor

June 29, 1901 - Nelson Eddy - Singer

June 29, 1944 - Gary Busey - Actor

June 30, 1966 - Mike Tyson - Fighter

July 1, 1916 - Oliva De Havilland - Actor

July 1, 1931 - Leslie Caron - Actress

July 1, 1934 - Jamie Farr - Actor

July 1, 1952 - Dan Aykroyd - Actor

July 1, 1941 - Twyla Tharp - Singer

July 1, 1942 - Karen Black - Actress

July 1, 1961 - Princess Diana - Royalty

July 2, 1877 - Hermann Hesse - Writer

July 2, 1922 - Dan Rowan - Comedian

July 2, 1929 - Imelda Marcos - Celebrity

July 2, 1908 - Thurgood Marshall - Supreme Court Justice

July 2, 1951 - Cheryl Ladd - Actress

July 3, 1873 - George M. Cohen - Songwriter

July 4, 1826 - Steven Foster - Songwriter

July 4, 1872 - Calvin Coolidge - Politician

July 4, 1918 - Abigale VanBuren - Columnist

July 4, 1918 - Ann Landers - Columnist

July 4, 1927 - Neil Simon - Playwright

July 4, 1943 - Gerardo Rivera - TV Host

July 4, 1920 - Leona Helmsley - Celebrity

July 5, 1889 - Jean Cocteau - Artist

July 5, 1951 - Huey Lewis - Celebrity

July 6, 1832 - Maximilian - Emperor of Mexico

July 6, 1847 - Katherine Tingley - Theosophist

July 6, 1907 - Barbara Stanwick - Actress

July 6, 1933 - Dalai Lama XIV - Religious Figure

July 6, 1946 - Sylvester Stallone - Actor

Famous People born into the Cancer Zodiac Sign II

July 7, 1491 - King Henry VIII - Royalty

July 7, 1925 - Merv Griffin - Producer

July 7, 1962 - Tom Cruise - Actor

July 7, 1922 - Pierre Cardin - Designer

July 7, 1940 - Ringo Starr - Musician

July 7, 1947 - Camilla Parker Bowles - Celebrity

July 7, 1959 - Jessica Hahn - Celebrity

July 7, 1956 - Tom Hanks - Actor

July 8, 1958 - Kevin Bacon - Actor

July 8, 1942 - Phil Gramm - Celebrity

July 9, 1916 - Edward Heath - Statemans

July 9, 1940 - Brian Dennehy - Actor

July 9, 1951 - Angelica Huston - Actress

July 9, 1947 - O.J. Simpson - Sports Figure

July 9, 1956 - Jimmy Smits - Actor

July 10, 1856 - Nikola Tesla - Scientist

July 10, 1897 - Leggs Diamond - Gangster

July 10, 1920 - David Brinkley - Journalist

July 10, 1927 - David Dinkins - Politician

July 10, 1943 - Arthur Ashe - Athlete

July 10, 1947 - Arlo Guthrie - Singer

July 11, 1931 - Tab Hunter - Actor

July 11, 1934 - Georgio Armani - Designer

July 11, 1953 - Leon Spinks - Fighter

July 12, 1917 - Andrew Wyeth - Painter

July 12, 1817 - Henry Thoreau - Writer

July 12, 1908 - Milton Berle - Comedian

July 12, 1934 - Van Cliburn - Musician

July 12, 1937 - Bill Cosby - Comedian

July 12, 1948 - Richard Simmons - Fitness Coach

July 12, 1957 - Mel Harris - Actress

July 13, 1928 - Bob Crane - Actor

July 13, 1942 - Harrison Ford - Actor

July 13, 1950 - David Duke - Celebrity

July 13, 1954 - Louise Mandrell - Singer

July 14, 1913 - Gerald Ford - American President

July 14, 1918 - Ingmar Bergman - Filmmaker

July 14, 1938 - Jerry Rubin - Activist

July 14, 1927 - John Chancellor - Journalist

July 15, 1946 - Linda Ronstadt - Singer

July 15, 1963 - Bridgitt Nielsen - Actress

July 16, 1821 - Mary Baker Eddy - Religious Figure

July 16, 1911 - Ginger Rogers - Dancer/Actress

July 17, 1912 - Art Linkletter - Comedian

July 17, 1917 - Phyllis Diller - Comedienne

July 17, 1935 - Dianne Carroll - Actress

July 17, 1935 - Donald Sutherland - Actor

July 18, 1911 - Hugh Cronyn - Actor

July 18, 1913 - Red Skelton - Comedian

July 18, 1921 - John Glenn - Astronaut

July 19, 1860 - Lizzy Borden - Folk Figure

July 19, 1922 - George McGovern - Politician

July 20, 1890 - Theda Bara - Actress

July 20, 1938 - Dianna Rigg - Actress

July 21, 1899 - Ernest Hemingway - Writer

July 21, 1924 - Don Knots - Actor

July 21, 1948 - Cat Stevens - Singer

July 21, 1952 - Robin Williams - Comedian


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