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Car Dream Meaning

Updated on August 23, 2017

The Meaning of Cars in Dreams

There are many factors involved in understanding the meaning of a car in a dream. This article addresses the different possible meanings of who is driving, who is in the car, the direction of travel, who owns the car, and if a crash is involved.

These things all have meaning in a dream involving one or more cars. Read on to look at some of the factors (there may be others) important to understanding a dream of a car.

Basic Dream Interpretation of a Car

Each person has a physical body, a soul, and a spirit. The soul is basically the glue between the spirit and the physical. Your spirit interfaces with the physical through the soul.

I have a personal theory that the effect of not being able to move (happens once in a while) when you suddenly wake results from the spirit returning to the body and not being able to sufficiently attain the required arrangement, whatever and however that may be.

Your spirit understands this relationship of stepping into the physical body to "drive" the body around during the day.

For this reason, an automobile becomes a natural representation of the body. The spirit easily sees the parallel. You get into your car to travel around town. Your spirit gets into your body to travel around your house, and to do any other thing in life.

So, a car represents your physical body. Now, let's look at what the car in your dream is doing.

How many?

How many parts do you think the body has? (Comment, please!) Some cultures teach of even more components. Do you think there are at least these three: body, soul, and spirit?

Is each person born with a body, soul, and spirit?

See results

Driving Backwards in a Dream

Driving backwards in a dream has a pretty obvious meaning: something is shrinking, getting worse, or otherwise going in the opposite direction a reasonable person normally wants it to go. This can be procrastinating working a project, getting into the wrong spiritual path, or falling out of favor in a social environment. These are all things moving in a direction away from the one people typically drive for in life.

Ever dream of driving backwards?

Have you ever dreamed of driving backwards?

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Jesus as Co-Pilot
Jesus as Co-Pilot

Who is Driving?

Most dreams | see with a car involved, the car is in reverse, and no one is driving. This meaning, again, is intuitive: there is little or no guidance in your life, and it is going in the wrong direction.

If the driver looks tough, mean, angry, or even wicked somehow, this indicates a negative force influencing the course of your life. This calls for prayer against the influence, to be returned to the proper course, and for the source to be revealed so that it can be removed.

If the driver is Jesus, that is GREAT! This hopefully indicates you have submitted your will to the will of Jesus, and He is Lord of your life. (Something we all want.)

I have heard more than a few dreams in which the driver is an old man, but not beneficent. I believe this to be again, a negative influence in life, and one controlling the situation. Pray as described above.

Ultimately, it should be either you or Jesus driving. You don't want any other person ruling your life.

Seen Jesus?

Have you ever seen God or Jesus in a dream?

Have you seen God or Jesus in a dream?

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Crashing a Car

Crashing a car in a dream represents or warns against a potential collision in the future. This can be a "clash" of interests such as a personality conflict in the work place. It may also represent some other sudden impact: unexpected news, for example.

Car accidents are not planned. The future event represented by a car crash in a dream will have this same characteristic. Time to pray!

Of course, this can also represent an actual car accident. Remember the words of Elihu as he spoke to Job: God sends a dream to turn as from the path of evil. If it goes unheard, God sends another dream. Ask God to reveal any spiritual basis for what you saw in a dream.

Often, after receiving a dream depicting unfavorable events or outcomes, I pray and also ask myself, "If this were to happen, why would it be? What am I doing that I need to change to avoid this?"

Car Meaning? - What is the most common dream interpretation of a car?

Is a car a person's physical person? Or, is a car a symbol of traveling somewhere?

Movement/travel or person?

If you had a dream with a car in it, did it represent you? What did it mean, if the dream is already fulfilled. Please share to build the knowledge base of the rest of us. Thanks.

Ever had a dream with a car?

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