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Paranormal Investigation Lock Down Cassadaga Hotel

Updated on July 3, 2018
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I have a busy life, and that's the way I like it. I look at life as an adventure, and I intend to have as many adventures.

I spent the night locked downed in the Cassadaga hotel.

Article By Sharon Stajda

The hotel's staff was so friendly, so were the spirits that occupy many of the hotel's suites.

On a recent trip to visit family in Florida, I had the opportunity to visit the small Florida spiritual camp of Cassadaga. My first visit to Cassadaga soon leads to a second visit. My niece, sister, and I decided to spend the night and do a paranormal lockdown. We spent a night that none of us will soon forget. Is the hotel inhabited by spirits? Well, I will let the physical evidence we obtained on our investigation answer that question. First, let me give a brief history of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

The camp's founder was a well-respected trance medium by the name of "George P. Colby". Colby settled in the town of Cassadaga Florida in 1880. He filed for a homestead grant, and in 1884 was awarded the 145 acres which soon became the Cassadaga Spiritual Camp. Today it remains the southernmost spiritual camp in the United States.

For many years spiritualists, psychics, and mediums have enjoyed living in this small charming town. The camp offers outsiders the opportunity to visit the Hotel, and gift shop. One can also make an appointment for a psychic reading as well as spiritual counseling. Cassadaga is well known over the world as a psychic center, a community that is home to some of finest psychics in the world.

How Did I Become Acquainted With Cassadaga ?

I became acquainted with the mysterious little town of Cassadaga through my favorite niece, " Kenda DeMorse", and my sister," Brenda Eilers". Kenda for lack of a better title is a "Techno-medium". What is a Techno-medium? A Techno-medium is a person that works in the field of technology that electronically obtains voice phenomena from those that have died. Kenda has studied as well as practiced this phenomenon for many years and is considered an expert in the field. My sister Brenda is an Antique Dealer and gifted medium in her own right.

After hearing about Cassadaga from my family, I absolutely knew I had to visit this interesting little town. My niece has several friends that live in Cassadaga was able to arrange an invitation for our little family group to sit in on a traditional table tipping session. Table tipping is a very old traditional means that spiritualists use to communicate with the long departed.

Before We Checked Into The Hotel We Sat In On A Table Tipping Session

Before we checked into the hotel we attended the table tipping session with several spiritualists that live in Cassadaga. WOW! The table tipping session was very interesting. I found the spiritualists that attended the ritual very welcoming, and kind. They appeared very open to having us sit in. Did the table tip? Yes, the table tipped, not only tipped it rocked and rolled! I found the experience very fascinating.

We Checked In - We found out we would be the only guests in the hotel that evening or should I say living guests


Was I afraid, well maybe ...

When we checked in we discovered we would have the hotel all to ourselves. This was perfect! I have to mention our rooms were charming, decorated with vintage furniture, well appointed with high-quality linens. As you can surmise we were pleased with the rooms.

After checking in we took a long walk around town. The town itself made me feel as if I had gone back to into the past, a more peaceful time. After our walk, we decided to have dinner in the hotel dining room. The dining room was well appointed, again a collection of vintage, and antique furniture. All put together to create a wonderful dining atmosphere. The food was very good, with all the goodness of homemade cuisine. The staff was friendly and made us feel very welcome.

After dinner, it was time to get our equipment set up, and get on with the investigation.

We're Having A Gathering - Won't You Join Us ...


All Are Welcome ... Please Attend Our Get Together ...

We started the investigation in room 10, the room Kenda, and Brenda would be sharing for the night. I decided to walk the narrow hall, and invited any and all spirits to join us for a "gathering". A meet and greet, so to say. it was apparent to me that the hotel was overbooked with spirits. I felt the presence of two spirits as I walked down the long hall.The first was a neighbor in room 9, a man by the name of Raymond. A staff member at the hotel was kind enough to let us into room 9, Raymond seemed pleased with the company. The staff member informed us that room 9 was the hotel's old pub room. Where men would drink, smoke, and gamble smoke. As I walked down the narrow hall I found myself drawn to the door of room number 5. I felt the presence of a shy spirit by the name of Elizabeth. She was standoffish. However, I could feel her lurking on the other side of the door, listening to my every word.

Time to return to room 10. My niece Kenda, and I decided we would head up to the second floor to make sure to invite any and all spirits that might live on the upper floor. My sister Brenda, decided to hang out in room 10. It was not long before she was startled by several loud knocks, that seem to be coming from a dresser that was located by the main door of the room. This startling moment was captured on recording and video. The video also showed an odd flashing tube-shaped anomaly shooting through the air near the dresser. The digital recorder caught the loud knocks.

No Problem Getting Spirit's To Attend - Let's Get This Party Started !

We had all the equipment set up, we were filming, using a K2 meter, digital recorders, and we a "Ghost Box".

Lights out, it's time to party. We immediately started to get light anomalies, very large orbs, and flashing streams of light. The room was filled with energy that could be felt. As we proceeded to communicate with the help of a Ghost Box, we found the spirits to be very talkative. Even Elizabeth, our shy little lady from room 5 decided to attend and provided her name clearly on a digital recorder. Another spirit demanded, " clean up after yourselves". Below you can visit my niece's Web site to hear, and see footage of our investigation. We got an abundance of footage showing actual faces of spirits, and tons of "class A EVPs".

Our party was a big success!

Hey ! Who Turned Out The Lights ! - Please, imagine this hallway in the pitch dark. I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.


The Hallway Went Dark!

Note two small orbs on the wooden fool of the first-floor hallway. Just below I captured two more small orbs on the second floors hallway. I found these orbs unusual due to their size and location. As a rule, most photos show orbs mid room or ceiling?

After our meet and greet in room 10, we proceeded to my room, room 1. We did a long recording session in my room, and we decided to move to another location. As we were leaving room one, all the lights went out in the long narrow hallway! This was not at all expected. We proceeded to check out other areas of the hotel to see if there were any other areas that had gone dark. There were no other areas in the hotel that lights were off. Were we stumped? The following morning we reported the problem to hotel staff. The owner of the hotel accompanied us to the hallway. She located a light switch and flipped on the lights. It appears a spirit was hard at work trying to perhaps scare us or maybe just conserve energy? At any rate, we all felt this was a good piece of physical evidence to add to the log.

Photo of two small orbs that were on the floor of one of the halls on the second floor.

Photo of two small orbs that were on the floor of one of the halls on the second floor.
Photo of two small orbs that were on the floor of one of the halls on the second floor.

It was time to turn in for the night - I returned to my room in hopes of getting some sleep, it was 3:30 AM...

I thought it might be smart to do an eye treatment, the late night took its toll, and I needed a bit of help with my tired looking eyes.

When I reached my room I turned on my recorder and placed it on the nightstand beside the bed. I then decided to do an eye treatment. After my eye treatment was done, I turned out the lights just looking forward to getting a bit of sleep. The bed was comfortable, I felt relaxed and ready to get some much-needed sleep.

Well, it was not long before the AC unit went off, and then on, and then off? This continued for a few minutes, I decided to unplug the unit. I thought it the smart thing to do. I knew I would never get to sleep with this on and off, action. After returning to bed, it was not more than a few minutes that I heard two very loud bangs. The bangs actually shook the bed. I got up, and went to the door and listened with my ear to the door. I heard footsteps headed toward my room, I thought this must be my sister and niece. I felt they must have heard the banging, and are headed to my room to see what caused the noise? No sooner did the footsteps stopped in front of my room. It seemed as if they turned, and seem to be headed back down to the hall. I waited a moment, and then I peeked out the door. There was no one to be seen. Although I could still hear the loud footsteps headed down the long hallway. I grabbed the recorder and headed out on the heels of the sound. Big mistake, as soon as I entered the halfway the footsteps seem to have turned toward me. I turned on my heels, and I will admit I ran back to my room and locked the door.

I did not get much sleep that night, toward morning I dozed off. Thank God I did that eye treatment!

Room 10 ... "They're After Sharon"

Let the physical evidence show that although the "Housewives" was retired for the night, the spirits continued to party into the wee hours of the night.

As all hell broke loose in my room, with the AC, and loud bangs, my sister, and niece were just starting to doze off in room 10. Please visit the youtube just below, and see what went on in room 10 as I was expending the paranormal events in room 1. You will hear evidence of my sister, and niece being awaken by loud sounds that emanated from my room down the hall. As well as class A EVP was captured just after the bangs, spirits clearly tell my family that "They're After Sharon"! You will hear the bangs in my room as well as my response to the bangs...

Check out this youtube

Room 10 - We caught many orbs


The investigation was a success ! We all enjoyed a nice breakfast on the veranda. What a great way to end off our investigation.


What A Beautiful Morning For Breakfast On The Veranda

In the morning we all met on the veranda. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that was complimentary with our stay. I have to mention the breakfast was very good, and beyond what we expected. The staff was wonderful at the hotel, and so accommodating.

I was excited to share my experiences from my night in room 1. it was fortunate that my bedside recorder had picked up on all that had occurred. As we listened to the recording, we were shocked at how loud the bangs actually had been. Brenda and Kenda also confirmed they heard the loud noises shortly after turning in. They were sure the sounds that they heard were also captured on the recorder that was at the bedside in their room. We all were stoked, and just knew we had gotten tons of paranormal evidence from our investigation at the Cassadaga Hotel. We all agreed that we at some point have to return to the Cassadaga Hotel and do a second investigation.

Have you ever visited Cassadaga spiritual camp Florida ?

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Do you think you would like to spend the night at the Cassadaga Hotel?

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The Real Housewives Of The Dead give the Cassadaga Hotel 5 stars!

The " Housewives" had a great time at the Cassadaga Hotel. We all agreed that our paranormal investigation went swimmingly. However, we also all agreed that the hotel itself would be a great place to spend just a relaxing weekend. We enjoyed the feeling of going back in time, to a place that exudes calm, a gentler time.

The hotel staff couldn't have been more accommodating. The owner of the hotel, (Diana) was a wonderful host, friendly and welcoming.

If you are planning a visit to Cassadaga make sure to stop in at the hotel, and check out the fabulous little gift shop. You will find an array of delightful treasures, many of which are pieces of jewelry that are one-of-a-kind and have been hand-crafted by local artisans.

All and all, "The Real Housewives Of The Dead" had a fabulous time and will return soon to the Hotel Cassadaga. Perhaps next time to enjoy a relaxing couple of days or maybe we will be tempted to set up shop once again.

If you visit Cassadaga make sure to stop in for a meal at the hotel's restaurant. Enjoy a wonderful Italian meal at Sinatra.

The restaurant " Sinatra's " has a wonderful chef, and I highly recommend any of his Italian dishes. The homemade Tiramisu was to die for. The restaurant staff is fun, as well as efficient at their jobs. They also have a wealth of information on the hotel's history and were helpful in answering questions.

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