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The Nature of Feelings

Updated on October 8, 2015

The Ultimate Being

You are so drowned in thoughts that you forget you have feelings and these feelings are finding their way to surface every time but you suppress them.

Suppression makes you heavy, that is, you have to take them out, then only you will feel lighter. Thoughts are just waves, it comes and goes, do not let it become your master.

You must be aware more and more of the center, less and less of the surface; more and more aware of the depth, and less and less aware of the circumference. The focus must change from the periphery to the innermost core.

If you continue being involved with the surface, you cannot penetrate to the ultimate being, because the ultimate being, or you may call it the Truth or God....the ultimate being is the center of existence and you exist on the periphery.

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Feel that your God is surrounding you, everywhere is your God. You have to start from the feeling, from the heart, because only the heart can be the base. The heart is the base of your body, and the heart is going to be the base of your divine body also.

If you go the psychologist, he will say, "Yes, there is a heart, but that heart is only physiological, just a pumping system; nothing more is there - no love, no feeling," because he dissects the body and he comes only to know the body and the bodily. But everybody, even that physiologist, when in love will put his hand on his heart. If he is frustrated in his love, then he will feel a deep ache in his heart. He cannot explain it. As a physiologist, he will say, "This is illusory," but as a man he also feels the same.

When you are in love, you are heartful, loveful, overflooded, and of that overflooded feeling the heart is the center. When you are in love, close your eyes and feel where your feeling has its center. It can never be in the head; it is impossible. It can never be anywhere else - it will be just in the heart. The heart is the base of your body, and it is going to be the base of your higher body also. Thought is denied, thought has to take its own place.

When feeling is there, then thought cannot go wrong. If feeling is not there, thought is bound to go wrong. If you follow thought without feeling, you will become destructive. That's what is happening, thought is leading everyone. The heart has been silenced, or as if cut off from their being; there is only thought and then thought can be destructive.

Life has the deepest secret, and that is this: that when you exist for someone, you exist for the first time. And if your existence becomes a service to many, it becomes richer. When you exist only for yourself, you exist uselessly; there is no significance, no meaning. The moment you start existing for someone, your existence becomes meaningful, significant, for the first time. That is the meaning of service. But that service can be based only on the heart; it cannot be based on thought. The mind must follow the heart, only then can it be good. Then it cannot go wrong because the heart will always guide in the right direction. The heart becomes the compass - and the heart has the center of love, and love cannot lead you wrongly.


Osho said:

It happened once, a man came to Saint Augustine and he said, "What should I do? And tell me in short, because I am an illiterate person and I cannot understand great theological things. So, just in short, simply, so that I can understand and remember it, just tell me the essence of religion."

Saint Augustine is reported to have said, "Love, and then all else will follow. And don't bother about anything else."

If you love, you cannot go wrong. The more you love the more it becomes impossible to do wrong - love cannot go wrong. But your love goes wrong. That simply means that your love is not love. Your love even creates hell, misery; you even become destructive to your lover. Move into any family and you will feel the destruction that love has brought: wife and husband continuously fighting, quarreling, trying to dominate each other, trying to possess each other - really trying to destroy the other.

The wife wants the husband just to be a thing, not a person. The husband wants the wife just to be a thing to be possessed; a beautiful thing of course, but a thing, not a person - because a person needs freedom to be, only a thing can be made totally a slave. A person can never be made a slave, and the more you make a slave of him the less he is a person. And this is happening through love! And Augustine says, Buddha says, Jesus says, "Love, and everything will be right. Love, and you will be on the right path."

Your love is not love. Your love is just a form of hate. You disguise it, you think it is love, but your thinking cannot be believed, because the results show something else. And a tree is known by its fruits, not by the declaration. The tree may declare, there may be a big sign on the tree, a signboard saying, "This is an apple tree," but it is to be known by the fruits. If apples never come the signboard is not worth anything, it is lying. If love gives one the direction towards divineness, then your love cannot be called love because it leads into misery.

Open your heart here...............

What will you choose between these two?

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Love is the greatest art

Love is the greatest music and you have to play it upon the most complex instrument - the lover or the beloved. You think you are born with the capacity, so you destroy the instrument. You fall in love with a woman, but you don't know that that woman is the most complex instrument in the world. You are going to destroy, and when the woman is destroyed she becomes chaotic, she becomes chaos - anger and hatred are bound to be there.

Love has to be learned as an art, the greatest art, the art of life. That's why we go on talking about love, but love is the most scarce thing on this earth. It happens only once; millions of people are in love and it happens only once - one in a million becomes capable of love. Love is a very great jump: you are not the center, the other has become the center. You have become the shadow. Now the other has the meaning, and just to serve him or her is happiness. Love has to be learned, it is growth. When you can throw your ego, only then can you love.

Welcome to the World of Love...............

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Feeling love and falling in love are two different things. Many miss the point and get hurt in the process. One more nice lens from you. :)

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      Lensrolling this lovely page to Squids in it for love and money , many thanks -:)

    • akumar46 lm profile image

      akumar46 lm 

      7 years ago

      In Bible it is written "You have heard that it was said, âLove your neighborâ and âhate your enemy.â But I say to you, love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you."

      Nice lens and very interesting story of St.Augustine.Thanks for sharing.


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