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Chi Lin in Feng Shui

Updated on October 16, 2017
Two different designs of chi lin
Two different designs of chi lin | Source

The Chi Lin (麒麟) is also referred to as Kei Loon, Kirin, Kylin, Qi Lin or Chinese unicorn.

It is often mentioned together with the Phoenix, Turtle and Dragon as the “Four Divine Creatures”, and is represented as an auspicious animal in Chinese totem (图腾) .

The Chi Lin is depicted as having a dragon’s head with a pair of deer’s antlers and a scaly body. The tail is hairy and curly.

Please refer to Legends of Kirin or Kylin for the detailed description and legends of Chi Lin.

Chi Lin and feng shui

As a good omen symbol, a chi lin can be placed in the home to usher in good fortune. Additionally, it can be used to deal with certain feng shui sha qi (煞气) (negative energy).

The following is some of the ways in which chi lin is used in feng shui:

Chart showing the relations between directions and household members
Chart showing the relations between directions and household members | Source

(1) No. 5 Yellow Star (五 黄 星) (Disastrous Star)

The No. 5 Yellow Star is the most disastrous star in the Flying Star Feng Shui. It is believed to be the cause of calamities in a home. Who will be affected depends on the location of the Disastrous Star for the year.

For example:

Yellow Star falls on the door of the house – entire household will be under its influence.

Yellow Star in bedroom – the occupant of that bedroom is the one most affected.

In addition, which other member of the family will also be affected depends on the direction of the Yellow Star for the year. For instance, the Yellow Star is at the North. As North represents “middle son”, the middle son (if any) in the family will be under the evil influence of the Disastrous Star.

Please refer to the chart for the rest of the directions and which members of the household they represent.

A pair of bronze/brass chi lins, facing the Yellow Star direction, can be used to ward off the sha qi.

The Yellow Star for 2012 will be at the Southeast. Avoid renovation in this sector during the year. Do not sit or sleep in the affected sector, where possible.

Flat design kylin.  Can be hung up by tying one on top of the other.
Flat design kylin. Can be hung up by tying one on top of the other. | Source

(2) “San Sha” (三 煞)

The ‘sui sha’ (岁煞 ), ‘jie sha’ (劫煞) and ‘zai sha’ (灾煞) are collectively known as “San Sha”. It is translated as “The 3-Killings” that can cause physical injuries or sickness to the household. Its location varies every year.

The sector where the San Sha falls on is commonly called the “San Sha wei” (三煞位). Avoid sitting or sleeping in the San Sha wei. No renovation should be undertaken in this area during the year.

The chi lin is most notable for being able to dissolve the evil influence of San Sha.

If San Sha is at the entrance of your house, you just need to put three bronze/brass chi lins there to disperse the sha qi (negative energy). In the event that it is not convenient to place them outside, it is all right to put them inside, near the door and facing the San Sha direction.

The method of using three bronze/brass chi lins also applies to San Sha in other locations of the house.

The San Sha for 2012 is at the South. Please refer to the above chart to see which family member will be affected.

(3) No. 2 Black Star ( 二 黑) (Sickness Star)

The No. 2 Black Star of the Nine Palaces Flying Stars is a Sickness Star. It can affect our health, causing illnesses and ailments. Avoid sitting or sleeping in the affected sector, where possible. Renovation in that area should also be avoided during the year.

Placing a pair of bronze/brass chi lins in the affected direction can dilute the adverse effects.

The Sickness Star will fall on North in 2012. As in the case for Yellow Star, which member of the household will be affected by the Sickness Star will depend on its location.

(4) “Spear Sha” (枪 煞)

When a house faces a long, straight corridor or road, it is considered bad fengshui. The negative energy is called “Spear Sha” because the long, straight corridor/road looks like the ancient Chinese spear.

Placing a pair of bronze/brass chi lins, one on each side of the entrance, will be adequate. However, if the corridor is extremely long, then three chi lins are needed.

(5) “White Tiger” (白 虎)

When standing inside the house and facing outwards, the side to your left is called “Azure Dragon” (左青龙) while the side to your right is known as “White Tiger” (右白虎).

Should the “White Tiger” side be facing some sharp objects or chimneys, a pair of bronze/brass chi lins can be used to neutralize the harmful elements. For this purpose, use only chi lins that have been ‘activated’ or ‘blessed’ (开光).

The presence of the Chi Lin is said to attract the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon. Apart from being protective, it can bring wealth, offspring, success, wisdom and longevity to its owner.

Note: For ultimate results, the Chi Lin needs to be ‘activated’ or ‘blessed’ before usage.

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