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Children Cards - Tarot Cards For Kids

Updated on November 9, 2013

Children Cards - Best Tarot Cards For Kids To Learn Reading Tarot

Have you ever thought teaching your children tarot? There are many wonderful and suitable children cards that help kids learn tarot easily.

This article will show you the best tarot cards for kids that are safe for any children to work and play with and will give you places on where to find them.

They are safe enough that kids won't find it awkward to read with and you definitely won't find it awkward teaching your children to read tarot cards.

So here is a list of children-safe tarot cards that can be used by any child to learn this beautiful craft without worries of nudity or violence depicted on the cards.

The picture here shows one of the safest tarot deck for kids: the Children tarot.

Tarot Divination For Kids

my own tarot decks
my own tarot decks

The art of divination with tarot is an ancient one and until recently people were not really using tarot openly. I learned tarot as a teen and I remember I had to hide it pretty much from anyone 'not in the know' that I was reading cards.

None of us were not telling our friends or family about reading tarot and all was done quite hush-hush. No wonder since tarot was always viewed as something 'bad' that should not be touched (just like a ouija board - which I tried my hands on as well at some point).

These days, these last few years, however, people have started to become more open to tarot. They are learning now that tarot is not only a tool for witches and gypsies to tell the future. It is simply a deck of cards that helps you learn more about yourself, the other people in your life, and it helps you grow spiritually as well.

Of course tarot is still used for divination, but with more and more people getting access to websites full of information about tarot, it becomes less threatening, and more mundane. It becomes something that people finally start to understand.

With this opening to tarot, people have started to teach it to their children as well. But most of the tarot decks have a strong symbolism and strong graphics on them that might not be suitable to such tender ages.

Image credits:my own current collection of tarot decks including children cards as well as regular tarot cards for adults.

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Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot

Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot
Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot

This is a perfect deck to read for children. The cards are very beautiful with attractive characters from folk or faery tales that kids will love. The colors are very bright and engaging to the eyes. If you've never read to kids with this deck, you will be pleasantly surprised by your readings :)


Magical Unicorns Oracle

Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards
Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

While this deck is not a typical tarot deck for kids, it is a very positive oracle deck that children will love. Every kid loves unicorns and this deck is simply full of them. There are so many legends around unicorn, these mysterious, magical and pure animals, and children simply can't have enough of them. Check out the pictures below for some beautiful examples.


Manga Tarot

The Manga Tarot
The Manga Tarot

Does your kid like manga? Then she will definitely be attracted to this oriental deck depicting romantic and lovely comic characters. The artist of these cards, Selena Lin, has created several comic story-books, so she is very familiar with the style that teenages love. The pictures below speak for themselves.


Tarot Nova

Fortune-telling: Book And Card Deck
Fortune-telling: Book And Card Deck

This is another perfect tarot cards for kids. When it comes to children cards, you can't go wrong here. While Amazon doesn't have it officially anymore, you can get it for cheap from Amazon sellers. Check out some of the pretty and adorable cards depicted below.


Do you agree that these tarot decks are safe for kids?

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Whimsical Tarot

Whimsical Tarot Deck
Whimsical Tarot Deck

I adore this deck and I'm not even a kid! Perfect children cards - perfect for every age really. With scenes from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, this children tarot deck will amuse, enchant and certainly not disappoint. Many people find it too cute to read with it - but afterall IT IS a deck for kids!


Wonderland Tarot

The Wonderland Tarot Deck
The Wonderland Tarot Deck

This deck speaks for itself. It is all about the story of Alice in Wonderland. The pictures are a nice modification of the Rider Waite tarot deck (you will see the style of the cards is pretty much the same at first glance), however the characters have been all replaced by the lovely and unforgetable characters that Alice meets in the world below.

This deck is out of print and you can find it sometimes from Amazon sellers. You can also check out Ebay for availability and cheaper prices (check the link below). If you see it cheaper, grab it because it doesn't come up all too often on the market, it's quite sought after.


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    • Lionrhod profile image


      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Great lens! I got my first deck at age 12. More parents should encourage their kids to read the cards. Linked to you from my very frist lens

    • tarotwikipedia profile image


      5 years ago

      Some of the decks are absolutely lovely. I wish I had a deck of tarot when I was a kid. :))

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool! My Dad gave me my first deck--which was his old deck, and my kids are free to use my decks. Works for us! :)

    • linhah lm profile image

      Linda Hahn 

      6 years ago from California

      Good. It brings them in touch with the old ways. Not everything has a scientific explanation.

    • Tiggered profile image


      7 years ago

      I am quite unsure about the whole idea - if your child is mature enough to get any benefit from playing with tarot cards, than it surely is mature enough to look at an ordinary deck? Interesting items for collectors, though


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