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Chinese Animal Sign - Ox

Updated on November 24, 2010

Ox Zodiac Personality Traits

Born under the sign of hardwork and loyalty, the Ox people are sincere, reliable and fair. They are conscientious workers and are calm, methodical and highly accountable. They takes duties seriously and can be trusted with important responsibilities. Born leader, the Ox is famous for his courage and will speak up when they see unfairness. The Ox people are placid, they don't lose their temper easily but don't take this as an advantage, their powerful horn can even be used to charge down the king of jungle if they set their mind to it. These people are filled with common sense, willing to listen to advice from others but once they have made up their mind to something they can be extremely inflexible. Disciplined, humourless, strong and always focus on their work, the Ox people need to learn to loosen up a little.

Ox Zodiac Sign

Ox Zodiac Sign
Ox Zodiac Sign

The Male Ox

The male Ox is rigid and proud. He has a great appetite and takes plaesure from the material things in life. Usually the male Ox depends mostly on his first impression of an individual and if he dislikes someone he can give no apparent reason and refuse to give anyone a second chance. The male Ox is not romantic but his feelings are deep and passionate. He enjoys homemade food and has a love for nature. Practical and prudent, you will hardly ever see the male Ox on a shopping spree. He is well known for his patience and responsibility. He is rarely indecisive or impulsive and prefers stability in life. He is not talkative, very quiet in crowd, speaks little and not very expressive. Careful and serious, the strong and sturdy male Ox does not really want to be in the spotlight, but many times he becomes the leader within a group.

The Female Ox

Compared to the male Ox, the reliable and determined female Ox is definitely more outspoken. Strong-willed and authoritative, she always keep her feet firmly on the ground, she never lose sight of reality. Her reputation means more to her than wealth. A real conservative at heart, she does not appreciate changes and prefers to keep everything the way it is. Fair-minded, industrious and calm, the female Ox makes great and wonderful mum as she is very protective, tough, enduring and never regret any decisions she has made. This organized and systematic Ox lady knows how to take care of her husband and children. Her home is important to her and she sees it like her sanctuary. She loves comfortable home but not necessarily luxurious or fancy. Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher are two famous Ox women.

The Ox Child

This child will not be a crybaby. The Ox child is unusually tough and can endure hardship. Unyielding and stubborn, he can turn the house upside down if he wants to. He is not the fussy type and he tends to begin speaking late. This rugged individualist would rather settle arguments with his fists. Fortunately, he wont resent discipline, in fact the Ox child will welcome your fixing a schedule for him. He thrives on regularity; having his meals at the same time each day, knowing where everything is and what's expected of hhim will give him a sense of security. The Ox youngsters enjoy taking charge when teacher or parents is away and is stern and unsympathetic towards offenders. He is also not easily influenced or taken in by flattery. Instaed of begging him to do unpleasant things, it should be more effective to tell him “It is an order!”. Not argumentative by nature, but in order for him to obey you, you must gain his respect.


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