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Rat Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 29, 2010

Rat Zodiac Personality Traits

Born under the sign of charm and agressiveness, the Rat people are ambitious and crafty. They are aggressive doers who seem to have a solution for everything. Humorous, expressive and easy going, friendship comes easily to these people and therefore it is not a surprise that they meet new friends every day. Rats are party animals, they like to go to the parties and spend some time chitchatting with their friends. Although they can be seen as talkative and gossipy people but the Rats are actually very private, discreet and secretive when it comes to their own personal life.

Adaptive, opportunistic, calculating and good at problem solving, the Rats will survive in any situation. Quick witted and smart, Rat people usually have good instincts. Their confidence combined with their stubborness will make them prefer to live by their own rules and dislike being controlled by others. However, Rats are quite a nervous animal, they are practical but sometimes lack courage.

Rat Zodiac Sign

Rat Zodiac Sign
Rat Zodiac Sign

The Male Rat

The male Rats are intelligent and aggressive. He lives by his wits and is good at problem solving. Always alert for the best opportunities, the male Rat has a good business acumen and can turn many idea into a business plan. Determined and stubborn, once he sets his mind to something, you will have difficulty to persuade him otherwise. Never sitting quietly or waiting aimlessly, he is a man with missions. The negative side is that the male Rat is sometimes overambitious. The passion he has for a project comes and goes even before other people have a chance to understand it. This energetic male Rat always trying to do too much too soon and tends to scatter his energy everywhre before he has any chance to finish one project. The male Rat is also well-known for his greed.

The Female Rat

The female Rat will be charming, vivacious and creative. She can be a successful woman if she chooses to be. Compassionate and popular, she always appear elegant and fashionable. Her environment is always neat and clean. The charming and intelligent Rat woman is an excellent candidate for a wife. Open, direct and honest, she is not a quiet type of person. Expressive and persuasive, she knows how to say the right words to avoid offending anyone. She is very practical and can become a true model of frugality. She knows certainly the virtue of recircling furnitures, clothes, toys and even soap. Rat moms will not be stingy to their family and they know how to take care of their children. Gossipy and talkative, the Rat woman is an inveterate gossip. Don't put 100% of your secrets with her because she might not keep it for long. The female Rat is an avid reader, she loves to read.

The Rat Child

The Rat child will be sweet and loving. Often, he resorts to crying to get more attention and may appear shy but inwardly he is fiercely competitive. Although born charming but he is very possessive and get jealous easily when attentions are given to others. This child will talk early and he loves to eat. Demonstrative and affectionate, he will not like being left alone. The Rat child make friends easily, enjoys group play and can concentrate on detailed work. You can depend on him to keep things tidy. The Rat child will soon shows his calculating nature very early in life. This child will be an avid reader. He learns fast and it will be hard for you to cheat him on anything. This selfish little Rat will be most eager to participate in anything that stimulaetes his sharp mental powers.


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