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Chinese Dragon Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on December 11, 2010

Dragon Personality Traits

In China, Dragon symbolizes the Emperor or the male. Those born under this sign are full of vitality and strength. They are proud, egotistical, dogmatic, aristocratic and very direct. The powerful Dragons are difficult to contest and they tend to intimidate those who dare to challenge them. Usually Dragon born people are lucky, healthy and strong. They shine in the crowd and have magnetic personality.

However, in spite of their volcano of emotions, these people cannot be said to be sentimental, romantic or very sensitive. While Dragons may be decisive and strong but they are not guileful and cunning. They shun easy adaptibility and tricky negotiations. But if the contest to be decided on strength alone, these people would conquer hands down.

Dragon Zodiac Sign

Dragon Zodiac Sign
Dragon Zodiac Sign

The Male Dragon

The male Dragon is a natural showman. He is positive, talented, charismatic and vibrant. On the negative side, he is also demanding, egocentric and arrogant. These Dragons love to believe that they will not and cannot make any mistake. He loves everyone to obey him and he makes all kinds of rules. He knows exactly what he wants, how to get there and will not allow everyone to interfere with him. Impulsive and unpredictable, he is an adventurer at heart but not a daredevil. He is happiest when he feels respected and desired but he loves to give advice too. The male Dragon always set his goal high (sometimes too high) and truly believe he can achieve anything and want everyone to know that he is irreplaceable. He rarely gets very sick and if he does, he will usually recover very quickly. Never short of admirers, many Dragon men marry young or remain single throughout their life.

The Female Dragon

Physically attractive, the female Dragon is definitely hard to resist. Honest and frank, she is the Grand Dame of the cycle. A believer of equal rights for women, the Dragon lady always think that what a man can do she probably can do better, so don't underestimate her. To tell the truth, the female Dragon is no-nonsense person, you can realize this by the way she dress. Functional and practical clothes appeal to her most. No frills, no flimsy laces, no buttons and bows, but a minimum of complications. She likes clothes which can go on and off easiIy and provide her with maximum of movements. The Dragon girl seldom overdecorate herself but don't forget that like the males, she loves being in the spotlight too. She hates limitations and restrictions. Financially, the Dragon female is quite generous to her friends, family and of course, herself. She is the type of a person who never care too much about her bank balance. In relationships, the female Dragon will not be happy being a housewife. She need to become somebody and will always set new goals to make her busy.

The Dragon Child

This high-spirited Dragon child is an innovator. Vibrant, fearless and forceful, nothing will daunt his idealistic outlook on life. The child will formulate his own principle early in life and will ask or need little help. the Dragon child is respectful of his elders and will be able to obey commands precisely. He will have countless idols – his parents, his teachers or anyone he regards highly. Tough, aggressive, outspoken and independent, he should be given responsibiIities to keep him occupied and make him feel useful. His domineering ways must be controlled at an early age so that he wont bully those less assertive children. His efforts are always sincere and shuold be praised, as the Dragon child will work hard to please and gain your respect. He was born to lead and excel.


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