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Chinese Horoscope - Monkey

Updated on March 11, 2013

Chinese Horoscope - Monkey

Chinese Horoscope - Monkey

Ruler of the hours 3pm to 5pm
Direction - West/Southwest
Season - Summer/August
Fixed element - Metal positive
Yin/Yang - Yang

The monkey in chinese horoscopes has similar traits to the real live monkey : Independent, astute, and sociable

Monkey - Chinese Horoscope Library

"Independent, astute, and sociable, the Monkey can always adapt to new situations." Fun, entertaining little book with color illustrations contains tips about personality, which signs you're compatible with, love and career advice, and suggested recreations.

The Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

This is the chinese sign for the Monkey Zodiac

Monkey - Chinese Horoscope - Books

The Monkey Personality - Hou

People born under the year of the Monkey tend to be generally good at "mastering anything" they put their hands to, they are also successful.

This is possibly due to a combination of personality traits including: charm, cleverness, quit wittedness and their love of a challenge. They are also crafty, competitive, envious and have a flexible character.

At times they are capable of great dishonesty, they can be both self-centered and narcissistic and can often have a superiority complex, believing themselves to be above others. They always manage to give good reason for their deeds and with a total and unshakeable belief in themselves, they feel that they always know best and are seldom discouraged.

Although they have a complete lack of impartiality they do have good intellectual skill and good memories. The monkey has an avid inquisitiveness but likes to find the easy way out of any problems.


The Monkey Personality And The Elements

The Fire Monkey - bossy, lively, creative, motivated by rivalry and sexual.

The Wood Monkey - cautious, talkative, perceptive, motivated by honesty and restless.

The Earth Monkey - motivated by curiosity, good-natured, dependable, sullen, and methodical.

The Metal Monkey - motivated by constancy, affectionate, self-reliant, stylish and sturdy.

The Water Monkey - collaborative, elusive, clever, motivated by amiability and sensitive.

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Famous People Born Under The Chinese Monkey Sign

Francesca Annis

Michael Aspel

Jaqueline Bisset

Julius Caesar

Johnny Cash

Joe Cocker

Joan Crawford

Timothy Dalton

Bette Davis

Bo Derek

Jason Donovan

Michael Douglas

Mia Farrow

Carrie Fisher

Fiona Fullerton

Jerry Hall

Tom Hanks

Nigel Kennedy

Gladys Knight

Walter Matthau

Kylie Minogue

Peter O'Toole

Robert Powell

Debbie Reynolds

Little Richard

Diana Ross

Boz Scaggs

Tom Sellek

Omar Sharif

Wilbur Smith

Koo Stark

Rod Stewart

Jacques Tati

Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

Leonardo da Vinci


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