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Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Updated on December 29, 2010

Rabbit Zodiac Personality Traits

The Rabbit symbolizes graciousness, kindness, good manners, sound counsel and sensitivity to beauty. The Rabbit people know how to make the best of themselves. Their soft speech and nimble ways embody all the necessary traits of successful diplomat or seasoned politician. Rabbits usually lead a tranquil life, they like to enjoy quiet, peaceful and congenial environment. You can observe their home or working place, these well-dressed Rabbits like to make their surrounding as comfortable as possible. Reserved and artistic, they possess good judgement. Their thoroughness can make them good scholars. They will shine in the fields of laws, government and politics. However, Rabbits are also inclined to be moody and they are also pessimistic under the surface. These lovely and sentimental people do not like to argue and will avoid conflict at all cost. Rabbits are very sympathetic and they are truly soft at heart.

Rabbit Zodiac Sign

Rabbit Zodiac Sign
Rabbit Zodiac Sign

The Male Rabbit

The Rabbit man always appear happy and content. He is often well dressed and always shows up looking his best. Imaginative and artistic, he has an eye for art and culture and always enjoy all the beautiful things in life. The male Rabbit is the kind of person who likes to watch the National Geographic and Discovery Channels to enrich his mind. When his friend is in trouble, he can be very compassionate but all he will do is lending his ears to listen to his friend’s problem. He does not readily give advice unless being directly asked for it. As a peace-maker, he is not as adventurous as the Tiger or as aggressive as the Rat. He is careful with his money and does not like to put his money on risky investments. Home and family are two among the most important part of his life and therefore he is very protective towards them.

The Female Rabbit

The Rabbit women is sophisticated and elegant. Appearance means a lot to her and that is why she loves to spent so much time in front of the mirror. Fun loving and attractive, she is popular and never short of suitors. Female Rabbits are considerate and understanding, they like shopping and always stylishly dressed. The female Rabbit is the kind of person who loves to invite her friends over to admire her beautiful and comfortable home, she can become hysterical when a drop of syrup or red wine is spilled and will even count her forks and spoons after inviting guests over. She has a good sense of humor and is good at giving practical advice. She knows just how to get things ddone the way she wants. Although some call her cunning and some call her manipulative but she will avoid any conflict or confrontation with others through her well-mannered and diplomatic nature.

The Rabbit Child

The Rabbit child will have a sweet disposition. Obedient and even-tempered, he will be very sensitive to the moods of his parents and act accordingly. The Rabbit child is usually not very offensive and he can sit quietly and silently and concentrate on one game or toy at a time. He is usually a light sleeper and fret a lot when he is sick. He learns his lessons well and with ease, and he is also easy to discipline. He can grasp both sides of a questions quickIy and debate his point with intelligence. He will be able to fend for himseIf and protect his possessions. The little Rabbit will know how to bargain a better deal every time. Conforming in school, helpful at home and well-tuned to his environment, the Rabbit child will know his way aruond people and problems. Rest assured, this polite little angel will be well-liked and accepted in all circles.


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    • profile image

      Sue 3 years ago

      Don't forget the MOST beautiful rabbit /cat of all is Angelina Jolie. Tigers women are NOT the only most beautiful women of the zodiac. No wonder Angie only has a lot of male friends. She had a hard time finding someone to be her brides maids. Most men are YANGS. Most of the Yangs are looking for their yins. Rabbits and cats have it a bit easier. They are calm and sensitive. Something the yangs need.:-)

    • munirahmadmughal profile image

      munirahmadmughal 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "Chinese Hosocope Rabbit"

      The hub is informative and interesting.It speaks of the fact that the author has deep vision of the surroundings be they humans or animals or vegitation or any other creation of the Creator of all the words and whatever is in them.

      It also tells that all we see and observe is also a book of knowledge and carries many useful elements for us to follow in our life.

      The grace lies in behaviour. Behaviour means mutual dealings. Mutual dealings tell that we are all dependant and it the Creator all of us who is Indepnednet of all needs. When we are in need and necessity of each other the arrogance is not befitting us. Thanksgiving is must and the most to the Creator of all who is showering His favours on all in abundance day in and day out every where in all circumstances and without any discrimination.

      Nothing has been created futile but man is the Crown creation for whom all things big or small, high or low are subdued.

      This world is a stage and each on of us is to play his role which promotes human welfare in the best possible manner. This responsibility is indvidua collective and universal. All responsibility is with accountability. Accountability is with reward and punishment. Dignity of mankind is to be maintained and rspect for human rights sincerely observed. Weights and measures must remain stright and upto the standard. Justice must be administered in the manner that the balance is maintained between the rich and the poor, the high and the low without any fear or favour. Rabbit and lion both have their role. It is the play that proves the grace or otherwise of the player.

      May God bless all.