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Chinese Horoscope - Sheep

Updated on June 17, 2013

Chinese Horoscope - Sheep

Chinese Horoscope - Sheep

Ruler of the hours 1pm to 3pm
Direction - South/Southwest
Season - Summer/July
Fixed element - Fire negative
Yin/Yang - Yin.

In the chinese horoscope, the sign of the sheep has very good characteristics: Gentle, amiable, and sensitive

Sheep / Ram - Chinese Horoscope Library

"Gentle, amiable, and sensitive, the Ram appreciates the fine and creative things in life. Ruled by its sympathies and feelings, it is willing to give everything, especially its heart." Fun, entertaining little book with color illustrations contains tips about personality, which signs you're compatible with, love and career advice, and suggested recreations.

The Sheep / Ram / Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

This is the chinese sign for the Sheep Zodiac

Sheep - Chinese Horoscope - Books

The Sheeo Personality - Yang

People born under the year of the Goat / Sheep tend to take on the role of the "good Samaritan".

The Sheep is the most feminine sign of all of the Chinese animals. Usually they are very good-natured, genuine, timid and bashful, which can sometimes lead to them being taken 'for a ride' by others.

Some of their other traits include: being overwhelmed by their emotions, a tendency to become somewhat negative, gloomy and introvert. They are natural born worriers who will always predict and expect the worst.

They especially loathe criticism and regulation and sometimes find it difficult to maintain an objective view on things.

However they are kindhearted, mild, understanding and very forgiving. They would rather be in a huff than come to blows. On the whole people tend to "care deeply" for them and they will always have the things that they require in life.

They have an enduring personality that prefers not to disclose troubles unless really forced to. Sheep people deny themselves nothing and are "hopeless romantics".


The Sheeo Personality Adn The Elements

The Fire Sheep - aggressive, dramatic, lively, motivated by deed and can be malicious.

The Wood Sheep - loyal, bighearted, motivated by trust, sentimental and considerate.

The Earth Sheep - traditional, autonomous, motivated by diligence, anxious and hopeful.

The Metal Sheep - motivated by accord, jealous, defensive, vulnerable and unbalanced.

The Water Sheep - attractive, mild, suggestible, motivated by others and is opportunistic.

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Famous People Born Under The Chinese Sheep Sign

Jane Austen

Anne Bancroft

Cilla Black

Elkie Brooks

Coco Chanel

Nat King Cole

Catherine Deneuve

John Denver

Ken Dodd

Douglas Fairbanks

Mel Gibson

Paul Michael Glaser

Mikhail Gorbachev

Larry Hagman

George Harrison

Hulk Hogan

Isabelle Huppert

Julio Iglesias

Mick Jagger

Paul Keating

Ben Kingsley

Franz Liszt

John Major


Joni Mitchell

Leonard Nimoy

Robert de Niro

Oliver North

Des O'Conner

Michael Palin

Keith Richards

William Shatner

Freddie Starr

Lana Turner

Mark Twain

Rudolph Valentino

Vangelis Papathanassiou

Terry Venables

Lech Walesa

Barbara Walters

Andy Worhol

John Wayne

Tuesday Weld

Bruce Willis

Debra Winger


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