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Chinese Horoscope - Tiger

Updated on June 17, 2013

Chinese Horoscope - Tiger

Chinese Horoscope - Tiger

Ruler of the hours 3am to 5am
Direction - East/Northeast
Season - Winter/February
Fixed element - Wood positive
Yin/Yang - Yang.

The Chinese see in the Tiger a very powerfull sign and decribe the Tiger as: Competitive, optimistic, and always stimulated by a challenge.

Tiger - Chinese Horoscope Library

"Competitive, optimistic, and always stimulated by a challenge, the Tiger is a natural leader." Fun, entertaining little book with color illustrations contains tips about personality, which signs you're compatible with, love and career advice, and suggested recreations.

The Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

This is the chinese sign for the Tiger Zodiac

Tiger - Chinese Horoscope - Books

The Tiger Personality - Hu

People born under the year of the Tiger tend to have very go-ahead personalities, they love to be the centre of attention and are often very fortunate and full of drive.

Although they are often skeptical by nature they can make rash decisions, but above all they are loving, giving, and genuine. They tend to immerse themselves in any of their undertakings and while full of optimism they are not materialistic.

Intensity as opposed to logical best describes a Tiger person. At their worst they are stubborn, self-centred and awkward but on the plus side they can also be sensitive and sympathetic.

They will go to great lengths to reap their revenge and detest being ignored. As a tiger, life will be filled with just about every emotion and very volatile; and being great optimists life will also be full of many challenges.


The Tiger Personality And The Elements

The Fire Tiger - dramatic, self-reliant, giving, motivated by enthusiasm and is quirky.

The Wood Tiger - enchanting, pioneering, scheming, motivated by co-operation and is tolerant.

The Earth Tiger - hard working, academic, motivated by worth, is impartial and responsible.

The Metal Tiger - aggressive, attractive, diligent, motivated by self interest and selfish.

The Water Tiger - perceptive, motivated by tranquility, is unbiased, open minded and honest.

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Famous People Born Under The Chinese Tiger Sign

Sir David Attenborough

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Ludwing van Beethoven

Tony Bennett

Chuch Berry

Richard Branson

Garth Brooks

Mel Brooks

Agatha Christie

Phil Collins

Jason Connery

Gemma Craven

Tom Cruise

Emily Dickenson

Roberta Flack

Jodie Foster

Connie Francis

Crystal Gayle

Susan George

Elliott Gould

Buddy Greco

Willia Hurt

Derek Jacobi

Dorothy Lamour

Stan Laurel

Marilyn Monroe

Demi Moore

The Queen

Oliver Reed

Lionel Richie

Diana Rigg

Kenny Rogers

Sir Jimmy Saville

Phillip Schoefield

Pamela Stephenson

Dame Joan Sutherland

Dylan Thomas

Liv Ullman

John Voigt

Julie Walters

Oscar Wilde

Tennessee Williams

Terry Wogan

Stevie Wonder


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