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Christ or Krishna

Updated on December 31, 2014

Who is The Man on The Cross?

The many images makes it hard to know just who this is. Most icons show him as a white man but if he were born in the Middle East, as is claimed, then he would have darker features, such as Jews, Egyptians, Assyrians or Arabian, or at least some of these characteristics. But there is a definite link to Krishna.

From my school days in a Catholic school I was always skeptical about the images of Jesus Christ. They are so inconsistent and, like the New Testament, it depends on what you are encouraged to believe rather than what presents itself as reality. He is represented as a westerner with fine European features, curly brown hair and white skin.There are also complications concerning the way he was nailed to the cross, and why religion adopted him.

As a spiritual person when forced to worship this image my connection to the spirit would drain away leaving me feeling dead and angry inside. It would take ages for the peaceful loving normal feeling of peace to return. By then the pressure was on to worship some other image or to recite prayers written down in books by authors who, to me, had very little connection to God.

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nun and priest
nun and priest

The Teachers Frightened Me

The nuns were cruel and used the cane and hit out at anyone. They rarely gave praise and my being a non-catholic, and the only one there for some time, did not help.

When my days there were over and the idols were gone my spirituality returned and reason and love along with it. From that time on it was not hard to wake up to the fact that people who worship idols are devoid of spirit with no connection to God, While that might seem a harsh judgement on my part it is born out by all that has been revealed to me since.

Previous lenses have focused on my reincarnation, the visions and prophecies given to me, the teaching by the Spirit and how the past was shown to me in order to understand from whence the misconceptions, deceit and conspiracy against God came. The more that came to light the more the pain of God stands out and the reason for the awful punishment of humanity was made clear. Unless these things are put right the path to destruction and the death of this planet is inevitable.

There is time, however, to make some amends for those who are spiritual and who want to know the truth and return to reality.

FREE e-book on Norma's Reincarnation Experience

His Birth and Life

The biggest mystery is that Christ was born of a virgin. But there is no such thing as the genes of two parents are required to make an offspring. It's called SEX - which the Church tries to control

This was not known in the days when the New testament was written. In fact, it would be almost 2,000 years before genes would be discovered and then the Church tried to cover it up - Why?

Like so much more it threatens the stories on which the New Testament is written. But why should the church hierarchy fear the truth, unless it is not the truth and they know it? The answer is simple, because the book was written by men who did not have the knowledge or power of the Spirit and what they write cannot be challenged and stand the test through which it must now be subjected. If knowledge of that nature gets out it can destroy the religion.

To begin with it served the Emperors of Rome who used it to increase their power and control over the people, The beginning of that condition was Constantine who came to the throne over the body of his father and rose to sole rule over the murder of hundreds of thousands of victims including his own son, Crispus, his nephews and others. He was one of the biggest tyrants in history and he founded the Roman Catholic Church in 325AD on a lie and on the common beliefs of the time.

Of the time when Christianity was established through the Roman Catholic Church of Constantine much was written that has now been buried by those who favour the Church's version of how it was born.

This is from one author, James Froude, who in 1917 (outside of copyright) wrote in his version of the history of Rome.

"From the moment of the formal conquest of Asia by the Romans, when the Asiatic and European philosophers came into contact, theosophic theories were formed in infinite varieties, some fanciful and withering in a season, some strong, like Manicheism . . . Enthusiasts, imposters, prophets started up . . . Enchanters, magicians, necromancers, dealers of spirits were everywhere making fame and fortune out of sick souls pining for knowledge of the invisible world . . .

In the midst of the strange scene of imposture, profligacy, enthusiam and craving for light, Christianity emerged . . .

The quack prophets claimed to be gods or sons of God . . . they worked miracles, invited fools to worship them and in return they promised the faitful infinite rewards of gold and pleasure.

. . . the spirits of good were seen to be taking part in . . human affairs and defeating the powers of darkness . . . The doctrine announced was precisely . . .(what) the hearers were prepared to receive.

In its earliest days the church . . . absorbed the common superstitions of its day . . . and it gathered into itself and remodelled the previous speculations of the times and the prevailing practices.

The birth of Christ was fixed at the winter solstice, which was already a universal feast . . . held for the birth of the sun and the beginning of the new year.

The trinity was taken over from the Platonists (followers of Plato), who had already shaped it into form, Every popular idea, every speculation floating in the spiritual sky, was thus successively seized and like a cloud reversed was transformed into an image of beauty."

How Powerful were Roman Emperors?

In your opinion did Constantine have the power to create a new religion?

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Blocking Out The Spirit

In order to succeed Constantine had to block out all references to the Spirit. He had to deafen and blind people to the facts. He had to set up an establishment with a parliament that would serve only him. He had to make it worth their while.

Then came a scholar with the knowledge and means to compile the New Testament that conforms to the wishes of this dictator.

Constantine made a grand start when he called the Council of Nicaea together and formed the Roman Catholic Church. He could not do it all on his own, even though he had the power. So his appointees and advisers, who depended on him for their power and recognition, served him well.

First there was Eusebius who put it around in writing that Constantine had been given a vision and it had come from Christ. He is also the one who mostly dominated the Council and presented the Creed, a Roman trick to get people to admit to what they believe, even though it is written by someone else. He was Constantine's bishop at court and second only to the emperor during this event. Among the attendees only some one third could read and the others were ex slaves, some had been tortured, or were ex prisoners who rushed at the chance to be priests and so on to get out of jail.

What the followers don't realise is that 'christ' is an old term for 'cross'. 'Kris' is known throughout Asia as a cross and a Malayan dagger in the shape of one is still produced with a wavy blade. 'Kris' is in Krisna, (kirshna) the third person of the Vedic trinity. The Christ he was referring to was and is the cross in the sun's reflected light. When it passes behind an object or is setting below the horizon the sun's rays divide and a cross is formed in the center of the spectre. It was a very sacred sign and using it to influence the population about Constantine's appointment as 'it's' authority was a stroke of genius.

Linguistically [k] and [t] have similar values, so 'kris' is also 'tris' and as [r] and [w] have almost equal value 'tris' = 'twis'. With the added [t] 'twist' means to 'turn' and 'kris-t' is the same as 'cris-t'. As [t] is the same sign as [+] it means 'cross' so 'chris-t' means 'cris-cross'. It is a play on symbols and sounds meant to magically bring about the so-called 'son of the sun' and to produce a valid being from it. All kinds of things were in play as people played around with the ideology to make it credible.

As we learned from Froude the Roman empire was full of people claiming to be that entity. Magic and necromancy flourished and superstition was everywhere. There were magic potions, seers, anecdotes, and expectations of evil forces alongside philosophers and scholars trying to make their mark. Someone had to gain the upper hand over those struggling to come to terms with the changing face of gods and beliefs as different cultures clashed when slaves, prisoners of war, and Romans met Greek and Asian scholars as the intermingling of people from east and west brought the diversity into focus.

The temples of Rome were dedicated to a mixture of Greek, Egyptian and Roman versions of various gods and divine creatures. Isis dominated many and fires were never allowed to become extinguished lest it upset 'Vulcan' (the God of Fire in Roman mythology), so maids went from house to house to ensure the flames were kept going. Jupiter appears to have displaced Zeus as the head of the pantheon and Apollo, the greek version of the Son of the sun was the persona of the Roman Emperors. Many noted the mood as being 'ripe for a new religion to replace it all'. Constantine had that in his mind and set about to do it. He would use the Khris-t as his weapon.

Remember the Crusades

How do you Think of the Cross?

Is the cross a murder weapon or a sacred sign as far as you are concerned?

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Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Without the Spirit They are Dead

Constantine built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter. He built the Church of the Nativity and that of the Holy Sepulcher where his mother identified the sites c.300 years after the events in Israel.

Once the new religion was enforced through violence and strong manipulation it became the law. People were forbidden to worship other gods or to not attend their new churches. Unless you belonged to the church you could not trade, own slaves, take part in any social events or hold office. In fact, you could not even own land or educate your children. Many would be so persecuted they had to flee or be killed.

Once the religion was formulated during the 4th CAD artists got to work, at the call of the bishops, to put together the visual icons and pictures that people could relate to. It was their job to make churches resemble the heaven they imagined. They put faces to figures to make the images life like. They followed the script and they painted the sun around the heads of the so-called divine figures.

Now people flock to these sites. They touch the stone where they are encouraged to believe that Christ was laid. They kiss the ground where they think he trod. They worship at the statues whose faces are those of someone that the artist knew or that of a dead body found around the streets somewhere in Rome, and they commit idolatry and the Spirit is dead within them.

They come away with that same hollow feeling that used to plague me when I was at school and the idols were standing around the rooms, They go away with anything but peace in their hearts and they start wars, fight with neighbours, stand over others as bullies and generally become people not very nice to know. This is borne out by history which shows that Jerusalem is a torn city. Religious groups there are often at war with each other and there is anything but peace in this place and that those who live there are under constant threat.

It is not a place of peace, love, salvation or closeness to God, which is strange if you believe the New Testament. In fact it is anything but that.

The Church

Does Religion Do Good Things for You?

Do you come away from church feeling good or drained?

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The full bible
The full bible

New Testament Conflict

Most Christian religions have abandoned the Old Testament. Mainly because it conflicts so much with that of the New Testament. But the latter conflicts with itself in many ways and the stories are often different.

There are huge anomalies in the first four books and it is interesting to see that people latch onto the most improbable and far fetched stories. The greatest of these is that Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem and that shepherds were out on the hills at night. At that time of the year (almost mid winter) those hills are snow covered and no one would be outside tending sheep. The animals and shepherds would have been inside barns for warmth.

Only the book of Luke has this far fetched and improbable story which is supported by the imporbable appearance of an angel to the shepherds to tell them of the birth. According to this account the chld was taken at eight days of age to the temple for circumcising, was seen by numerous people without any threat to his life.After this he grows up in Nazareth as the son of a carpenter.,

In Matthew the child is born in a house, there being no suggestion of a stable or that the place was crowded. This time 3 wise men turn up and announce to Herod that the child is the king of the Jews. This prompts the angel to appear to Joseph and to order him to flee into Egypt with his family as Herod is going to kill all the babies. The child then grows up in secret in Egypt returning only when he is 12 years of age.

Mark and John have no account of the birth at all and only recognise Jesus when he is a young men. In John he comes to the river Jordan to be baptised. of John the Baptist. It is the latter who declare that he is the 'lamb of God' and the 'light of the world'. That is an old term for the sun. John the Baptist was a character promoted by a nomdaic Bedouin tribe, the Sharifi, who later claimed that Christianity stole their John the Baptist. The book of John is the oldest of the 4 gospels.

Mark is reportedly taken from John and is written by someone not too well educated. Matthew, on the other hand, was never a disciple and the book may have been largely written by Jerome, who spent some time in Bethlehem and was familiar with the weather conditions. It is obviously the product of a well educated and knowledgeable person.

At that time there were no taxes collected and Herod was an old king whose remains have recently come under forensic scrutiny. In a television documentary on this procedure they are shown to have signs of severe kidney problems. That would mean he suffered disillusionment and there is no record in his well documented life of having ever killed any babies, He was a cruel ruler, according to history, but the last few years of his life were spent outside of Jerusalem in the company of carers who were controlling his insanity due to his condition. He died around 4 BC and, according, to some, well before the supposed birth of Christ.

There are many other anomalies that could be pointed out here but there is just one more to bring this story into focus. It concerns the birth of Chrishna. He was according to the Sanscrit dictionary (cited Britten 1789), "more than 2,000 years old . . . the incarnate deity, born of a virgin, and miraculously escaping in his infancy from the reigning tyrant of his country . . .

Mrs Child notes that the representations of the mother and child, the flight of the holy family by night, ot the slaughter of the innocents, by order of the tyrant Cansa, are sculptured on the walls of the most of the temples dedicated to this avatar. She described the legend as . . .

"Meanwhile a prophetic voice had told Cansa 'The boy who is destined to destroy thee is born, and now living.' As soon as he heard that he gave orders that all the male children throughout his kingdom should be put to death. Among the sculptures in the cave temple at Elephanta is a conspicuous figure, with sword drawn, surrounded by slaughtered infants, in allusion to this part of Chrishna's history." (The Faiths, Facts and Frauds of Religious History. E.H.Britten; George Robertson, Melbourne 1879)

The cave temples at Elephantina gave some interesting figures in the form of crucified saviours, nailed to the cross with five wounds, and some are now housed in the British Museum, According to Britten (Faiths Facts and Frauds of Religious History) A celebrated monk, Gregorius, gave illustrations and descriptions in his Tibetium Alphebetum, of the Hindoo God Indra, the sun, nailed to a cross with five wounds. He noted in that document that such images were to be seen in abundance in Nepal, especially at corners of roads and eminences. He expressed astonishment at finding Christian religious icons in places only known to the world through the exploits of Alexander the Great.

Another of these mysterious gods, Wittoba, came under scrutiny by one Mr. Moore (remember when this was written) who described in detail the representation of this deity. According to his account he is often represented nailed to a cross with one foot over the other and pierced with a nail. Moore noted in his Pantheon, held by the British Museum, that :in several of the icons of Wittoba, there are marks of holes in both feet and in both hands, but on different figures of him. In fig. 6 there is a foot mark on his side and a little lower a round hole. To his collar or shirt hangs an emblem of a heart, such as is seen in the Romish images of Christ.

We are reminded of the icon of the Sacred Heart, although just what it means has always escaped me. In Mayan and Aztec cultures the hearts were pulled from living males and help upwards, still beating, to the sun. There seems to be an overtone of that in the Roman version of it.

It Fits with Research

Religious Inventions and Frauds
Religious Inventions and Frauds

We may never get to the bottom of the extent of fraud and the violence perpetrated against innocent victims in the name of religion but we at least know how it came about. Books like this can shed light on the mysteries.


Religious Conflict

Bethlehem Under Seize

Hindu Priest
Hindu Priest

How Much is Not True?

My curious mind never stops working over the acceptance of the ridiculous and the lack of evidence in support of religious deceit. It is laughable now that people still believe in things like a virgin birth, the existence of heaven and hell, and that dead people have the power to perform miracles. Where are the believers coming from and what do they have to gain?

There are heaps of papers and books written on the magic within religion and how waving wands, producing smoke, inducing spiritual feelings through alcohol and straight out lying to the congregations have delivered wealth to the organisations who promote them while criminals flourish in the belief that no matter how bad they are they can be forgiven and have a paradise existence after death.

It would take more than me or any of my research findings to convince them otherwise because they are blind to reality and deaf to common sense,, but I keep trying, Why? Because if they wake up in time they may find their spirituality and become reconnected to the real power - the Spirit of the Universe. Because they might stop overpopulating the earth and take more care of it. Because they might stop destroying the environment and start repairing some of the damage. If they see that the New Testament is a made up lie they will realise that things like marriage, producing kids without stopping and so on are also lies.

J.S.Langley produced a paper many years ago (undated, pages 8-9) that questioned why people believe in a virgin birth, He wrote "A very large number of people accept it simply because it has been repeated to them so often. They have never examined the evidences for their belief." He poses the question "Why do you believe it - because the bible says so?"

But the bible doesn't say so, and that's the problem. Only the books of Matthew and Luke hint at it, and we know where those stories were taken from.

Langley continues "Not the slightest confirmation of the Virgin Brth of Jesus is found in history. Even Christians have never been able to say in what year their Saviour was born. . .The date December 25th was not adopted until the fourth century, and it was then merely adopted from earlier religions". Remember that is when Constantine's church was established and the old heathen festivals were adopted but changed to disguise their origins,

He continues with a quote: Krisopp Lake, professor of New Testament Exegesis, (Encyclopedia of Religious and Ethic), says "There can be little doubt that the church was anxious to distract attention of Christians from the old heathen fast days by celebrating Christian festivals on the same date. December 25th was the dies notalis solis invicti, or the sol novis . . " (New sun) . He continues "There is no evidence of the existence of a feast of the nativity before the fourth century . . . "

The facts are that the Roman Caesar Constantine, proven to be 666, implemented his religion and that his cohorts in the conspiracy, which includes all the clergy involved, scholars and post Catholic beginning authors, stole the notions of Christ, the virgin birth, the festivals, and everything else pertaining to it from other belief systems and that Christ and Krishna are one and the same, only with different tales attached to them.

Thus we have this in the Prophecies of the Old Testament, discarded by the Church:

There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof,

Her priests have violated my law, and profaned my . . . things. They have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they showed difference between the unclean and the clean . . . and I am profaned among them Ezekiel 22:25,26

I know that the bullies, who are mainly the followers of Constantine's religion, and who want the lies to remain because they hide behind them, will be after me for publishing this but for all who can see the truth then the Spirit is waiting for you.

Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence
Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence

Why is violence so much a part of religious conduct and behaviour. From the earliest times the nature of religious fundamentalists has been to kill those who do not believe as they do. In other words to cut out free thinkers. Ignorance is the shield religions hide behind.


Questioning the Virgin Birth

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

Leave a comment here about your experiences. Thank you

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      8 years ago

      Good job!

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      Jhangora LM 

      8 years ago

      An interesting Lens, not really qualified to make a judgment, but it is always good to know new things.


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