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Enyi Foundation

Updated on January 19, 2018

The Enyi Foundation has commit itself to help Africans get closer to God and help raise their standard of living with excellence and morality

To accomplish their mission, Enyi Foundation initiate the Enyi Foundation Five programs:Bible study, Childcare center, Education, Widow and Advance learning center. Enyi Foundation established Five Training villages within Nigeria: IMO State, Lagos State, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abia State, these Training villages are equipped with Good living Facilities, Schools and medical health center.

In Order to achieve maximum success across africa, Enyi foundation is affiliated to other charity foundation across Africa such as the refiki foundation in Uganda

Enyi Training Village

Enyi Training Villages perform two fundamental capacities. To start with, they give Living, restorative, and instructive lesson in African nations where there are numerous Orphans and powerless kids. Second, they prepare African churches to watch over and instruct their Orphans and bolster the Widows.

The Enyi Training Villages are worked by long term teachers and are helped by national laborers and short term ministers. Together this group finishes the double motivation behind the Enyi Training Villages—to help Orphans and Widow and train others to do likewise

The Childcare Program

The Childcare Program gives an adoring home to up to 100 Orphans in each Enyi Training Villages. The objective of the ChildCare Program is to safeguard these kids from physical danger by providing medical health care and good food, and to save them mentally from worldly obscurity by showing them to know and love God.

Ten kids live in a cabin with an African lady who becomes their mom. Every cabin lives as a family; they eat, play, work, and study together. At the point when the child reach the age of ten, they move to an apartment where they live with a wedded couple who turn into their foster mom and dad.

Realizing that training is vital to breaking the cycle of neediness and misery in Africa,The Enyi Foundation tend to develop the up and upcoming era of business pioneers, lawyers, doctors, pators—and virtuous husbands and wives of Africa. Through the Enyi School Curriculum and Enyi Bible Study, our boarding students and non-occupant day students are being readied to meet the difficulties confronting their future

Short and Long Term Missionaries

“For ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” (Romans 10:14).
Missionaries comes from every part of the world to help in the Enyi projects, there are two type of missionaries
Short term missionaries: they come to assist in the Enyi village, depends on the skill they have. Short terms missionaries are available year-round for those who can teach, nurse, cook, build, sew, garden, clean, tutor, or play with a child.
Long terms Missionaries: Those with good health, who have the financial and emotional freedom to leave home, family, and job, willing to serve under the direction of The Enyi Foundation, Those willing to make a lifetime commitment to mission service, Supervise the health of our children, financial operation, and day-to-day operations of the Village,train others in the care and nurture of children and in education.
They guide the pre-school and high school teachers through the school curriculum, music, orchestra, art, drama, sewing, cooking, physical education, gardening, Bible, vocational skill, etc.

Orphan Sponsors

Master Sargent Brian Charles Malone is one of our Orphan Sponsor, he adopted Agnes From Nigeria since when she was just a baby, She lost her parent to a bus accident. MS Malone was Captivated by her story when he visited our charity home in Nigeria because her life story is similar to his. MS Malone have been paying for all Agnes needs, he has help transform Agnes life, keep her under a roof and give her the opportunity to become someone great in life.As a US Military Specialist MS.Brian Malone have donate immensely in building project, and helped with construction in different Enyi Villages.As a God fearing christian, he has sponsor many missionaries on trips around the continent, a very kind heart, who always sing to the children when he comes on visit, you will always finding him teaching or helping the widows.

Our Dedicated sponsors serves to accommodate all that is expected to bring up a kid. Vagrant Sponsors and/or the individual you assign to get the endowment of vagrant sponsorship which get a consistent overhauls of the youngster for whatever length of time that the sponsorship proceeds. For at least $100 a week, you can help to address these issues and significantly change the life (both physical and spiritual) of an African kid.

Since the objective is to add to these kids to be virtuous donors to their nations, The Enyi Foundation does not encourage the reception of these youngsters out of Africa. Rather, the Foundation will bring up and teach the kids in their individual societies keeping in mind the end goal is to give the initiative and aptitudes required by their nation.

Enyi Foundation is affiliated to the United States Aid Agency(USAID), with the aim of liberating the poor Africa countries from poverty, Enyi foundation joined several Foundation to help bring the people of Africa closer to God and help the orphans have a brighter future.

God's Word at Work


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