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Christianity is Recycled Islam

Updated on May 14, 2015

Christian Roots in Babylon

For most of my life the search for answers as to why people believe what they do has driven me on. It follows my reincarnation and spiritual link to God which are both subject to ridicule by religious folk who are so indoctrinated with beliefs in false gods that they can't see reality.

Many will say there is no harm in that as they have to believe in something. That may be true for them but it is not what life is about. We are not here to enjoy ourselves, to kill each other, to indulge in drugs and crime, or to kill off creation for the sake of money. We are here to prove ourselves worthy to be part of the inheritance that is promised for those who can see through the lies at the end.

The world as we know it is coming to an end and everyone who has ever lived is back in their bodies, as promised in Daniel 12:13. Old Testament prophecies were given to the children of the spirit, who are named Israel and they have nothing to do with the Jews. The name means in fact, 'eye of light,power with God'. Those who are of Israel are the ones who were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the Lord. That was around 4,000 years ago.

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Church with steeple and cross
Church with steeple and cross

The Rise of Islam

The son of Abraham

Since then the rise of Islam came about through the son of Abraham, Ishmal. His name was 'I-s-ma-el' which means 'eye of light-mother god'. It is another name for 'Islam' and the religion began with the city of Babylon. My research into the origin of Islam was led by the Spirit who directed me to take words apart and to understand the meaning of each syllable and symbol. It also led me back and forth through the bible for two years pointing out the things that are right therein and the things that have been inserted by men with ulterior motives. With that background I am qualified to explain the origin of Christianity as shown to me along with the many mysteries that many have pondered over for most of their lives.

The image of a menhir with a cross on top is the same as the spire on Christian churches, in fact that's where the idea for them arose. These prehistoric rock creations predate Christianity by 2,000 to 3,000 years, or ever longer.The problem facing me was to discover the origin of the cross.

In a vision a line stretched out in front of me and along it were thousands of people. Suddenly an extremely bright light appeared where I was and it arched over the line to the beginning of it. There is large capital letters was EVE. In the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING

It was shown to me to resemble the day of the Lord which has lasted for 4,000 years. Where it was noon there were a large number of people reaching upwards towards a figure on a cross. It was almost dark where they were as the light was only at the beginning and the end.

The bible opened and I read in Isaiah 59:10 that the people are groping for the wall as if they have no eyes. They are stumbling around at noon as in the night and they are desolate like dead men.

The vision showed me that at the beginning of the day the Spirit poured over a group who were called the children of Israel. They have been nurtured, tortured, maimed, murdered and reincarnated throughout the day until now. Everyone who has ever lived is now back in their bodies which is why we have such an overpopulated situation. Among them are the spiritual who have been tried and tested to see who qualifies to inherit the treasure at the end.

This is the time of judgment and most will be found to be linked to the religions of Babylon and the false gods of man's making.

The Meaning of Words

The First Language and Religion

Following my reincarnation and commissions from the Spirit to tear down the wall of churches, bring back the young and to take God off the cross, the learning began in earnest. Led back and forth through the bible it came alive as the truth tumbled out from the lies therein. At first the false things in the Old Testament worried me but then the words came apart and the story of the origin of religions followed.

The bible starts with Adam and Eve and then Abraham. His original name was 'O-b-ram', which means 'circle bearing the ram'. It was sun worship and his son Ishmal, who was 'I-s-ma--'l' means 'eye-light-mother god'. The vision showed me a group of people gathered on a hilltop and they were gazing at a rock with a hole in it. The sun rose behind it and the beautiful sun-star or perpetually moving colored lights was formed. It was called 'Ma-r-i' for 'mother's powerful eye' and it was god of Babylon.

Ismal can also be written as 'Is-lam' and he was cast out to roam in the desert and to be an archer, that is a hunter of men. It was, in fact, a metaphor for the religion of the Mother God of Babylon. 'Islam' means 'eyes light-god mother'. In contrast the Spirit called its people 'Israel'. That means 'eye's light-powerful god' and those called by this name are the ones with the power of the Spirit.

Religions have roamed far and wide and have hunted men to get them in and keep them locked in a prison of lies. My commission is to tear down the walls of that jail and free the children. This is being done by releasing the knowledge that there never were any prophets, such as Jesus Christ or Mohammed, but they come from kings who sought power and control over the populations of their nations.

The image of the sun-star and the penis shaped menhir (photo) gave men the idea that they could become her mates and 'marry' her. ''Marry' is synonymous with 'Mary' and the term 'men-hir' explains the 'men with her' notions. Men voluntarily died at dawn on crosses, as witnessed by authors from several countries, to marry her. This form of crucifixion was a ritual performed for centuries and illustrations of it occur in rock art and even in the tomb of Ramses of Egypt.

Pacal's tomb lid from Palenque in Mexico dates to c 800 AD and it shows this king descending from the cross to enter the womb of Mother God. Similar depictions are recorded elsewhere and tombs were built as wombs in which kings were placed after death.

'W-o-m-b' means, according to my linguistic research, 'living circle mother's birth'.

The right angled cross formed in the center of the sun-star became its most recognized symbol. This was a sacred sign in the Roman empire and it was turned into the symbol of the Catholic Church which Constantine established. He invented Jesus Christ and reinstated Mary as the chief god over it. It was claimed on his behalf that he had seen the cross in the setting sun and was told to use it as a sign to conquer his enemies.

The fact are it was already a talisman of the Roman army and was borne before them when they went into battle, according to Zosoman, a contemporary writer and critic. The cover up was to hide the roots of the Islamic religion from which Constantine took the format for his Catholic Church.

The contrast between the people of God and those of Islam are meant to be stark. Job 2 talks about the former as the 'sons of God' but it was originally the 'children of God'. It was altered by those who believed that only men could serve the divine. The Spirit gave them to the Sun, that is to 'Satan' which derives from 's-t-an' and it means 'light's cross of an'. This was another term for the cross as 't-an' means the skin changed by the sun. The burning that causes it is the cross that is borne to achieve it,

'Job' comes from 'i-o-b' or 'eye's circle of birth' and it is a metaphor for how God has brought the children of the Spirit through the period of the day. (There was no letter [j] in early script and it replaced [i] in some cases for distinguishing purposes.) It is about conditioning the 'spiritual born of power'. During the course of the day they have been tried and tested in the religions of sun worship.

Those who refuse to abide by man-made laws are those who are saved at the end, for they have adhered to the laws given them at the beginning. One the other hand, those who have gone after religious laws and sacrificed to idols or kissed them in any way are lost forever. That is the judgment and no one can escape what they have done in the past.

We are all 'born anew' and everyone is back ready for this time.

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Angels in Prehistory

This photo is of a scene from the ancient city of Ninevah, which was inhabited by the Amors. It is of the god-man who as the 'bull' ruled over the heavenly kingdom. Note the angels at their sides.

The term 'angel' is as 'an-g-el' and it means 'An-god of gods'. An was a term for the sun in ancient Babylon and it is from here that we get 'annual', 'anniversary' and other terms including 'anus', the shape of which is similar to the sun-star.

The role of the angel was to escort the god-man to heaven and to serve him as his messenger. Other depictions in rock art show angels as men with bird like heads, wings, a sword at their side, and a hugely erect penis, as though they are displaying their ability to fertilise the Mother God.

In this depiction the 'angel' has the body of a man but the head of a Jackal. The god-man has the head of a man but the body of a bull. He was called 'ba-al' which is from 'b-a-el' and it means 'bearing the power of god'. He acquired other names as well.

Pope Venerating the Sun
Pope Venerating the Sun

Sun Symbols and Sun Worship in Christianity

Spot the Sun Signs in the Mass

It is beyond belief that people can see the sun signs throughout the Christian religion and still believe that their faith comes from God. The origin of all religions is Babylon. There the sun-star was hailed as 'Mari' or 'Mary' and it means 'Mother's powerful eye'.

She is portrayed as a woman who stands above the clouds on a circle of stars, just as the sun does. She is clothed in blue, representing the sky and gold, the color of the sun. This depiction is of the Egyptian version of it and the last Pharaoh of Egypt was called 'Ai', which means 'powerful eye'.

Mari was worshiped as the 'Eye God' and it is an idea that permeated throughout the prehistoric world. She is described in Revelation 17 as the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth because she is the chief god of the Islamic religion. She holds a golden cup in her hands full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications (Verse 4)

She is arrayed in purple and scarlet because she was reinstated as Mother God in Constantine's catholic religion in 325 AD but now she became Mother of God. One needs to be dumb to think that God, which created all things, had a mother.

Verse 6 declares that she was drunk with the blood of martyrs and of saints. 'Ma-r-t-i-r' means 'mother's powerful cross-eye of power'. Men dreamed that they could rise via the cross to 'marry' Mary. They envisaged themselves as Father Gods in a heavenly paradise. That idea has never faded as far as religion is concerned.

They gave themselves 'sol's' or 'souls' which mean 'suns' as proof that they could elevate to the heavens. Over time this notion developed into many other forms and, as only men could marry Mary, women were deemed to not have souls. This is the basis for religious discrimination against women that persists in all branches of Islam.

Christ the Fish

The so-called Son of God was originally devised from the reflection of the sun in water, thus the relationship with the 'fish'. 'F-i-s' is 'living eye's light' with the [h] added after the Greeks deposited it as the seat of Zeus. This image from Babyon is of Dagon, Half man and half fish he retained the link to the water through the tail. Note that on his head is the circular cap topped with the right angled cross.

The sun-star was depicted as the circle with cross in this way and inverted it is the symbol that stands for woman. Men performing sacred rights, such as in these mortuary practices, wore cloaks changing their status to that of the fish.

The mitre worn by bishops and pope are in the same fish head shape. This indicated that they are copied from the costumes and regalia worn by the priests of Babylon and then the Imperial Roman religion. Jerome posted in his diary and letters how he took the festivals, calendar, instruments, costumes and the law from the latter and gave them to the Catholic religion of Constantine.

The sun signs continue throughout the church even to the chasuble worn by the priests. many display magnificent sun bursts on them in all denominations of Christianity,

The seven colors of the rainbow that appears when the sun-star shines through an aperture is remembered in the seven stars at the altar and in the burning of candles. They are meant to bring the artificial light closer so people may think they are in the presence of God. Burning candles for the dead is also part of the same ideology,

The most common symbol for Christ is the fish and Catholics ate only fish on Fridays. When one understand that it is supposedly the day on which he died then eating fish is like imbibing his spirit. 'Fri-day' is 'fish-day' and 'fri' is an old term for fish and is remembered in baby fish that are still so named. It means 'living powerful eye'.

Christ the Bull

He was also called 'Ba-al' or 'ba-al-i'.

As an indication of how superstitious people were in the days of Babylon the bull with wings was their characterisation of the man who died to save them. He had many names including, 'b-el, 'ba-al', 'bal-am', 'belli', and so forth. 'B-el' means 'bearer of god' and as a reference to the one who died on a cross he bore the pain inflicted by the cross, and therefore, by the Mother God.

It was a dream of such men that they could pass through the aperture that formed the star and rise up with her at dawn as her mate. That is the basis of the resurrection. Dawn was once called 'no-on' which means 'no strength'. It was altered to midday by Constantine who established the RomaN Catholic Church in 325 AD.

He reinstated the sun as the Mother of God, Mary, and invented Jesus Christ, as noted in Revelation 13:13-18. He is, therefore, the beast whose number is 666. He took control of business and finance and no one can do any trade without using his ways, 'Bullion' means ''bull-eye-strong' and is the title for gold. The Vatican issues the 'Papal - bull' as it is also in 'bull-i-ton' (bulletin) for the message passed down. The rising bull gave rise to the 'bullish market'. Trade is done in the 'mark-i-t' or 'mark of the eye/cross'. 'Mar-k' is from 'mother's powerful cross' and in ancient cities and towns the market was a square with the cross in the center,

The horns were the most sacred part of the animal because in them was nursed the sun-star which split into the seven circles of rainbow colored lights. As the mate of the ow' (X-o) which was the personna of the Mother God in some depictions he was also depicted as the moon-god in whose crescent the sun-star is cradled on the flag of Islam.

The Obelisk is the 'bull's eye and there is one in the piazza of the Vatican. This area is designed after the sun-star with its 8 rays. Kings wear the 8 pointed star to symbolise that they are the cross on the cross, which is 'Christ'. It comes from 'X-X' or criss cross. That can also be written as ''Chris-t' or 'christ'. Again the letter [h] was inserted after the Greeks invented it as the seat of Zeus.

Hosea 2:16 notes that when all these things are known "thou shalt call me Issi, and no more 'Ba-a-li". The image below is of a landscape outside a Crete temple and it is of the bull horns cradling the mountain peak where the sun-star would appear, as in the illustration above,

Circles Worn as Symbols of Marriage to Mother God

They all do it.

The circles worn by priests, ribbis, emirs and followers of all religions born of Islam are a telltale give-away. In the image of Dagon he has the circle and cross as a cap. This is a forerunner to the crowns used by monarchs to assume the role of the god on earth, as noted above.

The kippa is worn by Jewish men and it relates to fish, e.g. kipper which is a herring. Thus it relates to the image of Dagon and to the costumes worn by others. The Muslim men wear a Taqiyah while Hindis wear a Topi. There are so many types of skull caps but their origin is the same. They represent the circle through which the mate to Mother God passed on his way to her kingdom.

In this image Pope Francis is wearing the equivalent of the kippah and it stays on his head under the mitre when that is also worn.

To the left is an image of the star on a spire atop the Kremlin in Moscow. It is in keeping with the church spires that hold crosses on them or those on mosques that hold the crescent moon and sun star.

The relationship between all religions is such that Babylon was the original home of their roots. They all emerged from sun worship and are as violent and corrupt as each other. It is time humans woke up to the fraud they perpetrate and the deafening they cause about the real God, that is the Spirit of the Universe.

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      3 years ago

      good stuff.i have thought similar things myself about why the populations are so high at this moment.methinks to witness gods judgements,cheers.

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      A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inintmarfoo.

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      Dag nabbit good stuff you wheapirsnpppers!


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