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colour magick

Updated on October 8, 2014

Colour magick is a ancient way of casting spells with the aid of colourful objects. Each colour has a magickal correspondence. Colour objects in magic are candles, ribbons, mojo bags, sachet, flowers, silk, cord. Some of my hand made candles in the photo.


to banish negativity


for love, fertility, beauty and wealth


healing relationships. Also associated with material success and legal matters


it's for love, friendship, fidelity and healing of emotions


are associated with wisdom, vision and dignity


for passion


signifies communication in all its forms (psychic as well)

Other colors

BROWN: promotes the healing of the Earth, symbolizes home and hearth

GOLD AND YELLOW:represent strength, physical healing, hope and happiness

SILVER: for psychic power

WHITE: is for purity, spirituality and protection

Ribbons and mojo bags/sachets

And here is a selection of ribbons from my collection!!! I use ribbons to decorate magick bottles, jars and mojo bags.

Mojo bags

They are great for spells involving herbs and crystals. I have a lucky mojo bag in my handbag and a protective one hanging from my front door. Of course I've made my own as well, out of silk mainly. I use a small sewing machine to make my bags and I buy second hand silk clothes on ebay to keep the cost down. Organza bags on Amazon are still the cheapest option.

A good protection bag for your home is brown color and contains dill seeds. Hang it to your front door!!!

and sachets

Do you believe in color magick?

Do you believe in color magick?

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      Frugal Bride 5 years ago

      Green! Blessed Be :)