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Conflicts in Bible Testimonies

Updated on November 30, 2014

How the New Testament Changed the Nature of God

The conflicts between the Old and New Testaments is not only about the changed nature of God but must include the characters and motivation behind those who did it. Were they speaking for God? Did they know what the Old Testament contained as they worked? Where did stories in the former document originate and is the latter a true representation of fact.

To get to the bottom of the problems faced we have to travel backwards in time to see where the origins of the reports may have come from. It also involves an in-depth study of ancient thinking coupled with anthropological revelations of tribal groups and also archaeological finds that demonstrate past rituals.

Despite what religions teach or would have you believe the New Testament was not produced until the end of the 4th CAD. Jerome was commissioned to bring it together and he also took the order of mass, instrument, garments, utensils, festivals, and calendar from the Imperial Roman Religion of sun worship, along with its laws, and brought them into the Catholic Church to add credibility and increase acknowledgement of it.

He wrote to Damasus, the Bishop of Rome and informed him that he had gathered works from around the empire and decided on what sounded the best for his production. The Book of Matthew was most likely written by him as it contains the laws, which he engaged.

The Old Testament is based on the Septuagint which was a collection of prophecies and stories given to the prophets of the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, to be carried forward for those of the current generation.

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The God of the Old Testament

The book begins with a description of how the earth and everything in it came about. It is very simplistic in nature and proposes that it all happened in the space of 7 days (Genesis 1). Or does it say something else?

When examined a little deeper there is another scenario hidden here that can be extracted from that which appears to be superimposed over it. In Genesis 1:26 God made man and gave him dominion over everything. That's what most people accept. But read on. In verse 27 it clearly states that God created male and female and gave THEM dominion over the earth. The time, according to this paragraph, is the sixth day and then God rested,

This is in stark contrast to religious teaching that focuses only on the next part and completely ignores this claim.

In Chapter 5 verse 2 there is another surprise for here it states that having created male and female their NAME was ADAM, in the day they were formed. This is stating that everyone was called Adam. That is a modern version of the actual name 'O-d-an' which means 'circle feeding an'. That is a reference to the sun god that was shown to me in a vision of the day of the Lord. It was the sun-star formed when light disperses after hitting either a shining object or passing through an aperture or small hole. It was the most attractive thing and it was worshiped as a god for its amazing power.

There is a major conflict with the Adam and Eve story that purports that Adam was the first human and that Eve was responsible for all sin and for casting them out of the Garden of Eden. So where did that story come from? Read into it a bit further and we see that after God rested on the seventh day he formed a man of the earth and then he made Adam. This is an enormous contradiction right here. In the biblical sense the 'earth' refers to all humanity. In my research I found it is taken from 'Or-t' which is 'sun's cross' and implies the worship of the cross from such an early time.

People came to the place where the vision was seen of the sun-star through the stone and this was the whole world to them. Thus, it is called the 'center of the world' or the 'world tree'. 'W-or-l-d' is from 'living sun god's food' or 'living sun-god feeding'. The same vision is still created on top of churches through the spire and on the top of mosques where the sun-star nestles in the arms of the crescent moon.

These versions can't both be right and yet they appear in the same opening chapters of Genesis.

After that it becomes messier as the generations of Adam's descendants are named until we come to Noah and the great flood. That catastrophic event supposedly wiped out everything including the giants that were something akin to a god and which multiplied with women of the earth. Supposedly that's when God decided to wipe out everything and start again, leaving only Noah and his family to survive. This report, if it were true, paints a rather indecisive view of the Creative Force that brought everything into being

Noah supposedly took all the animals and things aboard an ark to save them but what of kangaroos and other animals not known in that part of the world? What about the whales, fish, sharks and such that cannot survive in fresh water? Where were they housed if this story has any credibility to it?

Science has proven this story to be false as the earth was created billions of years ago and everything on it has been proven to have evolved from primitive life forms. The great flood has also been shown to be incorrect as there is absolutely no evidence in archaeology or geo-science to substantiate the claim.

While fossils and other stuff have come to light from the earliest times it implies the idea is born out of ignorance of how things are in nature and they were trying to explain it. That means they could not have come from the Great Creator who does not have a reason to lie. The problem remains then about who was responsible for adding these things and why? It is also a fact that children are still being fed the distorted story in places like Sunday school and other religious forums and many grow up believing it.

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One God - The Spirit of the Universe

The origin of Jesus Christ

From the opening words of Genesis God is described as Spirit. In Isaiah 45:5 we learn that there is no one but the Spirit who creates all things, both good and evil. Here we learn also that there is no heaven or hell and that the only Divine Being is the Holy One of Israel. In other words there is a group of spiritual people who belong to God while everyone else is outside of the loop. The question is who are they?

In verses 15-17 it is reinforced where the God of Israel is declared the Savior God. This is possibly where the New Testament's view of a Savoir was derived? How could only one group of people belong to God when everyone on earth thinks they do and religions have been spawned on this ideal? The conflict between the Old and New Testament becomes even more obvious as we look further into it.

Isaiah 45:4-8 states that God is one and there are no other gods, spirits or others beside it. Noted here is the claim that the Spirit alone is the creator of both good and evil and that heaven and hell will pass away. The New Testament, however, claims that heaven is the place of eternal life and that God is a Trinity, whatever that means. It is something people cannot quite get their head around in today's world of knowledge and research.

The facts are that this notion of God was taken from the Indian Vedic Trinity related to Krishna (Chrishna) and he was the Christ who died on a cross. He was born of a virgin and the evil king, Cansa, killed the babies out of jealousy. He was taken by his parents who fled to Egypt where he lived til he was 12 years old. On his return to Indian his first miracle was to turn water into wine.

It seems that the book of Matthew is based on this character only the name became Jesus Christ, and for a very good reason. The oldest term for Spirit is the symbol [S] with a hiss sound. The letter [i] means 'eye' and 'spirit' is the 'eye of light'. Doubling sounds and syllables was a way of increasing potency and 'is-is' is one way of doing this. 'Is-si' is another. In Hosea 2:10 it states that at the end when things are explained "Thou shall call me Issi and not Ba-al'.

'Ba-al' means 'bull' and the bull god of ancient Assyrian beliefs was the representation of the man who died on the cross at dawn to marry 'Mari'. 'Ma-r-i' is 'mother's powerful eye' and when the sun crosses the horizon at dawn people saw the sun-star through their image maker. Central to it was the right-angled cross. Men considered that id they died on it they could rise with the sun and fertilise the earth.

They dreamed that their spirits rose through the hole, which became the 'bull's eye'. The mother God was deemed to be the sacred cow because the horns could hold the sun on their heads. It is this perspective of the Mother God that makes the cow a sacred beast in India today.

There are statues of the black virgin Mary in existence as they were derived from India in relation to the story of Chrishna. He was the third person of the ElephantaVedic Trinity (image Wikipedia Commons) who was supposedly crucified and rose bodily to heaven as the 'son of God'. The first crucifix was found at Elephanta and it portrayed Indra, the sun, nailed to a cross with five wounds, Other crucifixes found here included one of Wittoba, who also displayed the Sacred Heart.

An archaeologist, James Maalart, noted of his work around the regions of Southern Turkey that the images he found there, dating to some 6,000 plus years ago, were so identical to the Christian Virgin Mary that he was totally confused. It appears that the story has its roots in the Middle East rather than in India.

In the remains of an ancient city, Catal Huyuk, he found a chapel where altars of bull horns lay at the feet of the Mother God who is displayed on the wall in the shape of a cross. On the floor are severed heads while the walls depict headless bodies dancing. The same idea was found in a Mayan site, at the Altar de Sacrificios (dated 150-550AD), where a depiction on an urn shows a king severing his own head. This caused the body to dance and it is known that the living spirit was transported to the after-life via this action, thus the ritual. Many bodies were uncovered in Mexico from the Maya showing where some tried to sever their heads and then recovered from the injuries inflicted. The image is of another chapel dedicated to the bull.

In Ninevah, another ancient city of Assyria, images of the bull as a personification of a human in that shape was recovered. Here the Mother God is also depicted as Astar, whoch means 'powerful star'. This is also the root of 'Astarath' and other names associated with her, such as Zoro Aster or 'morning star'.

It is from the rising up of the god-man or bull that we get things like 'bullion' for gold, the 'or' of the sun'. 'O-r' means 'circle of power' and 'awe' is derived from it. God because the most precious metal because the image of the sun-star with the cross is seen when light reflects from its surface. Kings dressed in gold for this reason. The ascent of the bull also gave rising to the 'bullish' market which means 'rising up'.

This is the origin of Jesus Christ, the bull god-man on the cross. Constantine, who invented him, took the old name for Spirit and that for Chrishna and generated the name. Jerome, who came later, added to the lies by creating the New Testament stories.

Emperor Constantine invented Jesus Christ and established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. Prior to this there were no Christians as we recognise them but Krishna followers who were called by a similar name. Jerome then compiled the New Testament to credit the church with enough authenticity to fool the world.

Constantine Exposed

Recent information from a priest in the Vatican states that this body of bishops ordered a new religion to be started and that Augustine Dea, of Hippo, was charged with the task. He found a young man, Mohammed, that he tutored to be a prophet and then spread the word of his great revelations from God. Kings who were under the control of the church promoted him and before long the new religion was taking off. The two are now opposites and at war with each other.

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Revelation 13:13-18

Constantine established the Catholic Church and Invented Jesus Christ

It is in this section of the bible that the truth about Constantine is portrayed. He had power to do miracles so that he made everyone believe he was appointed by God. He reinstated the cross as the sacred sign of Rome. He created the image of the beast that had the wound by the sword and who lived (Jesus Christ). He forced everyone young and old, rich and poor to worship the beast or be killed. He took control of the commercial world and no one can buy or sell unless his number is in their head.

Constantine took over the role of Caesar on the death of his father Constantius. He then headed off to defeat Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. He then murdered all his family as well as any survivors from his army, The last emperor he had murdered was his own son, Crispus, whom he charged with treason. When he came to the throne there were five other emperors and now he was sole ruler.

The following year he called together the Council of Nicaea and established the Catholic Church. He put the image of Jesus Christ in it as its god and the Mother God, Mary, as his mother. He then built the Vatican to provide a parliament of control and management over every part of the empire. His mother then went to Palestine and identified sites that were hailed as the place where Christ was killed, buried and even born. Constantine then built churches over them.

The Conspiracy Against God

Ezekiel 22:25,26 spells out the conspiracy that Constantine put in place. According to this the prophets are like ravening lions that devour souls. This is obviously referring to Jesus Christ and Mohammed. They are of the same background and preach similar things. By their deceit they stole the treasure and made many widows. That is because they preach war, hatred, discrimination and perversion. They sanction terrorism and mass murder. They preach of heaven and hell, devil, angels and saints and they encourage their people to believe in an eternal kingdom in the sky that is the place reserved for martyrs and those who serve the religions.

Their priests are violators of God's laws and they profane the things of God by putting no difference between the good and evil doers. They forgive criminals and encourage crime while engaging in pedophilia and such.

These things have built a wall that is too high, wide and deep to pass. It is called the wall of the Daughter of Zion (Lamentations 2:18) because it has caused nothing but death and misery all the day long. Now it will go because God has brought forth the woman to destroy it and she is called the Daughter of Zion. In Micah 4:10-13 it describes how her horns are of iron and her feet of brass to kick the wall into pieces. The 'horn' is an old term for intelligence, knowledge or brains.

The Internet is the place for Mount Zion to be heard. It is the new teaching that will remove the old religions and the work of the two beasts forever. We are at that time now and you are reading part of the information in this lens and the others are all available to put the picture together. God has worked to a plan to bring us to this point. Everyone who ever lived is back in their bodies and now is the time of the judgment.

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      The history of religion is important and interesting.


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