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Consciousness explained

Updated on August 15, 2015

This is how I see consciousness. whether or not this is how it really works is up to you to decide. Thinking about these things for yourself is very important and you should never allow anyone to dictate your beliefs. Learn from the thoughts and ideas of others and then try to make up your own way of understanding the reality that we live in.


An easy way to define consciousness, is to say that it is an awareness of something. The basic state of awareness, is to be aware of nothing. And in reality nothing actually exist. It's all an illusion of sorts. But when we become aware of the fact that we are aware of something, even if that thing is just nothing. Then we become aware of the concept of nothing. And when we become aware of the fact that we are aware of the concept of nothing, we start to see contrast between different forms of awareness. And by exploring the contrasts between these forms of awareness, we start to explore more and more complicated thought structures, and among the results of those thought structures, is the reality that we find ourselves in.

Universal consciousness

Universal consciousness, is multiple levels of consciousness that are aware of "lower" levels of consciousness. And ultimately there is one level of consciousness, that is aware of all others. The easiest way to explain this is to look at how our own mind works. When we create fantasies in our mind, we create an environment for that fantasy and we create the characters that inhabit that fantasy. And the characters we create are only aware of the environment and other characters that we present them.

This is the way it works "above" us at well. At some level there is an awareness of the universe that we are inn. And this level of awareness has an awareness of other levels below it. Together they/we, create the rules/concepts that determine how this universe works. At a pretty low level in this system of awareness, you find what we usually refer to as souls. And the souls are the ones who imagine our thoughts.


A good way to understand souls, is to imagine ourselves as one. Souls, just like us exist within the awareness of this universe. But they experience it from another point of view than we do. Just like our fantasies are only a part of our total awareness, for our souls, our daily lives as humans, is only part of their total awareness as souls. The souls are aware of each other and communicate with each other at the soul level of awareness. The realty that we, as humans, are experiencing is a kind of shared fantasy that the souls are having by interacting with environments created by higher levels of consciousness.

The rules of the environment or the laws of nature, if you will, are set. And in a sense it is a bit like when we play an online computer game with other players, in more ways than one, Just like we have the ability to interact with other players both trough interactions in the game and trough outside communication like chatting, so does the souls. The souls often have plans for what they want to achieve within a lifetime. And by communicating with other souls with similar goals or matching goals, they can plan out interactions ahead of time in order to make those things happens. This is what can be referred to as fate or more often these day. The law of attraction. This is why they often say that it's important to have a clear idea about what you want to do. Because the souls uses that to find other souls to help us get that.

© 2015 Fredrik


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    • truthandexperienc profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Oslo, Norway


    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 

      3 years ago from east coast,USA

      I have always been interested in the concept of "nothing", and I like your thoughts concerning soul and consciousness. I enjoyed reading your hub.

    • truthandexperienc profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Oslo, Norway

      I understand that certain drugs can act as a shortcut to seeing the world differently. But personally I have never tried and don't plan on using any. I think it can help you see. But I'm not really sure that it can teach us how to see. And the experience can be so powerful that it might blind people to the weaker and more sustainable forms of enlightenment that can be experienced daily without drugs.

    • Aiman Azlan profile image

      Aiman Azlan 

      3 years ago from United Arab Emirates

      With my relatively well-educated knowledge of LSD, I feel that everyone should explore the drug at least once in their lifetime. Of course with responsibility and care. But the substance has more power than some people are knowledgeable of. It's common to dismiss the drug as a silly hippy recreational drug that just makes you trip balls and what not, and in some aspects it kinda is. But the substance can truly give people enlightenment on their consciousness and their subconsciousness. If you have the time google people's experiences with the drug and also the term "ego death".


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