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Power of Numerology

Updated on March 18, 2012
Count Marco - Master of Cartomancy
Count Marco - Master of Cartomancy | Source

Numerology Reading - Louise Anne Meadows

As a Master of Catomancy, that is the prediction of the future with the power of the playing cards I have recently started to study the power of Numerology.

I have spent many days, weeks and months looking deep within each number.

I can honestly say that I did not expect to find such compelling evidence that there truly is a connection, there is a correlation between ones name, date of birth and the magnificent power of numbers.

As I have studied over 150 different names and dates of births I cannot deny the strong connections that I have discovered. Your name is not an accident or coincidence. You chose to be born into this name to give you the very vibrations and energy that comes from within it. This is also the same with the day of your birth. I have decided to show an example of this with an old friend called Louise Anne Meadows. As I researched my various manuscripts and charts I was intrigued to see how the true significance of her name came over. She herself was blow away. It showed her as a most responsible and nurturing person. I could see that Louise did have a most protective and sympathetic nature. She held the vibration of the magical number 6. This also explains her very helpful nature. A woman of a highly conscientious nature. She is always so capable of resolving conflict and situations where harmony is not in abundance. This lady is always happy to help others and is of a very comforting nature. She can work so very well with old, young, sick and underprivileged people.

Louise I can see is incredibly creative, with a unique sense of originality. This is indeed an artistic woman. She will always be looking to see how she can offer her services to her community. Louise understand that people find you to be so very friendly and appreciative with a strong loving nature. You have the ability to reach deep into your mind as to when to offer or show kindness, sympathy and you have a understanding and generous nature. The card showing the number 6 reveals your parental side of being an attentive one with the quality of an excellant homemaker .

Honesty is something you hold in great esteem, you are a very open and honest person. If you have great abundance of the 6 influence some of the negative sides associated with the six could come through. These could range from being very demanding on yourself. Through to sacrificing your own self for the better of others. On occasion you could have difficult from seeing how your good intentions could be interpreted as interfering in other peoples affairs. Another difficult you may experience is to actual express yourself as an individual. this is because you are so involved in your many causes and responsibilities.

Many people under this influence worry far too much. So be aware of this. When I look into your Soul Urge number I see that it is a number 5. I read this as showing me that one of your main motivations in your life is to be free and experience excitement and adventure. You love to enjoy the unexpected. You will benefit and enjoy travel and the great freedom it offers you.

You would do well if you could be a little more concerned about your own future and moving forward. Sometimes you can appear to be unmotivated. However being influenced by the number 5 brings your sense of adaptability and versatility to the fore. I can see you are naturally resourceful and have great sense of enthusiasm. You mind is so active and very progressive. You are a natural leader

You like to take the most unusual path and prefer to move at high speed. Sometimes if you cannot live like this you can become somewhat frustrated. Routine is something that you do not like, preferring to switch projects often.

In relationships you find it difficult to fully commit to just one person. When I look deeper into your Inner Dream number I recognize that you are a number 1. Again we see you as a leader. Fully in charge in all situations. You are of original mind and full of courage.

When people first meet with you they feel you are a very confident lady, perhaps sometimes even aggressive. I am hoping that this neurological reading has been of some interest to you.

You may also benefit from one of my Skype Psychic Readings.

Blessings † Count Marco †


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