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Dancing with God

Updated on November 1, 2012
Third Eye
Third Eye

'Dancing with God'

I don’t know where this expression came from. The only thing I know is that I heard it in my mind while my eyes were half closed. Lying on my bed, trying to sleep, I felt my pulse rising and heart pounding against my chest so hard that my whole body started resonating with the heart beat. I could almost feel my temples throbbing and blood rushing through my veins; lying motionless in a helpless state, I could feel my respiration slowing down. Suddenly a haze of colors filled my vision and I could see, even with my eyes closed, splashes of beautiful and bright colors surrounding my head. Absolutely clueless of what was happening to me, I surrendered to the mystical power which seemed to have overpowered me at that moment.

celestial light
celestial light

An Esoteric experience

I felt myself disintegrating into countless pieces, each of which, to my surprise, looked exactly like me. It seemed as if I was watching my clones with my own eyes. The feeling was inexplicable and beyond the understanding of my ethereal mind. I saw my clones dancing in ecstasy to the tune of a melodious music which itself was mesmerizing. There was, most certainly, everything celestial about the whole experience. It felt like transcending, beyond the limits of my physical body, into a timeless zone filled with peace, tranquility and spectacular white light. While those dancing beams of light seeped into me, all those deep seated fears and worries which had been troubling me for ages seemed to disappear. I stood there bathing in that white and flawlessly crystalline light with an angelic smile on my face. I had never felt so filled up and complete in my life before.

Dancing had been a dream…

When I was younger, I used to picture myself dancing in a moonlit and starry night with the man of my dreams. Sounds like a usual fantasy of any woman in her adolescence! I might have lived on with this unfulfilled dream and possibly buried it somewhere in my subconscious mind unknowingly. That perhaps would explain the phenomenal experience I had. As I believe in “all for a reason” concept, I strongly feel that some unseen power wanted me to see how fulfilling and magical it would be to dance with God rather than any earthly being. I’m sure dancing with a man, no matter how exquisitely charming and loving he might be, would never have brought tears of joy to my eyes, the way dancing with my Higher Self did. For the first time in my life I was shown what exactly ‘harmony’ between ‘ethereal self’ and ‘higher self’ meant.

Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna

When Gods dance

I learnt that ‘dancing’ does not have to be taken in the literal sense alone; it could mean dancing to the tune of the Almighty and surrendering to Him in all situations, no matter how good or worse. It could even mean rejoicing with Him and merging our own entity with His, as we happen to be an inseparable part of His being. It means being aware of our source and final destination; we are born from that ‘eternal light’ and are destined to merge in the same light at the end of our long and burdensome journey. No wonder we have stories of Gods dancing in Hindu and Greek mythology. Terpsichore, better known as mother of divine singing (‘Terpo’ means delight and ‘chorus’ stands for dance), was the Muse of dance and dramatic chorus as per Greek mythology. She is mostly depicted playing lyre while in some other pictures she is shown with a triangle and flute. The same way, Lord Krishna, in Hindu mythology is shown playing flute while dancing with his female devotees who are shown gyrating to his music notes under the magical spell of His love. Likewise Hindu scriptures show pictures of Lord Shiva (Nataraja) doing the ‘dance of death’ (Tandava) symbolizing the end of this world.

Dancing in ecstasy
Dancing in ecstasy

Ecstasy of Dancing with God

The feeling of oneness with God can be described as simple Ecstasy which fills or rather nourishes our soul to the deepest and unexplored level. Nothing can be as rejuvenating, resuscitating and energizing as dancing with Him to His tune. We spend our entire lives looking for someone who could make us feel happy and alive but ironically, we fail to dig into a massive resource of happiness which we all are born with. That wealth of happiness lies dormant in us, waiting for us to discover it, and rejoice in being the proud owners of the hidden treasure. Don’t waste time looking around….look inside your own self!

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Dancing with God

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