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Dandelion Faith, The Wish

Updated on August 15, 2014

Faith is defined as unconditional belief. Complete trust. Confidence.

When I was a very small child, I remember blowing on dandelions and making a wish. So there I sat in an open field trying my best to blow all those flowery seeds off the stem. I would search out for the thinnest one and blow my hardest. Seemed like I never had enough wind. Once however, I closed my eyes and wished real hard for a hula hoop. That was the dream toy of my young life. I took in a huge breath and blew with all my heart and faith for that dandelion wish.

The seeds all took flight into the air and my eyes grew big when I realized I blew each seed off the plant for the first time! My heart pounded and I had faith I was going to get a hula hoop! I watched each seed float away into the blue sky.

My Mother and Father just came home from the grocery store. For the last month I have been begging for a hula hoop each time they would go out shopping. I was their little pest in that regard. I busted through the side door of our house and asked, “Mommy, did you get it, did you get it?” My breath was labored from running so fast and all the excitement.

My Mother looked down at me and frowned. “No child, but Baby Doll I have one more package out in the car. Will you go and get it?” Mom always called me “Baby Doll” when she was in an extremely good mood, but despite her mood, my heart sank at the word “No”. So out I trudged to the car to retrieve my Mother’s last package.

I opened the back seat of our white four door Ford and there laying on the seat was a pink hula hoop with white thin stripes that coiled around the hoop. I was joyous and my faith took a leap! I danced out of our garage with the hula hoop and a huge smile on my face. Immediately I went to my Mother and shared my joy.

I had complete faith in that dandelion. I believed wholly in my heart so my wish came true. However, I decided that wishing on dandelions only worked once, because after that none of those silly little wishes ever came true. Just the same though, this was my first experience with Faith. As time went on and I grew older, I learned faith comes in many forms. Faith in myself when I had to deliver speeches in classes, or returning to a swimming pool after almost drowning. That was confidence in myself. There was faith in believing my Mother and Father loved me and would be there for me most of my life. Even after they died I still heard their words echo and felt their presence. I had trust in my parents love.

There are two kinds of faith that spell out all of life. The faith of spirit and the faith of healing. I remembered as a child, one particular Sunday School teacher when I was six or seven. She was a small woman and a widow. She always wore hats that matched her dress and shoes. That was the style back then in the early sixties. But every time I saw her, she glowed. I was in awe of that glow. She reminded me of what I imagined an Angel to look like.

I remember asking her why she had this light around her all the time. With her never ending smile, she replied that she was so full of faith in Jesus and His love that she over spilled with it. Her faith was shinning through. That is an image that has stayed with me to this day. Faith in the Spirit, rather it be Budda, Ala, Wankan Tanka, or God, it can make a person so strong in their walk through life.

In turn this kind of faith also can bring about healing. Faith in the Doctors’ skills, faith in an Aztec Healers, faith in Medicine Men, faith in controlling your mind to heal one’s self, all these are miracles upon themselves and are given life by simply believing! I have witnessed in my life, people who have been touched by hands and became new again, mentally and physically. They carried the faith!

Faith is a powerful thing. I remember when my children were small and how we would tell them of Santa. They believed. As they grew older they began to lose that belief in Santa Claus. I told them they were wrong and to take another look around. Santa is a spirit that will stay alive so long as someone believes and miracles happen in his name every year. They considered what I said and watched each year for those small miracles. Today, my son’s are young men and they still believe in the spirit of Santa!

I truly trust that faith gives life to that in which you believe. If enough people have faith then it will manifest itself into power. Move mountains! Create miracles! Bring about healing!

So what brings about faith? I suppose it is the drive to survive, to propel ourselves forward in this world, the instinct to live and keep living. It is sad when you think about it, but those who wish to die have lost their faith in themselves, the Spirit or the people who surround their lives. But the good news is faith can always be found again and reborn into life, one just needs to believe unconditionally, have confidence and trust.

So I must ask…is there a tinkerbell in your life, do you clap to bring her back to life? Will your faith carry you through the coming year! I know, with confidence that everyone has the power to believe and has a dandelion wish waiting to come to life!


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    • profile image

      erickcb 5 years ago

      Yes, back again. I really enjoy your hubs. I agree with itakins. You do have such a charm that I enjoy and can feel all the way over here in California. Your hubs bring a smile to my face!


    • itakins profile image

      itakins 5 years ago from Irl

      This is so beautiful,I read it twice! You have a charmingly gentle way of getting a very profound message across.