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The Day of the Lord

Updated on August 2, 2010

Judah sinned againt God and not just sinned, but also turned away from Him and worshipped idols and other (false and foreign) gods. Therefore God decided to punish the nation and pour his anger out on all arrogant. All the evildoers will be stubble and will be burnt on that day when the Lord comes.

When it was first prophesied the Judeans tought that it will be a great day for them, because all its enemies will be destroyed and they can live in peace. But they were wrong! It included them too.

Now, what the Day of the Lord would be like? There will be a big mess, confusion and panic in Judah. In other words it will be dreadful and unforgetable for the people, because God will destroy it with his fierce anger. On the Day of the Lord there will be a great battle what Judah will loose. On that specific day clouds will cover the sky and there will be complete darkness. The capital city (Jerusalem) and other cities will not be the only thing that will be destroyed, but He will also destroy the people who have sinned against Him, and turned away from Him. God will also destroy the idols, foreign gods, high places and all the things that mankind made for worshipping things and do not involve God. The Lord will also destroy the false prophets, because they are liars (they do not tell what God tells them to tell, but tells and “prophesying” what they make up, usually positive things) and God doesn’t like liars. He will destroy those that are from royal family and those that oppress the poor. He will also destroy and wipe out merchants and those who who trades with silver.

God will split the Mount of Olives in two from west and east. One half of it will start to move south and the other to the north.

Also there won’t be light, or cold or frost and when night comes there will be light.

 And the last I would like to mention are those that are corrupt and don’t accept any correction. They will be punished too.

This whole thing tells that God is a judging, but fair god who really hates sin. God is also jelous, but that’s OK, because I would be jelous too if I were in His place but I’m not. He only punishes those that deserve punishment. God is almighty and has an awsome power that human brain cannot uptake.

All these destructions took place in 605 B.C. when the Babylonians took over Judah. The Judean army suffered a great loss from the Babylonian army so Jehoiakim (the Judean king) finally decided (actually he didn’t have any other choice) to surrender to Nebuchadezzar, the Babylonian king. That day when Jerusalem was taken over, of course, everything happened the way they were prophesied.

These things teach me that I’m a little, stupid, powerless fellow compared to God who is almighty (as I already said) and that He has an awsomely great power, and He rules the whole Universe. In other words He is God, and I’m one teeny-weeny piece of his huge and perfect creation.

Zephaniah 1:8,11,15   3:1-2,4, Ezekiel 13:3, Amos 5:20


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