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Destined for Greatness but sold as a Slave

Updated on September 24, 2015
We are destined for greatness but so many people do not understand that. Joseph was destined for greatness and he achieved that.
We are destined for greatness but so many people do not understand that. Joseph was destined for greatness and he achieved that. | Source

Then they passed by midianites merchantmen and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit and sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver and they brought Joseph into Egypt.

Taking a flashback on Josephs dream of prominence, compared to his present situation, some of the question that would come to mind are: was Joseph aware that his brothers envied him? was betrayal part of his dream? was there a time he saw himself in a pit? was being sold into slavery part of his dream? The answer is "NO" but all these are necessary ingredients for his colorful destiny. May be you are at the verge of compromise, wondering why you are going through chains of tribulations and persecution contrary to your envisioned journey or you are wondering why everything seems to be saying you are in the wrong track of your destiny. Have this in mind that behind every glory there is always a story. Destiny does not come to limelight without passing through series of test just as Gold cannot glitter without passing through fire for purification.
Some times in our journey of destiny, we get to find ourselves in places we never imagined to be and we complain while facing the opposite of our dream.Joseph had a wonderful dream of where he was in authority and his brethren came and bowed to him and worshiped him but little did he know that the way to that very vision was going to commence from the pit, then been sold as a slave, followed by becoming the head of the prisoner. At this point in time, we tend to quit our dreams and vision when the heat of trials tend to dry up every of our effort towards achieving success. At such times we try to lose sight of the plans and purposes of God concerning our predicaments. Sometimes, when the battle becomes tougher on our way, many often you yell out"why me" The good news which i know that might be the direct opposite of your expectation is that God may have promised you a great destiny, a successful and peaceful marriage, a wonderful and spirit filled ministry but no matter how great your calling might be, it is never going to come to manifestation without passing through challenges.
Yeast makes flour to rise and become bread but one funny thing is that after mixing the two together , the floor does not rise, there is always a need for that flour and yeast to pass through heat for it to rise and come out as a finished product-bread. The challenges you encounter in every journey of life and destiny are not meant to discourage you nor dampen your vision for life but to make you rise to the top and to equip you in other to fulfill your dreams and visions for life. They often make one more matured, more experienced and seasoned in ones field of endeavor.

As a reader of this write-up, I want to tell you that you are destined to be great, so if you have not attain that, never give up.
As a reader of this write-up, I want to tell you that you are destined to be great, so if you have not attain that, never give up. | Source

Joseph from his youth was destined to be a prominent figure, yet from the beginning of his journey set backs showed up contrary to what he saw. What an irony of life. The irony of life and destiny often times tend to make us look at the pains instead of the gains, many at times we give up when God is about to get started. Patience and faith are the keys to destiny. Faith has to do with you strong believe in something or somebody. For us to say we have faith in God, it means we absolutely believe in all his promises. With all our might we believe and accept His spoken word over our life and we also have faith in His ability to bring to pass His promises over our life irrespective of the evidences that may satisfy the sense or may be contrary to the word and promise He made. Working by faith is not the absence of temptations and trails in our life.

It is the will of God that his children will be great. Irrespective of the challenges you face in life, keep on looking forward for greatness.
It is the will of God that his children will be great. Irrespective of the challenges you face in life, keep on looking forward for greatness. | Source

Patience on the other hand is your attitude while expressing your faith. Patience does not connote waiting and complaining. It does not mean as you are waiting for the manifestation of the promise you should start complaining, murmuring and lamenting over the situation. Patience is your right attitude while waiting. Despite the fact that the promise has been made, it does not mean it will manifest immediately and we should know that between two immutable things it is impossible for God to lie, so we should patiently wait.
Joseph never knew that it was from the prison that he will become the prime minister of the great nation Egypt but he held unto his dreams and vision that was given to him when he was tender. So was it said concerning papa Abraham that he staggered not in faith through unbelief but judged God able and capable that He will bring to pass all His promises and it was attributed or counted to him for righteousness. Continuously he was patiently waiting for the promise to manifest and was giving thanks to God. God is not carried away by the trials and temptations we are passing through but He is extremely busy making a way. God told Abraham to look from where he is and not at where he is. God knows that once he starts looking at where he is, he will be discouraged . Don't focus on the temptations and trials, it came to make you rise to the topmost top.Follow the path of life and destiny with patience.
Don't look and focus your attention on the pains but on the gains and behind every glory there is always a story. SEE YOU AT THE TOP


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