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Do You Want To Know Your Mission In Life? Find Your Destiny Number

Updated on March 4, 2013

Your Calling In Life May Be Easier To Discover Than You Think

If you're trying to figure out what you were meant to do in this life, then this is the right article for you. Your destiny number can reveal this purpose and in this lens you'll find out exactly how to find it and what it means.

Names have meaning. Your higher self essentially chooses the parents you will have at birth and those parents will choose a name that will allow your soul to reach its fullest potential during that lifetime, but only if you know how to interpret it.

Your name represents a type of blueprint of what you can potentially achieve in this lifetime. Your destiny number will steer you in the right direction for this achievement, but it will ultimately be your choice on whether to pursue your destiny and reach the highs of what this life may offer. Good luck.

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Step 1: Your Original Birth Name

The name that appears on your birth certificate should be the one used to figure out your destiny number. This includes the first, middle and last; if it's on your birth certificate, that's what you use even if you don't go by it anymore. Below are a few more things to keep in mind.

  • Mistakes are made on birth certificates. If you're parents accepted the typo and decided to keep your name anyway, then use that name.
  • If you have been adopted, you need to find out your original birth name to use, not your adopted name.
  • If your parents decided to change your name within a day or so of your birth, and they make it official by changing it on the certificate, then you can go by the new name.
  • If you have more than three names, use them. Whatever is on the certificate, that's what you use. Every letter counts.
  • The only thing you disregard on your birth certificate is words like Jr., Sr. or roman numerals. As an example, if you're name is listed as Tim Dotson Jr., then you only use Tim Dotson to figure out your destiny number.

Step 2: Letters and Numbers


In numerology, letters of the alphabet are assigned numbers. The above chart shows you the value of each letter.

Step 3: Calculating Your Destiny Number


  1. First, write your full name down on a sheet of paper, assigning a number to each letter.
  2. Next, add the reduced total of each name. Each name should be done separately.
  3. Now, add together the reduced total of each name.

    If you get an 11,22 or 33, you need to reduce them as usual, but write them like this: 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6. These are master numbers and while they do indicate a more developed soul, they will often mean much more responsibility for you.

    Otherwise reduce to a single digit. This will be your destiny number.

What Your Destiny Number Means

Number 1 Destiny

The number 1 is all about developing your leadership skills and eventually becoming one. Your purpose in life is to think for yourself, be innovative and take charge. This will increase your sense of self, your will and your determination. Experimenting with new ideas and unique activities is the way to go here.

Number 2 Destiny

The number 2 calls on you to focus on balance, being a team player and cooperating with others. This destiny is all about peacemaking and creating harmony. This number helps you build your relationship skills.

Number 3 Destiny

Motivating and inspiring others by example should be your goal with a 3 destiny number. Being positive and helping others to achieve their dreams through your words will give you the most bang for your buck here.

Number 4 Destiny

Your destiny with this number is to build something that will have value and will last for a very long time. Practicality, hard work and a sense of order will be required to accomplish this.

Number 5 Destiny

A 5 destiny number encourages you to embrace change and learn to adapt to different conditions to survive and thrive. Feel free to follow wherever your curiosity leads you and use your resourcefulness to get through any situation.

Number 6 Destiny

Your purpose in life here, is to serve. Helping and giving comfort to others will give you the lessons (and rewards) you need in this lifetime.

Number 7 Destiny

Analyzing everything and seeking out the truth is what you need to focus on if you have a 7 number. You will do well to utilize your focus, keen observation and research skills, no matter what area of knowledge you decide to explore.

Number 8 Destiny

With an 8 destiny number you're goal should be to achieve material success through mastery of self. Being authentic and a visionary in some form of business (along with your organization skills) should eventually gain you much success.

Number 9 Destiny

You will find the most success in this lifetime if you focus on being tolerant and loving others unconditionally. Forgiveness plays a large role with this number.

Master Number 11/2 Destiny

This old soul is destined to give inspirational leadership and use any skills they may have to the benefit of the whole planet. Your goal should be to transform other peoples' lives through reform.

Master Number 22/4 Destiny

Your mission in life with this master number is to build or execute something that will benefit all of humankind for the better - a master builder.

Master Number 33/6 Destiny

This one is all about love and healing and helping other to understand the importance of it. Your aim in life should be to become a master healer.

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Do you have any thoughts on your destiny, or do you even believe you have one? - Thoughts about the lens in general is ok, too.

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