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Discovery of the True Face of the Holy Spirit

Updated on April 1, 2020
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Emmanuel is a Nurse, Christian leader, prolific writer and a medical researcher. His qualifications are RN, RM, BNSc, MPH.

The Holy Spirit: a Force or a Person?

The Holy Spirit who is being spoken of by many sects in the religious community has been a subject of much debate amidst people of no understanding. How is it possible for one to be able to understand, explain and confirm the nature, appearance and character of an individual they have neither seen nor known? It is not surprising today to find people belonging to these categories go about saying incongruent words perhaps which they have heard, read or felt should be, about this heavenly being. They deny his reality and relegate his personality to the lowest cadre using a subjectively based judgmental means or method. This indeed is doleful.

A Force or a Person?

The Islamic Views

This action is not only centered amidst the Christian religion alone but also among the mohammedians. The Islamic sect believed that Jesus promised to send someone after himself i.e. after he has left the world, to be a comforter to his people and when Christ was describing and referring to this person, it never seem to be like a force but a person. When the violent genius called Mohammed showed up with all his meditative convulsive characteristics, they concluded that he was the Holy Spirit that the lord Jesus Christ spoke about, neglecting the details and the descriptions that Jesus gave in his words and what happened at the first arrival of the Holy Spirit on earth. They never reasoned how very wrong they were to say Mohammed was the Holy Spirit, for one who is an imbecile can easily deduce from the least evidence that Christ left which is the name Holy Spirit. It vividly showed that this person is a Spirit and does not possess a body of flesh of his own like that of man. Therefore the belief of Islam about Mohammed is a gross misconception.

Personal Errors

But coming within the Christian group so many sects like the Jehovah witness amidst others has relegated the ministry of the Holy Spirit and given out silly notions, point of views and conclusion from their gross inadequacies and shortcomings. Some decided that the Holy Spirit is a force that the almighty God uses to perform a task, since so many impersonal materials has been used to represent, describe and explain His actions. At some instances, a material like dove was used, when the Holy Ghost came on Jesus Christ at river Jordan, John1:32. At other instances, fire was used to represent and describe his actions, potency and power, luke3:16. At some portions in the scripture, he was represented with water just to illustrate his actions as the water that satisfies man’s deepest spiritual thirst, John7:37. At other time, he was regarded as power from on high, just to highlight his enablement and the gifts he bestows, Luke24:49. At other point he was represented with a rushing mighty wind and tongues of fire, Acts2:2. All these representations are all describing the ability, capacity, potency, personality, enablement and action of the Holy Spirit and do not points to Him directly or does not really connote Him. Have you seen a person that can have two personalities at the same time, can a person be water and also be fire, dove, wind, power, flame? Certainly not. It is only a representation. The Holy Spirit is a person like any other persons, just that he does not possess a body of its own but inhabits the body of man and not just any man but a holy man subjected to the will of God.

The Real Biblical Veiw

Further more, with no iota of doubt; evidences abound in the scripture and from the author’s personal experience that the Holy Spirit is a person. He is the third person in the trinity and not only that but he is God himself. He is very real, more real than anything you could ever think of, yes I say than the very person next to you. He desire and deserves your worship. He desires and deserves your fellowship and communion. You must seek to know him personally. You must invite him into your life for a sweet baptism in his fire. You must acknowledge him as God and as the one that directs and controls the church as Christ gives him direction. We cannot do without him in this world especially this generation that is filled to the brim with such great unrighteousness and abominations. The Holy Spirit is the only force resisting sin, evil and immoralities in this world. When he shall be taken up to his normal place of abode, it will be when the son of God returns to collect His own. Otherwise it would not have been possible for us to live successfully few minutes in the world without sin if the Holy Spirit is not around again. I tell you I will not want to remain in this corrupt evil world five minutes after the Holy Spirit has been taken.

© 2011 Emmanuel O ADESUYI


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