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No Rules for Divine Connection

Updated on August 19, 2014

What do we need in order to connect to the universal energy, God, Spirit, or the Divine? Do we need books, a set of rules, or a belief system in order to go into the desert and connect? In a space of silence the answers we seek are available without bias human ideas or influence. Do we even need food in the desert? Do we need to sit on a building to feel the power of the natural force that runs through everyone and everything? Nature is the highest frequency we can experience in this universe, isn't it? Therefore, it's the very best place to be for connection to the divine, God, or Goddess?

We are all connected as we were created by this force of nature and we are in no need of outside influence to impede what we already have and know. This was given to us. Most of us need to feed our minds, as it relentlessly asks questions and demands answers. The mind needs to be satisfied, but we need to learn how to discipline ourselves into 'listening'. Listening is the golden key for finding universal truths about anything; they come as perfect answers fit and designed uniquely for each unique person to understand in their own way.

When we cannot sit in silence and just listen carefully to what is coming in, we tend to go outward seeking answers to satisfy our egoic mind. We then look for them in books, teachers, leaders or organizations. But we'll only find their set of rules, their unique understanding, and their logic that is impossible to satisfy each unique person. Often belief systems are set into place and everyone may naively go follow them instead of developing their own truth about life, God or anything else. But this closes our connection and strengthens the mind, which may lead to total closure over time.


The American Indians sat high on the mountain plateaux, Jesus went into the desert or into a garden alone, and many others received heir prophecies while spending long periods of time in dark caves or on ley lines.

"No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself."



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