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Diwali Festival And Celebration

Updated on October 31, 2012

What Is Diwali For Hindus, Buddhists and Jains

Various legends belong to Diwali. However, what matters most is that it is considered a sign of happiness and people rejoice it every time the time to celebrate Diwali arrives!

Diwali is the most important festival in India and one would be foolish to deny this. All Hindu children know the background of Diwali. After 14 years of exile ordered by Ram's step-mother, King Ram with his wife Sita and stepbrother Laxman came back to home on this memorable day. Lord Ram returned after defeating the Devil King of Lanka- Raavan- by fighting against him with an army of apes.

Kaikeyi, who was the stepmother of Rama, wanted her son Bharata to become the King of Ayodhya even though Lord Rama was the crown prince and the eldest son. The stepmother of Lord Rama wanted to send Lord Ram away into jungle exile because she knew that if Ram present, he can create problems for her son. King Dasaratha had promised to boon to kaikeyi and As a result, the father of Ram obeyed the order of Kaikeyi hesitantly.

Lakshmi Wallpaper
Lakshmi Wallpaper

Hindu Diwali Legends

Ravana, who was the evil king of Lanka, also considered as the King of knowledge, kidnapped the wife of King Rama in the last year of his exile so that he can marry her and make her his queen. Ravana was very powerful and all the Gods and evils were forced to obey him. However, when Rama came to know about Sita, he showed his fearlessness and defeated the evil king of Lanka with the help of an ape army and came back to Ayodhya victorious to become the king again. The residents of Ayodhya celebrated the victory of the king Rama by lighting up their lamps. So, the Hindus celebrate this night as Diwali in the 8th month of the Hindu lunar calendar as it shows that success always overpowers evil.

There are also some other legends like the return of Pandavas to their metropolis after displacement and the murder of Narakasura by the hands of Krishna. So, Diwali is celebrated because of these stories which inspire people and make them happy.

Diwali Buddhist

Not only Hindus but Buddhists also celebrate Diwali. Maurya Emperor Asoka, who was one of the most merciless rulers of India, converted to Buddhism after the great Kalinga war. He has visited the war seen after the victory. The sights of war ground where thousands of dead bodies of men, women and children were lying made him to extreme guilty for his act. This state of self-realization came after killing innocent people and seeing the river of blood flowing in front of him.

He adopted Buddhist religion, taken the path forgiveness and tolerance in his kingdom. Now he is known as the one of the greatest emperor ever ruled India. Modern india has taken his emblem known as ashok stambh as it national emblem, and his emblems circle in adopted for national flag. Also the wordings "Sathya meva jayathe" (Truth will win) has also taken as nation wordings and it is displayed in courts etc

Jain Diwali

15th October 527 B.C. is the guessed date of Diwali at Pavapuri. It is also considered that Mahavira who was the 24th Tirthankar of Jains, achieved mukti on this day which means enlightenment or a state of self realization. In the Harivamsa Purana book of Jain, you can find the ancient use of the word Diwali.

Diwali Fire works

Diwali Photos - Diwali Photo #1

Diwali scrap
Diwali scrap

Diwali is a highly celebrated event in India with everybody exchanging Diwali cards and Diwali sms so as to spread the word of delight and happiness.

Diwali Photo #2

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