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Dog Zodiac Personality

Updated on December 27, 2010

Dog Zodiac Characteristics

Born under the sign of justice, those who born in the year of the Dog are straightforward, honest and have a deep sense of loyalty. They have a strong passion for justice and fairplay. Attractive and animated, they normally exude sex appeal. Unpretentious and amiable, they are not too demanding and know how to get along with others. The egalitarian Dogs can be counted on to do their share, they respect tradition and enjoy helping people. If you are in trouble, all you need to do is dial D-O-G, for no matter how much she or he scolds, complains or feigns indifference, he/she cannot ignore a real call for help. If there is someone bail you out ten times out of ten, he or she must be a Dog. Dog people at times protect the intrests of others more avidly than their own. Dogs will do anything in their power in order to make sure justice is served.

Dog Zodiac Sign

Dog Zodiac Sign
Dog Zodiac Sign

The Male Dog

The male Dog is brave and candid. Good-looking and well groomed, he respects others and expects the same from others. Agile and noble, he believes in morality and takes pride in his candid and trustworthy quality. He is the one who always point out the nonsmoking sign to smokers in the room and speaks up when he sees someone’s atempt to cut in a long line. However, although he is reliable, he is actually very suspicious of others. Considered slow to make close friend, the male Dog is picky in selecting his own worthy partner but once you are in, you are in for life. When you are wrong, he will be frank with you but when you are being wronged he will fight for you.  The downside is that the make Dog can be judgmental, obstinate and sometimes downright nasty.

The Female Dog

The female Dog is thoughtful, she is a capable person who will in all situetion be a simpIe dresser, preferring casual and serviceable cloth. She is not materialistic and does not care much for fame and power. She can become curt, impatient and impertinent when crossed but on the whole, the Dog lady is unaffected and attentive to the needs of others. Unprejudiced, cooperative and a very good sport, she enjoys swimming, dancing, tennis and other lively outdoor activity. The Dog lady is a real friend to her children and husband, she will allow them enough fredom in order to express themselves and choose their own future wihout interferring or being too possessive. The female Dogs have warm, enduring beauty. Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot, Cher and Zsa Zsa Gabor are but a few of the glamorous exampIes of famous females born in the year of the Dog.

The Dog Child

The Dog child will be happy, friendly and well balanced. Harmonious and cheerful, he expects little of others and can accept his friends and parents as they are. Confident, loyal and open, he will never allow himself to be bullied and always try hard to win the respect of his peers. He is also very protective towards his younger family member. This child will get his schoolwork done withuot too much trouble. He will insist on a certain degree of independence but this faithful Dog will not stray too far from home. This warm and candid child will be known for his sense of humour. He can turn rebellious, hypercricical and mean when offended. His anger flares and subsides quite fast and will not keep a grudge for long. When the Dog child is negative, he is argumentative, pugnacious, caustic and unbendingly opinionated. Fair-minded and liberal when not pushed too far and will retaliate bitterly without any compasiion when he feels he has been taken undue advantage of.


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