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Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFo Sighting Debate

Updated on February 16, 2011

2nd Video

Conflict over Dome of the Rock UFO Video

The ending of January was a bang for ufo skeptics and believers alike. Multiple videos were recorded of the same ufo sighting from different areas of Jerusalem where the dome of the rock could be seen. Because of the time of the ufo sighting, no one was allegedly a witness to this encounter. There is also a lack of proper documents to indicate the sighting took place at all.

While no police reports were filed or no witnesses came forward, the videos haven't been proven as hoaxes. There are a number of speculations about how the videos were conceived, including all persons recording the event being in collusion. Some skeptics believe video editing software was used to make the videos from ufo images already posted on websites like Wikipedia. This theory has not been proven. So what can it be?

The Believers

For the believers, they may have a problem thinking this video is real because of the lack of witnesses and the unwilling recorders. These videos were recorded by teenagers in Jerusalem, but none of them came forth or spoke about it, even on Facebook. It's not necessary for someone to post their findings on Facebook, but wouldn't they want someone to know about it seeing as though they spent the time to record it? Believers counter this theory as the Jerusalem dome of the rock ufo being covered up by the government.

Even if a government conspiracy was in place, the teens still had time to mention it to others. With the growing technology, many cell phones can access Facebook or calls can be made to other people. Then again, this argument that skeptics pick with believers could be considered irrelevant, considering the time the dome of the rock ufo was captured on video. Do you feel this is a strong argument to debunk this sighting?

The Video Conclusion

The video shows what looks to be an ufo hovering over the dome of the rock temple in Jerusalem. Apparently there are no witnesses to this event and the multiple video recorders haven't come forth either. There is speculation the video is fake because the ufo didn't reflect off the shiny surface of the dome of the rock temple. Skeptics believe the video clips were created using video editing software and a number of still images.

Believers argue the video has not been proven to be a hoax. They also say the teenagers who recorded the videos may have been "scared" to let people know it was them who captured this sighting. The reflection off the dome of the rock temple in Jerusalem has also been debated because believers claim the small sized orb couldn't have had a brilliant enough light to make a visible reflection off the dome of the rock, especially from the distance of which the videos were recorded. No witnesses is explained as being the wrong time of day for most to be outside, so the people who recorded the Jerusalem dome of the rock ufo sighting were the only people outside.

is the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Ufo Sighting Real?

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    • Joshua Kell profile image

      Levi Joshua Kell 6 years ago from Arizona

      Very cool! I believe.