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dreams and paranormal experiences

Updated on July 14, 2016

Synopsis of paranormal dreams...

My first real experience of a dream paralysis is seeing 3 dark shadows crawling from my window. I was 20 years old, just graduated 2 years of college. I remember I was always coming home late from hanging out with a few old friends. It was a dream from a third person view. I saw myself sleeping, and 3 little dark shadows creep through the window and collapse on top of me. For a good 5 minutes, I struggled to move and could not. I saw myself running to my brothers room and screaming at them to wake me up.... And I finally woke up, in my bed. Thinking to myself.... what just happened.

When your dreams take you places: My grandma passed when I was 8 years old and my grandpa passed when I was 13. After my 2nd child, I had a dream that I was walking a path, and there I was standing by a train stop, just waiting. I started walking on a path and all of a sudden my grandma was walking beside me. She pointed out to the acres of beautiful green hills and says all of it was hers. She had cattle and livestock and plenty of open land. We continued walking on the path and it led us straight into her house, surrounded by all the green hills. Inside I saw my grandpa sitting on a recliner. While my grandma was busy cooking and preparing us a meal, my grandpa and I we talked and talked, he asked about my family and how many kids I had. He said he was proud of me and I woke up. It was a pleasant dream. And it was nice to see my grandparents.

Ghost dreams: When I was pregnant with my daughter I had this dream: I was walking on a long long path., there was a man, tall, very tan skin, wearing a white shirt and dark pants following me. I was scared. When I got to my home, I locked all the doors and windows to ensure my safety. But as soon as I sat down to catch my breath, than man was sitting behind me. My dream repeated several times. And then I finally confronted the man, "Why are you following me? This is MY home for my family and I only!" And then he placed his hands over my 5 month belly and said, "Don't be scared of me, I am not here to harm you or your family. Even though you were expecting a boy, don't worry, your next pregnancy will be a boy." And then I woke up. Guess what? I had my son a year later.



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