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Dreams—Interpretation (Paranormal- Part 2)

Updated on November 1, 2012

Dreams—the Backdrop

What are dreams? Why do we dream when we are asleep? No one has been able to come up with a scientific reason for having dreams till date. The medical practitioners and the scientists have yet to identify the exact part of the brain where dreams originate. Although, there occurrence cannot be disputed, yet, there seems to be a veil drawn over this segment of paranormal since ancient times. Ever since man has existed on this planet, ‘dreams’ have reigned as one of the most intriguing experiences for human perception. One thing is certain, though. People, in all ages, have related the dream phenomenon to spirituality and higher energy. As per Greek mythology, the ailing people would live in temples and spend the whole time saying affirmations and prayers. They would stay in the temples for days and months together, waiting for those special healing dreams to come to them in their sleep, so as to know the cure for their ailments. They believed that spiritual forces would guide them in their sleep and let them know the cure for their diseases. There have been many recorded instances of people walking in to the temple with supports and walking out, fully cured, on their two feet. Even as per Eastern philosophy, dreams are supposed to be signs from the higher energy; they are guiding tools which help a person to make changes in his existing course of action. One just needs to have an open mind and be spiritually mature to understand, interpret and follow these signs.

Dreams –Scientific theory

Like human beings, animals, too, dream and in both the cases, dreams have been seen to be associated with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during which the brain pretty much works like it does in the waking state. During the whole life span, a human being typically dreams for a time period equivalent to six years of his life time. Most dreams last for about 5-20 min and the longest ones are those which we have closer to the waking time. During REM, scientists have found out that the release of certain neurotransmitters from the brain is completely suppressed as a result of which motor-neurons are not stimulated. This in turn (sort of) paralyses the spinal cord for a while, which prevents any dangerous body movement in sleep. That is perhaps why we don’t actually start running when we get those chasing, flying or falling dreams. Our body has an antedote for every single disrupting pattern. How amazing!

Dreams- Spiritual Connotation

Dreams have always been considered as messages sent by our higher consciousness to our ethereal mind and since there is no specific language for spiritual communication, it’s only through signs and symbols, such messages are conveyed. It’s important for a person to understand and interpret these signs so as to be able to follow them and alter his action in his waking life, if need be. Dreams are also said to be the messages from guardian angels to human beings so as to forewarn them of any approaching danger or remind them of any unfulfilled ‘karma’ which needs to be completed. Some dreams can be prophetic as they show us, in advance, certain events which are supposed to take place in future. Déjà vu is related to such dream occurrences. Simply put, there is a state which we reach in our sleep when our conscious mind merges with the subconscious and starts picking up the signals which we fail to recognize with our open eyes. Our consciousness travels beyond the linear time zone of our conscious mind and passes through grids / different dimensions, having a better understanding of the soul dynamics while moving in the hyperspace. This is the time when other souls also pass through the same grid and enter the same time zone which is why we remember having seen people in our dreams—the people whom we might have never known in our waking life. Dream time is supposed to be a time for the evolution of the soul as it matures while collecting information from the cosmos and knowing the ‘ultimate truth’ about the nexus between our consciousness and the cosmos as a whole. All this information gets fed in to our subconscious and we wake up every morning with a higher degree of maturity without even being aware of it.

Dreams—different types

Here I am making a mention of some of the commonly occurring dreams.

1. Anxiety dreams / nightmares:

Often accompanied with palpitation, sweating, racing pulse and a dry mouth. These are usually related to some kind of commotion existing in the waking life. You can, sometimes get a message from them and try to alter / make changes in the conditions prevailing in your life.

2. Recurring dreams:

These are dreams which you keep getting night after night or every few days. You should never ignore them as they, undoubtedly, try to tell you something important which might have some significance for you. Try to figure out the meaning yourself or share it with someone who can help you interpret but, in no case, ignore the signals.

3. Flying dreams:

These are indicative of your spiritual bliss and harmony. It can also mean that you are going to attain heights in some project you’ve undertaken or that your creativity is at its peak.

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming

4. Spirit dreams

These are often guiding dreams in which spirits of those who have crossed over come to you to show you the way through some difficult situations. They might even ask you to do something which you were supposed to do but somehow overlooked.

5. Prophetic / precognitive dreams

These dreams forewarn you about the future events. You might even get a chance to alter some decisions if you are able to interpret your dreams. One person saw trains colliding in his dream and trusting his instinct, he cancelled his train travel which was scheduled the next day. It turned out that the train actually collided and got derailed.

6. Healing dreams:

In such dreams, you get an indication to take care of your certain body part. It can be a person pointing to some part of your body which might be having some ailment, without you being aware of it. You might even get a sign speaking of the cure for the same. Refer to Greek mythology anecdotes.

6. Lucid Dreaming

This is different from other dreams as here the person knows in his dream that he is dreaming. He does not get bogged down by the events occurring in the dream as he knows that he can change them as he wishes to. He has control over his dream even when he is a part of that dream. With training, a person can learn how to become a lucid dreamer. Hope the uploaded video will help.

Last but not the least: No matter how much someone tries to interpret your dream, only you know better what it means.

Dreams Interpretration

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    • profile image

      simi 4 years ago

      I was looking for recurring dream and found this post.

      To dr_liz: There is some useful information I later found on Falling Dreams at This also has some good information about recurring dreams.

      hope it helps.


    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      David: May be...may be not. Its hard to say. I wish I were a psychic but I'm not. :) SO can't say what your dream exactly means. It could have ten different interpretations. Sooner or later you'll figure out yourself. Thx for stopping by.

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      Whenever I dream of being in a city, it's always this certain city. It's not exactly a place I want to live in. Does this mean that this is where I'll end up living?

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      dr_liz: You're very welcome.

    • profile image

      dr_liz 7 years ago

      thanx anjali....i checked out the link u sent for my query regarding that specific dream i had ..i take your word that the future holds the meaning to it...though it seems a little freaky to me that it could actually be a premonition...i hope it is the other way round....i.e.,some aspect of my present scenario or emotions which have projected as such a dream...whatever the dream means...i'l post it right away when i realise a connection...thanx once again...

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      dr_liz: Dreams interpretation may not be accurate all the time because dreams (that we get) may be a result of several factors e.g. hidden fears, insecurity, past life recollection, premonitions, even thoughts of others around us etc. As such we can never be sure of the meaning of our dreams. (Its said that dreams have to come from somewhere).

      I always tell people that you are the best judge of your dreams. Only you know what you saw and why you saw. It might take a while to understand the meaning but, trust me, you always get to know, sooner or later. However, for your convenience I'm posting a link which will help you figure out the meaning of your recurring dreams. Hope it helps. Feel free to come back and share your opinion.

    • profile image

      dr_liz 7 years ago

      hi anjali...

      i had a dream recently..this is how it husband & i are sleeping in our room..a boy is standing next to me pointing a gun at me...i try to move away as far as i could and in the process have been moving away from the edge of the bed & pushing my husband..he told me the next day that i almost pushed him off the bed..i'd really like to know if this dream means something...p.s :the boy i saw in my dream was wearing a hood/cloak like superman..

      one other recurrent dream i've been having is slipping off the stairs or falling off an edge...where i actually move my leg in reality and wake up in the jerk...its not exactly a dream..its just like i slip suddenly..

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      Germaine Reilly:

      "Sometimes the symbolism is strong and so the meaning is clear, other times I think it's just a case of waiting for the message to unfold."

      That happens with most of us. I guess one lifetime is not enough for knowing everything about the mystical world. We die learning. Thx so much for your kind comments.

    • profile image

      Germaine Reilly 7 years ago

      I'm really interested in this area and spend time trying to figure out how my dreams translate to the waking world. Sometimes the symbolism is strong and so the meaning is clear, other times I think it's just a case of waiting for the message to unfold. Thanks for a well explored article.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      my life dream: I'm Glad you liked it. Thx for reading this hub and leaving kind comments.

    • profile image

      my life dream 7 years ago

      Great to see a hub on this topic. I've been working on my lucidity for a while now.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York

      Fucsia: Thank you very much for your wonderful presence. Let me know when you interpret some of your recurring dreams. It might help the readers here. Thx again.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Great Hub! This is a fascinating and very interesting topic. I have some recurring dreams that I have yet to interpret. One in partcolare is distressing, perhaps a reminder of a past experience that I have removed ....

      I do not know.....!! Thank you...

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      my-success-guru: Well, a plane crash dream is generally interpreted as 'setting high goals which are difficult to achieve'...sort of unrealistic dreams coming crashing is a symbolic of creative energy but it can mean destruction as well...depends how you feel in the dream. Do you feel energized or scared? A lot depends on your feelings in your dream.

      A month ago I watched a video of a man who sought the help of a past life therapist for finding an answer to his consistent & nightmarish plane-crashing dreams. Surprisingly, in his regression, the man saw himself as an ex-Air force official dying in a fighter plane crash. Just before the plane had crashed, he had been watching (standing at a distance in an open field) the plane (caught up in flames) hitting the ground. That very incident had been responsible for the death of his younger siblings who had been, at that time, playing in the field, where the plane crashed. Even he had died in the same blast and possibly when his consciousness left his body, those horrible glimpses remained in his psyche even when he came back in a different body (in the present life). Isn't that interesting? How some of the dreams can have some connection with our past lives too?

    • my-success-guru profile image

      my-success-guru 8 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi Anjali,

      I think the study of dreams is fascinating! I noticed my dreams are a direct reflection of my life. I have dreams I am flying and feel peace and I have dreams I'm running down a runway with a big jet that is on fire and getting closer and closer until it's just a few feet away ready to crash and burn on top of me. These are both reoccurring dreams!

      Hmmm, it should be interesting what you say this time. I would love to have you visit my hubs sometime.


    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Tatheena: I've heard of moving things with the power of mind but that is usually done with conscious mind (when you're awake). The confusing part here is that you seem to have done it while in your sleep. Is this one single time such incident has occurred? Can you recollect any similar happenings in the past? If not, then you'll have to wait and watch the patterns in future. Initially I thought that you might have been just sleep walking but I presume that was not the case as otherwise you would have mentioned in your post. It's quite possible that for a few moments your consciousness left your body in your sleep and did some overt act as your subconscious had negative thoughts stored (about your room mate). All I can say is wait for some similar occurrences and if they do take place, then consult a professional (psychologist or a spiritualist depending on how much inclined you are towards rationality or the 'abstract'). Feel free to come back.

    • profile image

      Tatheena 8 years ago

      I guess what i was trying to say in my post was that i believe that somehow i moved the garbage on some sort of non-physical level. since i had this dream while i was not at home, then come home the next day to find out that my dream had been turned into a reality. its very confusing to me as well. if you don't have any advice do you know of a site that could possibly lend a ear. thanks for your help

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      TheAllSeeingEye: Consider yourself fortunate for having such dreams. It certainly does indicate that you are highly in tune with your sub conscious. Your soul has attained the higher levels of spiritual maturity. I'm sure you have a lot to give to others around you. I'm one of them. Thx for visiting this hub and sharing your valuable experiences.

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image

      TheAllSeeingEye 8 years ago from England.

      Nice hub anjalichugh,

      I often have very intense Lucid dreaming where I completely remember everything without difficulty. This I'm told is a rare phenomena, but someone told me that it proves to me how spiritually connected I am with my higher consciousness.

      Your flying dreams also caught my attention because I often get these too. My most amazing dream came when I was flying over my home town looking down on the landscape as if I was looking down from a plane right now, it didn't seem surreal, it felt as if it was really happening to me on a conscious level. I felt overwhelmed with happiness and joy, I thought of myself as being an Eagle in mid flight.

      Thanks for this, it brings memories of my dreams flooding back within:-)

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      EIF131: I completely agree with you in as much as the meaning of dreams is concerned. I can also say for sure that when a dream is a message from sub conscious, one gets to know. There is always a difference between casual and vivid dreams. In any case it's worth the effort to spend a few minutes in bed after you wake up, recollecting dreams you might have had in sleep. With experience you would know how to sift wheat from chaff. Thx very much for sharing your views here.

    • EIF131 profile image

      EIF131 8 years ago

      Great hub, I've had two dreams in the past two nights that were strange yet If I could try and focus might possibly understand it more.

      In both instances the dreams were very clear yet made no sense. Even when I turned to search for meanings of three specific things in my dream they were very vague and made even less sense to me.

      I'll keep trying or perhaps in time it'll make sense. Dreams fascinate and terrify me but I think they are messages we each need to address in our lives - somethings that's being overlooked or not being paid attention to. Even a warning or indication someone you know love may be in trouble or pain they're not sharing.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Tatheena: I'm sorry I'm not an expert on this subject. I only try to interpret my own dreams as far as I can. It's said that the best person to interpret a dream is the one who gets it. Sometimes we do get dreams which are hard to figure out but I've seen that sooner or later we get to know the meaning by some future event related to the dream. Your dream was a bit confusing for me. Perhaps some more details would help from your side. I'm sorry I wasn't of any help.

    • profile image

      Tatheena 8 years ago

      I have a question that I could use some help with. Recently I had a problem with one of my roommates. I let her move in for a month to get her life back together. She got a job and then at the end of the month it all went sour when I realized that she was a leech of sorts, just taking whatever she could from me before she moved out. The night before she moved out, and at this time I did not know she was leaving, I had a dream that I had taken my laptop box with all the stuff in it and was throwing the stuff out of the box. Ya know, the cardboard and paper and things of that sort. The night I had this dream I was not even staying at my house where the laptop box was. The next day my roommate informs me she is leaving and then proceeds to ask me why I put garbage all over her clothes. I went and looked and it was the garbage from my laptop box. I've had a hard time figuring out what may have caused this or what this may be. I haven't been able to find a specific site online that could help either. Any advice? It would be much appreciated.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      loveofnight: I always say...'all for a reason.' If we met there has to be a reason, which, I believe in our case, is 'mutual benefit'. Take care.

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 8 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      i use to have very lucid dreams in my youth because i had to train myself not to have the night mares that i use to have.i forgot that i could do it it's been so long ago,but as always our hubs met along with violetsun because i needed guidance, thx much

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      AEvans: I'm glad if this hub was in any ways useful to you. Thx very much for your kind words.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Dreams thoroughly explained and since my father past I now understand why I had dreamt about him, thanks bunches for sharing. :)

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Hi Sandra: Yes, it does make complete sense. I can see how spiritually sensitive you are and that surely is a gift. Your latest hub on your dream spoke of that as well. Speaking of prophetic dreams, they are probably (as you said) the most difficult to interpret and may come true after a very long time lag. When the event finally occurs, you might have forgotten all about it (just like what happened in your case). It sometimes makes me wonder if prophetic dreams do really give a chance to anyone to prevent any mishap from occurring. It seems they are just messages to us speaking of a future event which we cannot alter in any ways. We are just spectators---in our dreams and in reality. It's always a pleasure to read about your mystical experiences. I'm sure the vistors to this hub would get an idea what such dreams can be like. Thx very much for sharing a part of you here.

    • profile image

      sandra rinck 8 years ago

      Yet another masterpiece Anja! When it comes to prophetic dreaming, it's a really hard one to exact its meaning. Like 911 and the tsunami in 2004, the problem with the dreams is that unless I become really good at picking out land marks or other recognizable sign from places I have never been, they are worthless. However I did recognize a pattern... they were happening four years prior to the actual event.

      I drempt about the 911 event in 1998. I wrote it down in my journal and I told everyone I knew about it. Of course they all said, it was just a dream. So I spent the next 3 years trying to make out a sign. The sign was a date spelled out in the fire of the explosion that flashed in the sky over a big city... you could call it hindsight. So on the 4th year I forgot about it and then it happened and the first thing it reminded me of was, of course the dream.

      The 2004 tsunami was more vivid then the others. I had that dream in 2000-2001. Mind you I had never seen a tsnusmi form so the details of the dream were so exact it made myself wonder. I saw the ocean get sucked back and it brought down all these trees with it and of course it came back as a tsunami... people were running and piling on top of their homes and helocopters were flying over head trying to rescue people.

      For months (living in San Diego near the beach) I didn't want to go to the beach because I was affraid it was going to happen. But there was always one thing that bothered me about the dream... the coast was on the opposite side. Then of course in 2004 it happened on the opposite side of the world.

      Then of course the tornados last year or the year before was it??? Finally after so many "coincidences" my brother listened to me and remembered. So when I told him about a particualry devistating tornado year, he listened and finally acknowledged that for whatever reason it is, I have them.

      I do believe you are right about the universe communicating with us. When it comes to dreaming, I believe that the subconscious is awake during consciousness and is extremely observant to the world around us and extremely sensitive to it.. if, a person can recognize the connection it seems to make more sense.

      For me it seems very much like this: Often times I see something or take a quick note of something and then forget about it. Maybe it was a penny under the leftside of the couch next to the door in the living room about a quarter inch away from the end...

      So I will see it and remember everything about it and then store it somewhere. I do this with everything. So, If I haven't lost you yet, I think that we precieve more then we realize and start to translate them in our dreams according to their relevance. So to have prophetic type of dreams.... I don't feel special for them but I do feel sensitive to our environment even if it is an event in the future on the other side of the world.

      So how is the Universe communicating? I guess I would say it has to do with a "vibe" or something that we pick up, like signals, lol signs! No tin hat neccessary though. Like earthquakes. I always seem to know when one is around... I can feel them like um.. I suppose an elephant can feel a herd two miles away.

      Does that make sense?

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Jayb23: I would like to believe that I have a clean soul but I don't know if that's what God thinks too. :) Yes, I have had deja vu a few times and such dreams... many times. Does that imply anything? May be that I'm a little mad. Lol . Thx for being so generous to me. I loved your latest story hub.

    • jayb23 profile image

      jayb23 8 years ago from India

      Wonderful Hub Anjali. You have described the different types of dreams really well. I can vouch for the fact that sometimes you get a sense of deja vu. But such dreams only come to people who have clear and clean souls

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Steve: Dreams are certainly messages from the unseen / higher consciousness. I can't say that these messages are easy to understand as most of the times, the sign language really is tough to decode. Blessed are those who know how to pick up the clues. It seems you have had such dreams where you got some indications relating to your waking life. Did you act accordingly or just ignored them? I would appreciate if you share a couple of such incidents here ...only if you feel comfortable. Thx very much for taking out time to visit.

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      Hi Marie: Lucid dreaming is helpful if one can master the art. As you said, you can get answers to some of your concerns in lucid dreams. Although, as simple as it might seem, it still remains a difficult arena to tread in. In most cases, it just occurs on its own without any effort. Everytime I read about your nephew, a lump rises in my throat and chokes me. I can feel yours and your sister's pain as if it were mine. I wish we had the ability to prevent things from happening even after getting signals from our instinct / our subconscious.Half the times we cannot understand the signs and the other times, we simply ignore them as nightmares. It has happened with me so many times. That's why I keep hammering on the 'listen to your subconscious' subject so much that people get fed of it. I know what everyone is missing out on and I just want to remind them of their connection with the higher self. (Hugs)

      Universal Laws : It's great to have you here. I'm glad that this hub acted as a reminder. We tend to forget such things as we are so much embroiled in our daily stuff but it certainly pays to be in tune with ones consciousness. Thx very much for your kind comments.

    • Steve Rensch profile image

      Steve Rensch 8 years ago

      Good hub. I do believe that God often responds to our prayers through dreams. I value those who can interpret them. I also believe that God more often responds to our prayers through the actions and words of people around us. I believe that, sometimes, people make a big deal of dreams because whatever message is contained in them is much easier to take than the words and actions of the people we rub with all day. But we clearly have them for a reason.

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 8 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Great Hub, has reminded me to get conscious with my dreaming again!


    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      I wasn't aware of the spine sort of becoming paralyzed so we don't start acting out our dreams by walking and running around-its amazing how perfect creation can be.  I have had lucid dreaming on maybe 3 occasions, would love to lucid dream again as I think I could ask questions and get answers.

      Also, when I was  in my very early 20's, I had a nightmare of my sis having  a boyfriend chasing her to take her son away; I remember us running and running and trying to hide from this scary man;  turns out she met her husband shortly after, got pregnant a few years later,  and this was the theme of their life, her husband threatening to take their boy away as a way of controlling her; its a long story, he even pressed false kidnapping charges... but when the treat of her losing her son was over because he turned 18; her son passed away 6 months later.  I truly believe I was warned in the dream of her destiny as the energy of the man in my dream was like my brother in law's. 

      Enjoyed this hub, and I am going to try to lucid dream tonight! :)


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