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Do You Believe?

Updated on April 4, 2011


Most people need religion to get through their day, the need the feeling that God has this eternal and divine plan that we will be saved if we follow his rules. My question, as always, is why? Why do I have to wait till marriage to have sex? Why do I have to not smoke or drink or even be gay if I so choose too? It's not like I'm hurting anyone, I'm not doing anything but living life to it's fullest, exploring the areas of life that religion has so blatantly put up road blockers denying their followers of the experiences they can gain from it. What is life but just one big experience? So what if smoking is bad for me so what if I could die from drinking. Last time I checked that only directly affects me. Sure I see the point on if I was drunk and decided to drive and kill someone. Yes, thats bad and yes we deserve to be punished for it but again last time I checked God is not doing the punishing rather our law enforcement takes care of that. People use religion to shield themselves from the truth that this life isn't anything but another journey our mind takes to gain more knowledge and experience from it.

The Bible? Christianity? God Himself?

Let's start this off with the Bible. I believe that the Bible was written, I don't believe that It was written by God through the Prophets. Actually I believe that it was written by a man or men as a way to control certain people who doubted the religions of the time and wanted something new to follow. People as a general can be easily manipulated using the right words and promising the right outcomes. In my opinion its kinda sad so many follow the words of a book that has been re-written time and time again too fit the teachings of certain religions. Also, to be following the words of people who lived thousands of years ago is ridiculous in my opinion. People have changed, technological advances have been made, and Science has come to have more relevance to our lives and brings more answers to our questions then the "faith" people put in writers long dead and outdated. The LDS religion for example which is in fact a branch of Christianity has inserted its own interpretations of the bible and how passages and scriptures have been changed through out the old and new testement. Another fact that religions insert or change the writings or even the meaning of the bibles passages to fit their personal agenda

Even if there is a God I don't think it's fair for a 'perfect' being to put rules and regulations on his children who aren't perfect at all and are going to break the 'rules' because come on I'm not a bad person if I get high. I'm not a bad person if I choose to smoke, or drink. But in the eyes of many religions for those reason, unless i repent, I'd be going to hell. According to the Bible God gave us free will, the power to make decisions for ourselves. I don't see how, if there is a God and he has this Divine Plan for us, that we have free will at all. If God knows what I'm going to choose before I make the choice then how is that free will? He already has my life mapped out for me and I may think I am free to decided what I want but in actuality God already knew what was going to happen so my choice in the matter doesn't really exist. If God is such a perfect being then why did he make the mistake of having to banish one third of the host of heaven to hell with Lucifer? If he already knew Lucifer was gonna contradict what he was going to do then why not just banish him before he had the chance too? It doesn't make since, God could of saved the one third that was cast out, but no just because he knew they would be persuaded by Lucifer and would only DISAGREE with him they have to be cast out. How is that fair?

So much blood has been spilled in the name of "God", by many different religions and wasn't one of God's commandments Thou shalt not kill? Let's take the Crusades for example, the Christians murdered hundreds in Israel during this time trying to recover their Holy Land. Why? Why would God need this Holy Land to do his bidding? Isn't he all powerful? doesn't he have some divine plan to save us? Then why is he so willing to let thousands be killed in his name? It doesn't seem right. Christianity like pretty much any organized religion is just a blindfold people use to protect themselves from the truth that there is no ultimate good, that there is no divine purpose for us. They use religion to be lead like sheep hoping that after they die they will be rewarded. When in my opinion all that will happen is our consciousness will move on to something else but thats a topic for later discussion. I say we abolish organized religion, wake up from the false teachings, and shed our blindfolds for only then can we live life to it's fullest potential, to live life how it was meant to be lived.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I am not sure which Door the kitty above was speaking of. When I think of "doors" I either think of Jim Morrison or Aldous Huxley's "Doors of Perception".

      I would say you find a quiet spot, sit and listen. Listen for that silence older than time itself: the search is within.

      All the best Amigo and thank you for thinking.

      P.S. I believe in Wakan Tanka and the Law of One.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      I came across your posted question re needing help so I thought I would take a look at your hubs. This is the first I chose to look at.

      A lot of questions you ask here! Others have asked such questions in the midst of suffering that they don't understand. There are people who are afraid to ask such questions, and there are people who ask such questions in sarcastic mockery. I think that you are asking in honesty so I am going to respond to your questions on that premise.

      If you really do want answers--and peace and happiness and fulfillment--find a place where you can spend some quality quiet time. Pray and ask for help to read the book of Mark from an ESV Bible:

      Then, with a humble heart go down before God and ask Him to help you. You have questions about the Bible? Ask Him to help you understand what He has for you in it. You are hurting? Tell Him all about it and ask Him for help. You are confused about many things? Tell Him that you are asking for His help with each one of them. You are getting input from many different sources on the questions you have? Ask Him to confirm His answers to you. You have fears? Explain them to Him and ask for help. You find all this outrageous? Tell Him that you do not want to be manipulated or deceived and ask Him to confirm His truth.

      I could go on and on like that, but there is no need for if you will ask Him He will help you. Pray with a teachable attitude and He will respond to your concerns in ways that will surprise you as you seek to know Him better day by day. Keep your hands open before Him, your heart and mind listening for His replies as you prayerfully read His Word.

      Your heart and mind may be telling you that this is impossible and useless. If you listen to those lies and turn away from Him you will lose more than you even know to seek. Your needs will remain unmet no matter what else you do to try to find lasting peace, happiness, and fulfillment. All other promises and/or efforts to have peace, happiness, and fulfillment will eventually crumble away.

      There are mysteries to the Christian life that unfold only when we enter through The Door and continue the journey. There are joys that can only be experienced when we come to Him according to His Word. There is understanding that can only be gained by stepping forward in the path that He is calling us to. He wants to help you. Are you willing?


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